So Was Everyone Else

Racial Harmony 7.10.16

Via Comrade Ushanka.

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  1. my last visit to the ER for kidney stone agony – 2 hours, saline drip, shot of painkiller, painkiller prescription, and right at the end a nurse hands me a half-papercup of apple juice – billed @ $3,784.33. The “$784.33” itemized as a “Nurse Visit”, i.e., the half-cup of juice. That’s called insurance-based billing. But I have no health insurance, and so far I haven’t paid a penny of it. Nor will I. Ever. Now that’s “affordable health care”

    and what was that other thing…OhYeah, “racial harmony”. Peggy Noonan is so disappointed

    • thesouthwasrght

      Just wanted to thank you for passing on your worthlessness to the rest of us that do pay our bills. Shit like that, and it’s attendant attitude, is one of the reasons this nation is on the ropes. And before you come back with how the system is corrupted by the greedy insurance companies, which it is, that didn’t seem to prevent you from availing yourself of it.

      • Grenadier1

        I am surprised he drinks Juice.

      • If Haxo had been an illegal, he wouldn’t have owed a cent.He was being billed to pay for the 9 illegals who didn’t pay….I say, good for him!

      • This may come as a horrible shock to you but having worked in the ‘hospital industry’ for close to thirty years (administrative type – marketing and such) the ‘pricing’ policies of hospitals (and related medical ‘business’) is nothing short of a sophisticated criminal enterprise (ever wonder why most are under the umbrella of large corporations?) with the sole purpose to extract as much money as possible and to their credit, they succeed in the most sterling manner – it is the state of ‘health care’ today (think, “who benefits”) when trying to understand the ‘pricing system’. Just saying that someone who gets a major bill rammed up their ass when they are in an emergency situation has justification to complain especially given that the medical provider does not operate anything like a regular ‘business’. Doubt that? try to get the costs up front to ‘compare shopping’ and see where that goes.

  2. False peace,false unity will be the prevailing theme until the liars and those with there ‘own’ agendas, begin to understand Truth.


      They will understand the truth when they are pulled from their Prius’s and Foresters and beaten to death at the next chimp-out.

  3. If it took you eight years to figure this out You’re in really deep shit friendo.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius


    …nothing these Marxo-Islamists really want to do can be truthfully said, hence “the big lie.” and the “majority” (cough-cough) of voters bought in to the lie.

    you’re too young to remember the shrill Commie’s scream from the “police action” in Korea to captured GIs under interrogation:

    YOU LIE!
    YOU DIE!

    …funny how the Commies never realize what they REALLY espouse may sooner than later come down crashing around their own heads….

  5. Here’s the short version of reality Bunky:
    -Every single thing Harrison J. Bounel/Barry Soetoro/hussein obama has done and will ever do is designed to destroy this country, our way of life and culture. EVERYTHING!! He is the fucking enemy along with everyone that facilitates his actions. Get it?

    • And this has been obvious to those of us who knew him in Illinois for much longer than 8 years…Note that the Chicago Tribune conspired with the leftist judiciary to open sealed divorce files on two candidates who would have beaten Obama….

  6. There’s still a few months to go. The hope and change show aint over yet.

    • Grey Ghost

      Exactly right Stewie. Who says the communist organizer from SHITCAGO is finished yet! I say he isn’t… once commies get power they sure hate to relinquish it. And yes EVERYTHING that emanates from the communist organizer’s mouth and the mouth of ANY Demoncrap is a lie.

      The communist organizer from SHITCAGO will now say one thing (pro cop) but organize for more killings… it’s the SHITCAGO way of organizing. Just what does he expect will happen? That things get so bad that the people will be crying for him to save them… martial law no election, even for those who think they can vote their way out. The old Hegelian dialectic in action… thesis antithesis = synthesis. The synthesis of the organized LEFT.

      Grey Ghost

  7. And you bought into that? Fool! I knew better when Barry was just ramping up to run in ’08, he was a charismatic liar. Unfortunately, there were too many other fools like yourself who bought into The Big Lie. And here we are.

    • And the lemmings believed the “tea party candidates” in 2010. And they haven’t kept a single promise they made.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        And that is a big reason why Trump is the current nominee. Fool the GOP voters one time, shame on you. Fool them 3,567,247,932 times, enough of them eventually wise up to it and get miffed.

      • Bill Harzia

        The “tea party” should have chosen a name that didn’t. Call up an image of little girls sitting around talking to stuffed animals.

        On second thought…

  8. Not suprised, people are suckers; repeatedly or the lotteries wouldn’t still be in business. I would bet that even if the economic world goes real bad and results in hundreds of millions dying thru starvation, lack of access to medicine and outright voilence by people and govts, within 25 years people are starting to be suckered in mas numbers again. WW2 is not even 75 years old and the depression is less than 100 and we are about to be in new versions of both all over again.

  9. Fellas, I don’t know who yer rantin’ at, but Karl Ushanka ain’t that guy.

    Doubt the guy who generated that meme is either- sarcasm, it is. For instructional purposes as to how to point, jeer and mock.

  10. And Trump will save the Republic. Yea right… Or we ‘Patriots’ could actually take the fight to the globalists.