Forward Observer: Battletracking The Republican Convention AO – Operation NorthCoast


Key events captured and posted by the NorthCoast team.



11 responses to “Forward Observer: Battletracking The Republican Convention AO – Operation NorthCoast

  1. Chaos?

    What chaos?

    I so had my hopes for change up………

  2. this stinks of Anna Baltzer and Co. Lately the anti-Zionist Red Jews/Jewesses have been getting into outright communist “popular front” stuff. An enormous proportion of the so-called “Whites” pushing the “White privilege” meme…are Jews. Like Mr. and Mrs. Eisner around the corner from my house…with a “Black Lives Matter” sign in their yard

  3. Virgil Kane

    Sorry, gotta work. No time for your protests.

  4. If you ever wanted to visit Cleveland, the time to go is the week after the gop convention. everyone who wanted to start something is gone and more than likely at the dnc convention(likely as a delegate), especially if you are white. businesses and attractions in cleveland will be so happy to see a bunch of quiet, courteous white people that they just might start looking to host whitey conventions as much as possible. i’m thinking the chamber of commerce is calling every fishing association there is.

    • Cougar,

      Evidently you have never been to Cleveland.

      The fanciness of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the ball stadium, the convention center where the Republicans are convening, are all pretty and tidy and pleasing to visit at their location just off I-90 and on the Lake Erie shoreline. Just DON’T venture a half-mile south of those facilities and I-90. If you do you’ll be in a cesspool of Third World appearing neighborhoods. Neighborhoods where, if you need fuel for your vehicle you pump it yourself with one hand on the gas pump and the other hand on your carry piece (if you value your well-being). The “attendant” sits behind a cage of screening and bulletproof glass. And he won’t be calling the PO-lice should you be accosted.

      My suggestion is if you ever wanted to go to Cleveland do one of several things:

      1. Keep on wanting to go….and do not !
      2. If you do succumb to any desire or curiousness to go to Cleveland:
      a. Go armed.
      b. Do NOT venture south of Interstate 90.
      c. Make certain you have a full tank of fuel in your vehicle before you enter Cleveland city limits.
      3. Insure your Last Will & Testament is current.

      • Same thing in Detroit. Waterfront is incredible, Greek town is awesome, Cork town is very cool, Eastern Market is great – the rest?…not a good place to be anytime.

        That said, I spent the day on the U.P’s St. Marys River riding alongside the big laker boats, and cruised around Drummond Island, Canada’s St Joseph Island, and into the North Channel. If you’ve never motored the Great Lakes on a near windless day with sunny 80 degree temps, you have no idea what sheer magnificence you’re missing. There is NOTHING like it anywhere else in America.

  5. Im transracial so this doesnt apply to me.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Racial Justice = Negro Superiority

  8. “listening is more important than talking”, my daddy always says.
    cuyahoga county republican convention special event channel on broadcastify —