And They Continue To Invade

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Under the sponsorship of the host governments in both Europe and the US.


It’s the only answer.


17 responses to “And They Continue To Invade

  1. yea we could use that method .. or steal the 20,000 guilitines the goverment bought and put them to use

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Mary Surratt was an innocent woman. Too bad it wasn’t Hillary that was hung in her place.

  4. It always boils down to what the “wills” of the people are. Looks to me like we are going to test that theory again & find that out.

  5. I think beheadings is better than hanging..only dip the blade in pig fat before..and make sure they see you do so.
    Thats a consequence THEY will understand..and try to avoid I am sure..

    • First those blades need to be dulled by hundreds (thousands?) of bureaucrat and propagandist traitors. The Muslim invaders are just the effect. The traitorous government-media complex is the cause.

  6. There isn’t enough rope.

  7. Hummm….the supposed members of taking out tyrant lincoln? Yea that’s probably how the hanging will go these days.

    Lets hope that General Walker beats JFK to the punch this time round.

    Oh yea—–purges can be cleansing to the country if all the crap is flushed out.

  8. Orban, Wilders, Trump, Le Pen have all made their peace with the Jews. Having done such, they will by no means stop the White-destroying ethnic invasions launched by the Tikkun Olam

  9. Haxo: maybe not this one, though:

    “One of her first decisions was to remove the EU flag from press conferences at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and to replace the clock in the meeting hall of the Council of Ministers with a Cross.[6][7]”

  10. I have terrible things in mind, both for the invaders, and their enablers. Tick, tock.