Voting Will Fix This Problem


Republican Senator: The GOP MUST Purge Trump Supporters

NYT article

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33 responses to “Voting Will Fix This Problem

  1. What a Flake! Someone needs to be purged, alright. Him and the RINO ass he rode in on.

  2. Grey Ghost

    Funny how all the CONservatives think they can vote their way out of this crap… even without the new found dirt people in the Republican party via Trump.

    Sen Snowflake… you don’t have enough ammo, nor enough praetorian guards to save your ass when it gets even frostier out here where we live and you’d best start reading Bracken. So FOAD asshole.

    Grey Ghost

  3. These fucks are so disconnected and delusional it’s hard to believe anybody ever saw them as fit to be elected to any office.

    • They were elected by the disconnected and delusional.. Simple as that. With emphasis on “simple”.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. I’m can’t recall ever seeing so many disconnected ignorant politicians out of touch or drunk on temporary power. History is repleat w/ a copius cacophony’s of corrupt politicians, governments, dictators et alia etc. who always lose when the people figure out the con / ruse / tyranny.
    Rome started as a Republic transformed into Empire. US started as an Republic & has been transformed into an Empire similarly. It always boils down the the “wills” of the people. Civic ignorance, indolence, complacency & apathy is how we got here. The 4th Turning by Strauss & Howe recommended reading.

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    From the article:

    ““Those who want a Muslim ban, those who will disparage individuals or groups — yes we ought to, we need to [purge],” the senator told The Times.

    He cited William F. Buckley’s famous purge of John Birch Society members from mainstream conservatism as a precedent, and believes it is necessary due to Trump’s lacking performance in the polls at the moment.”

    So, his solution to those who disparage groups and want to ban groups is to disparage and ban that group?


    That’s a special brand of fucked-up right there. Guess the good Senator needs a some water wings and hockey helmet before he hurts himself. Probably wouldn’t hurt to have someone call him every 30 seconds and remind him to breathe, either.

    • Mark Matis

      We do indeed need to purge. But the purge should be of the Muslim terrorists and their politician enablers.

  7. pointy ears is looking to continue his career in the Senate of Greater Mexico. And he might be right

  8. May as well tead “Rowdy Roddy” calls for Legions of Iron Sheik fans to be thrown out of Madison Square Garden cage match. It would be just as real.
    Trumpet is yet another diversion. If he “wins” we all still lose. This country is balls deep in criminals at every level of politics.

  9. Asshat. I read these flakes (pun intended) and chuckle, not unlike the old ‘retired’ mafioso in “Absence of Malice” reading the news as Paul Newman’s character puts paid on the foaming-mouth plans of the US Attorney’s office. Bring on the Hildabeast; let’s crank up the reverb & go right to the music, no pretense, Fender Showman turned up to 10.

  10. It must be a very scary time for the old Rhinos of the Republican Party. They cannot comprehend the attraction to Trump that they themselves created by deceiving the voters into giving them control of both Houses and then doing nothing to stop the outlaw in the White House. For every action there is a reaction and Donald Trump is that reaction. When people are scared they say dumb stuff, this jerk is scared shitless and has no idea what’s about to happen to his beloved old Party. CHANGE.

    • Mr. Savage,
      Well said, sir. I would like to start a list of who should really be purged in the GOP; Starting w/Flake, McCain, Mr. Urtle the Turtle McConnell (PLEASE START WITH THIS POS FIRST!!).
      Just a start of many, I’m sure,

  11. Centurion_Cornelius

    Humm…didn’t know they piled manure that high in AZ, Mr. Flako. Best you “buddy-up” with another treasonous pile ‘o manure, John McCain.

    Don’t be spreading your crap in our “vast fly-over country.” we’re too busy clinging to our Bibles, guns and Constitution. We know shit when we see and smell it.

  12. Bill Harzia

    I’ve never seen a group of people work this hard to lose an election in my life. Why do they even bother to show up?

    • Losing, winning, it’s all the same. Two wings of the same bird of prey. Just a show to keep the peons thinking they run things.

    • Camacho2016

      C’mon scrot!

      Turn that picture right side up and begin with the premise that all Official, Important GOP Establishment people are really pulling for the other side and your picture becomes crystal meth clear.


  13. How rich. Sir Senator better hope he survives the purge. The People are on to the game, don’t like the results, and are looking for scapegoats.

  14. LaGrandeGuy

    Jake Snowflake Flake: Mormon Abomination, Fake Faith, Fake Scripture, a heap of lies with dogshit frosting. His real god is power and MONEY (without working too hard..). Apostle of the most contemptible McStain, one of the greatest most evil frauds to ever disgrace the US Senate. Busy earning his chops for Mordor writing op eds in the NYT for the ‘IN CROWD’.
    You’ve already lost bro. Go home and make another 11 babies.

  15. just plain todd

    fuck flake and mcshitstain. they are my senators and they need to die. soon. they voted for loretta, and personify the two party one party system. he gripes about trump? like the joker said….. you made me!!!
    hope the dopey fucking arizonians wake up. glad i am not near a big city. problem is, its the old white vets and so called law and order types that kept the party running with these two fuckfaces.

  16. electing trump is hitting the snooze button

    voting will continue until morale improves.

  17. Flake was a decent state representative, a long long time ago. Then he sold out his principles, if he ever had any, for DC.

    Arizona is such a schizophrenic state when it comes to politics. The people will elect a staunch conservative, then allow them to be impeached, quit and replaced with a liberal like Janet Napolitano.

    • Schizophrenic hits it on the head.

      • M. Stanton Evans said –

        “We have two parties here, and only two. One is the evil party, and the other is the stupid party. I’m very proud to be a member of the stupid party.

        Occasionally, the two parties get together to do something that’s both evil and stupid. That’s called bipartisanship.”

        Evans’ Law: “Whenever ‘one of our people’ reaches a position of power where he can do us some good, he ceases to be ‘one of our people.’”

        Evans’ law of inadequate paranoia: “No matter how bad you think something is, when you look into it, it’s always worse.”

        “Most conservatives know when they come to Washington that it is a sewer; the trouble is, too many of them wind up treating it like a hot tub.”

      • Steve Kristmann

        Schizo, narcissistic, klepto and sociopathic…that’s pretty much
        the diagnosis of any politician at any level of gov and their shitty
        leg breakers in overpriced halloween costumes.

        All that snowflake, john mc’hitler, barrack ‘o stalin and the rest
        are are nothing more than charlatans in pseudo-religious garb
        doing their boogetty boo bullshit (‘legislation’) in service to a
        false god (‘gov/authority’)..they have no more legitimacy than
        sun yun moon, jim jones or any other smooth talking piece of
        jackal shit.

        The Gospel According to Government

        Freeing Yourself from Politics (Stefan Molyneux)

        Stefan is right, all politicians are in essence, are putrid
        jackals trying to constantly sniff us to see how they can
        hook their next mark for their own perverted ends.

        I count myself as one Arizonan that can proudly say I don’t
        have anything to do with such a criminal class and that I
        don’t worship at the altar of such a false god (‘gov/authority’)!

        I have no need of any politician, their enablers, or their costumed
        asshats (cops)…such jackals can FOAD!

        Yours In Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        NorthGunner III

  18. If McCain and Lyin Ryan can be defeated in their upcoming primary sElections, It would be sooo sweet to observe their Absence at Trump’s Inauguration.
    Flake’s time is coming if AZ can get it’s collective head out of the cacti.

    The truth is the entire USSA is sinking culturally, morally, and economically;
    and the economic is the keystone that could rapidly, a la 2008, have us all living in “Venezuela”.
    We all know that and should continue our preps, while making our lists of putz progreSSive pols. It will be either them or us.

    • Steve Kristmann

      All that would happen by ‘voting the bums out’ is that another
      set of equally putrid bums and charlatans are voted in to
      merely replace them. Net change = 0.

      Even worse, the act of voting, by any individual states to
      the politician, “I’m subservient to’re my Master and
      get to make choices for me and I’m your slave”.

      The Jones Plantation

      Ya Gotta Vote!

      ‘voting’ will absolutely NOT change one damned thing!
      It’s nothing more than a confidence ‘shell game’ played
      by a group of sociopathic narcissistic kleptomaniacs on
      any conveniently accessible mark that they can latch
      their grasping hooks into every 2 or 4 years.

      The worst part is that they (through indoctrination ala ‘gov schools’
      and their propaganda organs [‘news’ and ‘entertainment’]) constantly
      emit the lies that we ‘need’ them, need their ‘services’, and that they
      ‘represent us/work for us’. Truth be told, they and their enablers and
      ‘enforcers’ are no more legitimate than a common carjacker and we
      need them and anything that has to do with them about as much as
      any dog ‘needs’ ticks!

      Stefan Molyneux again shines a desperately needed spotlight:

      The Truth About Voting (pt 1)

      The Truth About Voting: Part 2 | True News

      The Truth About Voting: Part 3 – Yay Obama! | True News

      ‘voting’ makes about a much sense as shitting in your
      own well and then taking a big drink from it!

      No, you CAN’T ‘vote’ your way out of any of
      the coming nastiness…unless your vote is .308!

      Yours in Liberty without any damn voting!
      NorthGunner III

  19. Steady Steve

    We need to purge the cucks. As in a Hollywood style Purge!

  20. Camacho2016

    The GOP must…”purge” Trump supporters.

    You mean like what Erdogan is doing to his opposition? Thanks for that clarification.

    He is literally telling you that the GOP needs a Night Of Long Knives (NOLK) for the Trump supporters.

    Consider; team Obama and the BLM crowd have their own Night Of The Long Knives in mind for Hillary and her crowd. But to do so throws all the balance over to the GOP.

    They too would be glad to get rid of Trump supporters and recovering Tea Partiers (in so doing, they’d receive bipartisan support from the GOPe).

    What if both NOLKs could be combined?

    Finally, once Obama’s opposition from within and without has been cleared, what further use do they have for Team Dindu? The warning that I give to all the collectivist lefties is that the beast will eventually eat you too.

    The Bracken part of my brain envisions the false flag event against key pieces of the Hillary campaign (and maybe the bathroom servers too). Kill or compromise Hillary’s team. Make it look like “Trump Supporters” did it.

    Then relentlessly assault/attack/compromise/kill them off by both the official government and Team Dindu (with the implicit approval and intel sharing from FEDGOV).

    Finally, when enough of the Trump Supporters have been eliminated and there’s nobody left but The Establishment(tm) so help me The Establishment(tm), the Dindus themselves are finished. 1) They’ve seen too much (intel) 2) Their utility is ended. 3) With all the terror, the populace will welcome an offensive against Team Dindu that kills or locks them up by the millions.

    Welcome to the new world order. Obama isn’t worthy to tie the shoelaces of The Antichrist. But he is absolutely paving the way for him.

  21. Neros Lyre

    But,but…hes got the magic repelling underwear on his side!Statist PoS moron whining freek.