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A reader sends data you will never see in the MSM.


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  1. July’s looking better than average. Gangsters on vacation?

  2. Good stats breakdown on the site.

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    There was a gangbanger named Bates
    When in prison, he lifted some weights
    Someone pulled a Glock
    and shot off his cock
    and rendered him useless on dates


    Much like the Bracken Cube, except that it’s one corner imploding on itself.

  5. HeyJackass is a great website. Truth to power.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. This site is always amazing! Thank you for posting the “Hey Jackass!” site! Its format should be applied to ALL American “urban” areas

  8. The utter silence of the “BlackLiarsMurder” tribe on this situation is deafening.

  9. Uncle Larry

    Black Lives Matter got the police to let the blacks kill each other. The Civil Rights Div. of the DOJ has new guide lines laid out for placing charges against black suspects. Those require the reduction in severity of charges. Isn’t this a deliberate form of the old “fast and furious scandal”? Run the numbers up so they can enact gun control? The local media refuses to call it black crime. They only call it gun crime.

  10. A lot of good stats on this site for anyone interested for whatever reason. As a young sailor on liberty from Great Lakes NTC back in the late ’70’s there were only a few parts of Chicago I did not feel reasonably safe in,obviously not the same city anymore. Sad, just sad.

  11. Physical identifiers.

    Just sayin’.