Two On Policing, Summer 2016


Codrea: Tearing Down Perceived Blue Wall of Silence Will Take Dedicated Resources

MDT: Guilty By Association, Demographic, Or Profession?

Things will get worse.

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  1. The only fools who blindly support the rotten to the core poLICE are mental retards, tyrants, and other rotten corrupt poo poo.

    From Codreas article…

    “…Having been a training officer and DTI since ’81 has been an eye opener. The job attracts bullies, cowards, sloths and dullards at an alarming rate. The vast majority lack the interpersonal skills and servant’s heart the job requires to do right…”

    There’s no way in hell the blue puddles of piss and vomit can erase the disgraceful inhuman acts that the MAJORITY have, do, and will, continue to commit until they are all prosecuted by “common law courts” and then jailed for life in the festering cesspools of their own system of “for profit prisons”.. We the People do not and never did- need them, they need us. They need us to feed off of our labor and hard-earned assets. They need an unending supply of helpless victims to extort, exploit, torture, and murder to fulfill their perverted evil fantasies and power tripping bloated criminal lifestyles. Only a true soulless lying scumbag with no honor would pin on a badge and “love their job” of oppressing, and destroying the lives of their fellow man.

    Fuck. Them. All.

  2. In the attached screed of Mr. Dodge he immediately attacks those who recognize the militarization of Amerikan police as being “ridiculously ignorant”. He fails to understand, in his “us vs them” mentality, that the average Amerikan hasn’t just faĺlen off the turnip truck. In his badged thug mentality he makes every effort thoughout his narrative to justify he and his fellow law ENFORCEMENT thugs possessing equipment, vehicles and weaponry that once were the items seen only on a battlefield against a declared enemy. But now, copsuckers such as Mr. Dodge fully justify their use in forcing “civilian” compliance with the diktats of our ruling elites, the state. Oh, and let me remind readers that Hillary Clinton has denounced citizen (a term foreign to Dodge as he prefers calling us the untermenschen, “civilian”) possession of weaponry, weaponry far from similar to what Dodge embraces for the agents of government, as weapons of war that don’t belong on our streets. That we the Amerikan CITIZEN should have no recourse to the suppression of Freedom and Liberty except through the rigged system of the ballot box rather than the cartidge box.

    Yet, both Hillary Clinton and J.C. Dodge believe the common man, the serf, is subservient to those one calls “government” and that possession of “weapons of war” is completely fine and justified for badged thugs; for me not for thee. Dodge attempts to convince the reader that the poor, downtrodden badged thugs are misunderstood. Yet it is this veritable army of fellow citizens who flaunt their badged authority, have also given barack soetoro-obama his civilian army, in direct conflict with the Posse Comitatus Act. For today, we have an army of “law enforcement” who no longer wear blue or gray but, instead wear OD Green or Multicam, Kevlar helmets, Class IV body armor while carrying fully automatic weapons arriving to their destination in armored vehicle to force compliance upon the “civilian” scum.

    Today in Amerika, the badged thugs armed with weaponry the common man, the CITIZEN as we were once known as, cannot own the same weapons that the government’s now standing army of badged thugs possesses. In 1776, Samuel Adams would warn future generations that “A Standing army, however necessary it may be at some times, is always dangerous to the Liberties of the People. Soldiers are apt to consider themselves as a Body distinct from the rest of the Citizens.”

    Read that quote of Sam Adams again. Only add after “A Standing army….” the words “….of law enforcement officers”. Then, substitute “Soldiers”, as the second sentence begins, with “Law Enforcement Officers….”. In doing the aforementioned you will have updated the Sam Adams quote to align with the reality that is now 21st Century Amerika. Today, we are living under the tyranny of a government run amuck. Their diktats imposed under the boot heels of those badged thugs who proudly proclaim themselves “Law Enforcement”.

    As Thomas Jefferson said: “When government fears the people there is Liberty. When the People fear the government there is tyranny.”

    How do YOU feel fellow Amerikan, when federal tax season rolls around ? Have you ever been a recipient of a letter in your mailbox with a return address of “Internal Revenue Service” ?

    Thomas Jefferson’s words above appear to ring true. After recent events in Dallas and elsewhere the “government” is beginning to taste the fear they’ve imposed on CITIZENS since the time of the Whiskey Rebellion. A recent report declares there are more badged and gunned federal thugs with the power to arrest, than there are United States Marines !

    There are no good cops.

    I am a CITIZEN not a “civilian”.


    • Reading comprehension isn’t your thing, is it?
      “Mr. Dodge he immediately attacks those who recognize the militarization of Amerikan police as being “ridiculously ignorant”.”
      I said
      ” I find the irony of “Patriots” who look like SWAT or Delta “Operators” on their FB profile pic, and who continual echo the mantra “The police should not be militarized!”, ridiculously ignorant. At a minimum they are hypocritical and not just a little bit disturbing.”
      The hypocrisy and ignorance is shown by them wanting the latest and greatest gear (plate carriers, tac vests, super uber rifles) but yet if they see a cop with a plate carrier on in a barricade situation, they fly off the handle about “militarized police” (an actual situation I observed). The only thing the recognize is how cool they look in their “Delta” gear.
      “But now, copsuckers such as Mr. Dodge fully justify their use in forcing “civilian” compliance with the diktats of our ruling elites, the state.”
      You read this in the text…where? When have you ever seen me say that anywhere? Please show it, we’ll wait…………… didn’t think so.
      “For today, we have an army of “law enforcement” who no longer wear blue or gray but, instead wear OD Green or Multicam, Kevlar helmets, Class IV body armor while carrying fully automatic weapons arriving to their destination in armored vehicle to force compliance upon the “civilian” scum.”
      I agree that the police should not look like the military (sends the wrong message), but that description you gave is the exception (usually SWAT), not the rule.
      “Today in Amerika, the badged thugs armed with weaponry the common man, the CITIZEN as we were once known as, cannot own the same weapons that the government’s now standing army of badged thugs possesses.”
      You still are known as a citizen, but understand that there are a lot of illegals (how many and counting) that are here, and they are NOT citizens, they are civilians. A lot of cops aren’t even able to carry rifles according to their department policy (I know a few), so please, tell me about all these weapons that they have that citizens can’t own. As I said earlier, SWAT teams have those (full autos) types of weapons, but I completely agree that the police should not be able to have weapons that are banned for civilian possession, and you can’t show where I’ve said anything to the contrary, can you?
      ” Today, we are living under the tyranny of a government run amuck.”
      No shit Sherlock! What do you think is one of my motivations to teach what I do in my classes?
      “their diktats imposed under the boot heels of those badged thugs who proudly proclaim themselves “Law Enforcement”.”
      Some do, some don’t. Think about this though. If all the “Good” officers leave law enforcement (you’re an ignoramus if you think there aren’t any), where will that leave the citizenry? There are still good guys doing good things. What? You think people will rise up against the police if they are all shown to be Gestapo? A few years ago I might have agreed with you, but now I think the majority are too busy following the diktats of Bernie Sanders and looking for pokemon.

      • Mr. Dodge,

        I enjoyed your response. Just a thing or two in reply as the written word in this venue is not the best place to exercise back & forth arguments.

        Nice to see you attempt to clarify your original remarks referring to all Americans as “citizens”. As I see it there are 300,000,000+ citizens of this once great country, deserving of the respect and recognition as being citizens. Not civilians. You know the difference. You chose to write otherwise….that “us vs them” syndrome so prevalent you couldn’t help yourself.

        Regarding your rebuttal to my remark “There are no good cops”, I stand by that statement. For me there are no good cops. For most of Amerika today, there are no good cops. Those who wear the badge and have the powers to arrest, are just what today’s police officer so proudly calls themselves….”LEO”….enforcers. “Muscle” for the ruling elites who create more and more laws. In turn, hire more and more badged thugs to insure compliance and thus, control of the citizenry. So, while you express your thoughts there are “good” cops, I disagree. The ONLY purpose of a thug with a badge is to force the citizenry to COMPLY. Comply with the diktats of ruling elites and their appointed, alphabet agency bureaucrats. Nothing more. Nothing less. As you make argument not all cops are bad, certainly you could also argue not all NAZIS were bad, eh ?

        If all law enforcement officers went away tomorrow, along with the scum district attorneys and the judiciary, I would shed not a tear nor quiver in fear for my well-being. I would cheer ! For the industry one calls “justice” has become nothing but a money-making machine preying on the citizens of this once great nation.

        In closing I stand by every remark I made in my original rebuttal to your linked essay. Also, I do want to thank you for your response to my earlier comments. The exchange has been educational.

  3. outlawpatriot

    “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each against his own bosom? Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American… The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.” Tenche Coxe, The Pennsylvania Gazette, February 20, 1788

    Fuck anybody who doesn’t understand the above. 🙂

    • Imagine that, I agree with Mullinex. My point has nothing to do with disarming civilians/citizens (in this country they are not the same when you consider the number of illegals here. Illegals are NOT citizens), it’s about giving guys, who make a choice to actively go into harms way (and if you don’t believe most of them do, you are ignoring facts), the minimum protections they need against the threat that has manifest itself. I think LEO’s dressing like they’re in the army is ridiculous, but a plate carrier can make all the difference against a rifle armed opponent. I don’t think the police should be able to be armed with anything an American citizen can have. A Police Officer is not special in that regard.

      • I have never had use for any gov’t thugs and resent the attempt to force me to pay for them.

        Citizens today have the greatest chance of being shot by a firearm possessed not by a thug on the street but rather a heavily armed gov’t thug.

        According to law enforcement records you are more than 13 times as likely to be shot by a cop than any other citizen.

        For reference see: “More Guns, Less Crime”.

        I stay away from all forms of gov’t thugs and refuse to pay for them.

      • outlawpatriot

        Uh, Daffy, cops aren’t special in any regard. Kinda why they’re in the world of shit that they are.

        And I agree with you that cops shouldn’t be armed with anything a regular citizen can have. 😉

        In the future, ya might wanna tone down that condescension bullshit. It doesn’t play well. I would think you shoulda learned that after your boy Bugs got his ass handed to him. 🙂

        • Muccinex, it wasn’t condescension, it was not taking the time to explain to your “Special Snowflake” ass that I believe all LEO’s and Judges should be held to a higher (special) standard under the Law when the commit a crime, especially on the job. I didn’t explain it because I figured you’d just follow your normal routine of starting a dry, angry rant (dehydratingly so, there’s a reason we call you “Mad Muccinex” now) that parrots whatever talking points your we-ginger leader has you spouting off this week about me and my friend SFC Barry. Think what you want. All you’re good for here is to egg people on in the spitting matches.

          • Dodge,

            Please….telling Alan all he is good for here is to egg people on can apply to just about every commenter here. Myself included. So, please do not denigrate Alan as though his remarks are worthless. His remarks, along with yours, mine and everyone elses are just opinions. They have little or no value. And you know what opinions are like….assholes ! Everyone has one.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. The Usual Suspect

    They should not be special in any regard. Nor above the same
    laws they enforce.
    They knew it was going to be a dusty trail , when they signed on.

  6. just plain todd

    as a related issue, has anyone any info on the cover up of the fbi agents at LaVoy’s execution? the ones who fired rounds then got caught lying afterward? stupid question, i know, given the history of cops, fbi and law enforcement in general, but i thought i would ask.

  7. Grey Ghost

    I guess I shall have to endure the wrath of MDT, fire when ready sir.

    I can’t say what happened in Baton Rouge as the video isn’t good enough, but as soon as one of the two cops says he has a gun the guy is dead at point blank. My gut says he had a gun and was willing to use it against the cops trying to subdue him by force but maybe not, maybe they just panicked when they saw a gun in the tussel. The real question is WHY were they trying to subdue the man for something they did not have to? Ok maybe he did brandish a firearm when the cops weren’t there and someone called 911 but I didn’t see him brandish it once the cops arrived on scene. You really should watch the video of the store owner who knew the man and I believe witnessed the shoot.

    As to the shooting in St. Paul, there is NO video (why wasn’t the cop wearing a cam so he can substantiate his version of the shoot?) but in this case I maintain the cop is at fault and should be in jail for manslaughter. Why? THAT black man was a lawful CCW holder and told the cop so and that he had a concealed gun, yet the cop proceeded to shoot and kill him anyway. Why? … because there was a BOLO out and the law abiding black man with a CCW fit the description… I guess all blacks with a CCW would fit the description since they all look alike. This goes to the seemingly CONservative crap that if a citizen does not comply with the officers ORDERS EXACTLY then that is grounds to kill the citizen. Lavoy Finicum syndrome. This is the fucked up CONservative view of law and order. Hell, the poor black man with a LAWFUL CCW actually pulled over his vehicle when the cop turned on his lights… yet I’m to believe he is some armed robber with a CCW. The BULLSHIT is running deep in St Paul. Sorry dude but it’s a bad shoot and why I believe in Constitutional carry and not some crap LICENSE LAW.

    Frankly I find the cops shoot and kill way too many people in their everyday ENFORCEMENT of the run amok tyrannical govt (at all levels) in this country. Several years back I asked an obstinate cop “just what law would he NOT enforce?” Fucking crickets my man, fucking crickets! His eventual response weeks later was that he did NOT make the laws just enforced them! Fucking great, a mindless borg as a cop. I was hoping he would say he would never confiscate guns and that the seatbelt/helmet laws were unconstitutional but no, not a damn working brain cell in the non-thinking brain of that guy.

    Here’s my take: IF you’ve got a SWAT team then I see no need for rifles for the patrol guys. Cops have the right to life so plates and plate carriers… meh ok, but once you get plates I don’t want to see any law outlawing plates for citizens. If you give all the patrol cops rifles and plates then get rid of SWAT. I say no APC’s, no UP Armor Humvees, No SWAT, you get the idea, there should be a distinct difference between a PEACE officer and a Military officer. And if you don’t like that then get out of the LAW ENFORCEMENT profession. One of these days I might find a cop who actually believes in the 4th amendment and warrants instead of all the case law that is spewed in support of illegal search and seizures at ALL levels. To me this boils down to theft of private property. Sadly it’s been going on for decades.

    Finally, in my AO we have auto tags that allow indications of HONORABLE .mil service. I have one. The last time I had a cop pull me over for a 1 mph rolling stop through a stop sign, a trap setup and money maker for the city ($175 ticket which he issued me and I paid, but in my mind was THEFT)… the SOB had his hand on his service pistol when approaching my vehicle window to talk to me, like I was going to draw down and kill him for the traffic stop. You just don’t know how pissed off I was at that. God forbid it ever comes down to me having to take out a cop, I’m hoping they all quit first. Rest assured though if I do have to do it, it won’t be at some damn rigged traffic stop.

    Grey Ghost,

    • Why would you “endure the wrath”, I think most of what you said was reasonable. As far as making a determination about the two shootings is concerned, I can’t and when more info comes out then we’ll know, huh. Those two shootings were used as excuses (because the shooters had to have an excuse) to kill innocent men. There was no legitimacy in those acts. Some here act like the shooting of two black men (or any host of other shootings makes the murder of those cops ok, and if that’s the belief of a majority in the “Patriot” movement, we’re doomed before we’re out of the gate.

  8. just plain todd

    Grey Ghost………very well said Sir!!!