Past, Present, & Future


Thoughts on heritage, reclamation, and the future.

Ideas for discussion by all freedom-loving Americans.

The District of Columbia Federals want to rule every aspect of everyone’s life – for your own good.

Defy the scoundrels.


12 responses to “Past, Present, & Future

  1. Support a sovereign south land. It’s the only way we’ll be able to remove the United States from our lands.

  2. Any “Nationalist” movement that sits back and watches the Graves and memorials of its forefathers be dedicated is a dead movement.

    They are cuckold.

  3. Perspective on past in relation to what DC has become… I found these articles to be fascinating. Governments of this world cannot be viewed apart from the influence of secret societies and the great deceiver himself who controls them (Luke 4:5-6).

    It is said that one who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it. On a deeper level, one who misrepresents the past is intentionally attempting to control the future. What we see from DC and all puppet governments, as any here can attest, are greater and greater attempts to wrest control from the people and to centralize power in fewer and fewer numbers.

    The “why of it all” is critical to understand and a question far to few explore.

    As for the present, I’m a yankee by birth and a Texan by choice in full support of secession. The pitfall to avoid is allowing those same masonic influences which are in control now, to maintain it post break away in any new “re-confederate” government. I’m not sure this is possible as people, especially those involved at the lower levels of such societies, are very easily deceived.

    • Long read but well worth the time. Harry Truman said the only thing new under the sun is the history you don’t know. Thanks for posting.

  4. Has anyone else noticed that the Southern Nationalist movement and the Black Nationalist movement tend to want the same areas of FUSA?

    • Exactly and have you seen the demographic of the South…Either they are going to have to kill or deport a lot of people to get back the South they are imagining or they are going to have to move somewhere else and bring their southern values with them…I would love to just set down and talk with them on the impossible odds they are up against… To have succession you must have the majority in support of it and I don’t think the South will be anywhere close to that this century…

  5. The Usual Suspect

    Any “Nationalist” movement that sits back and watches the Graves and memorials of its forefathers be dedicated is a dead movement.

    Ahhh ! Look around dummy, the whole country is cucked, it’s easy
    to chuck rocks when your city has no windows left.

  6. Both the Southern Nationalists and the Black Nationalists, besides their exclusive claim on a bunch of real estate also share a sort of fantasy ideology where somehow some of the largest ethnic cleansing in the modern history is going to take place, and non-violently. That’s just not going to happen.

    The New Black Panthers last week called for blacks in the USA to move to five states: South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Their statement basically said that when more blacks move in whites will move out. Essentially they are explicitly calling for turning these states into giant black ghettos like Detroit writ-large. In their case I suppose we can not really call that non-violence, but the violence they prefer is the everyday violence of the black-ghetto dweller, nor organized state violence. Not too many white people do choose to stay in places that have become majority black, because of this.

    The League of the South is quite explicit about the need to maintain racial purity of the white race and such, and call for Independence for “the South” which includes both the five states the Black Nationalists want and a bunch more (based on where they have chapters, this would include Virginia and Kentucky, Missouri and West Virgina too). They are considerably less explicit about what they would do with the vast black population in those states, once they ran them. Mississippi, for instance, is the blackest state in the Union, with over 1 million black citizens making up 33% of that State’s population) When you extend that to the entire region you are talking over 10 million people who (again, presumably) would need to be resettled, exiled or subject to genocide.

    The Northwest Front (which used to have supporters posting here but seems to have gone elsewhere) proposes a similar program for Oregon, Washington and Idaho – but they are much more explicit, and their founder, Harold Covington, has thoughtfully written a series of five novels detailing how a racialist white guerrilla army could take over those states. In their “plan” all blacks, Asians, Latinos and Jews and mixed race people would be forcibly exiled, or worse.

    It’s fun to talk about things like “Southern Nationalism” or “White Nationalism” but I notice this little trick that many of the advocates have taken to. To remain a member of polite society they simply avoid the messy details of what it is exactly that is being proposed. At least Covington is not mincing words or hiding behind vague terms, or fantasy scenarios like: people “voluntarily” leaving the area. (And the areas he’s chosen have a lot fewer minorities than the South).

    So, I would like to challenge Mr. Hill to put up or shut up. Either explain clearly what The League intends for the people living in the south buy not possessing “blood” of the type he writes about, or maybe just stop playing this coy little game and move on to some more plausible plan for improving the lot in life of himself and his supporters.

    One can not really take seriously people who claim to be ethnic nationalists of any stripe who refuse to explain what they mean, in simple terms. Explaining their intentions towards “outsider” ethnics in their desired homeland is so basic we should not have to wonder about it.

    At this point the New Black Panther program is at least articulated and, if not really plausible, at least is theoretically possible and does not require an egregious government sponsored violation of the human rights of millions. I believe there *is* some level of inward migration of blacks to the Old South, and certain cities there, particularly Atlanta.

    • Well said Jackson and if the blacks actually did that which they might because they do have a little unity amongst them (when of course their not killing each other) then they would be able to bump out the whites…They are right that when blacks move into an area it makes whites uneasy and as soon as they get to be 10% of an area it does cause white flight…Just on property values alone is enough to send whites into a panic sell mode…I hope they do it because it might just show them what it’s like to live South Africa has become or Zimbabwe and realize they need whitey more than whitey needs them…


    I support the right to secede. I do not support chattel slavery.

  8. Pat Hines:

    You use the League of the South flag for your avatar. So, surely you can answer some questions, as the proprietor has called forth this topic for discussions by freedom loving Americans. So, let’s discuss:

    What will an independent Southern Nationalist Mississippi, proudly flying the Black X flag, do with the 1 million black residents of that state? Are they free to stay, enjoy the fruits of their labors, and intermix with the white residents of the State?

    When I read the stuff on the League of the South site it doesn’t sound like that’s what y’all have in mind.

    ” It is clear, then, that God intended men to live separately with their own languages, kith and kin, and nations. Therefore, nations (i.e. peoples) have a Biblical mandate to exist and thereby to protect their interests from those who would destroy them either by war or more subtle means.”

    He goes on at length about “the sons of Noah–Shem, Ham, and Japheth–” ,which is one part of the Bible that has historically been used by segregationists, including the Mormons pre-1968 when God gave them a new message, supposedly.

    He goes on to say: “white Western Christians are threatened with extinction as a separate and identifiable people because of their own weakness and lack of Biblical understanding about the God-ordained principles of nationhood.”

    I don’t get that as the USA is still 77.1% white according to the most recent census, and has about 320 million total citizens. I’m not sure how you equate a quarter of a billion white people in the USA with “threatened with extinction”, even the World Wildlife Fund would not make that exaggerated a claim for their favorite fuzzy mammal.

    “Because Christian liberty has been the product of Western civilization, should the white stock of Europe and American disappear through racial amalgamation or outright genocide, then both liberty and civilization as we have come to know them will cease to exist. ”

    OK, well the genocide one seems pretty hard to project from current trends, doesn’t it. I mean even the Odious Obama has not threatened to set up death camps, or put every new born boy to death or other forms of genocide.

    And as for that “racial amalgamation” thing, well it’s true the Loving vs. Virginia made miscegenation legal in America. Does the League of the South intend to recreate anti-miscegenation laws in their new Sovereign States, or simple expel non-whites?

    I do agree with some statements, which are simply honest observations: “Whites have quietly deserted the very places their forefathers built rather than stay and be subjected to the crime and disorder that frequently comes with minority rule. Especially intolerable is the never-reported epidemic of black-on-white violent crime. Whites, then, do not leave because they are “racists” (whatever that means), but because they fear for their lives and property in an unfamiliar and inhospitable environment. They have become cultural outsiders.”

    But, still, you have to offer up a plan. I’d appreciate it if you could avoid as much as possible explanations of a supernatural sort, relying on interpretations of Bronze Age texts, and belief in your version of God, and simply outline the specific political, cultural and military steps that the LotS advocate.

    PS: Please remember to address the role of the 1 million negro citizens of Mississippi.

  9. Grey Ghost

    Welp, I believe in the right of self determination and secession. Anyone who actually believes in Life Liberty and Property is welcome. Don’t expect criminal laws to be lax though. But now I’m getting into what constitutes a crime and most people don’t have a clue. CONservatives believe in HATE crimes and HATE Speech… hogwash.

    Grey Ghost