Black Fences Matter


Daily Mail UK: White House installs vicious spikes onto perimeter fence after spate of embarrassing security breaches

Nice “diversity” theme, as well:


WH Fence copy

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20 responses to “Black Fences Matter

  1. Funny.
    I’ve been told repeatedly that a Mundane with such viciousness would get sued out of their own home when some Special Snowflake attempts to cross said fence.

  2. keith park

    These spikes should also be installed on the steps of Marine 1 and Air Force 1.

  3. treefroggy

    They look like Zulu spears . This could be a micro-agression .

  4. We were taught that throwing a big hunk of carpeting over razor wire – and then flopping down on that carpet – is a fast and simple way to defeat it.

    The rest of the squad would literally run over Carpet Guy and through the razor wire like it wasn’t even there – the last man across helping Carpet Guy up and then the whole squad would move on.

    Just sitting here thinking about that and how many millions of our extorted tax dollars went to pay for this nonsense because of the USSS’s failure… a hunk of nasty old shag carpeting fished out of the local landfill can defeat this crap, same as it will defeat the “broken glass embedded in concrete” trick the Cloud People install on top of the brick walls encircling their Whiteopias…

    And it still doesn’t fix the original problem. It just says “You! Yeah you! The one pointing at yourself and looking around! Go away!”

    And nice wrought iron mosque image in the fence… they’re not even bothering to hide it anymore.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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    This is just another signal demonstrating the innate fear the regime has of its citizens. And, as we know, it has been going on for many years. It is another example of how a once great and peaceful republic, which became an empire, is destroying itself. When you are committed to wealth confiscation and the murder of innocents, you better build high, spiked fences.
    I hope and pray I will see the day before I die when the fences are breached and the traitors and psychopaths who claim to have a mandate over my life and property are hung from the streetlamp posts.

  7. The Usual Suspect

    Looks like mudslide fence avatar to me

  8. Grenadier1

    Those could be spade shaped points…..just callin it like I see it.

  9. Excellent start. We have the bastards fenced in.

  10. Bring hacksaws…Make spears….Have fun

  11. Roland Deschain

    I can almost picture Gomez Adams out here sharpening them with his file. Nyuk, nyuk!

  12. Obama s police state. Why have the govt build more prisons? White Christian conservative heteros are building prisons every day now. Fences. Video. Locked doors. Guns. The govt hates us. The 15 percent hate us. We are slowly walling ourselves up. Waiting….we cannot depend on the govt to protect our families.

  13. Mosque Castle Fence, around The People’s House.

    Trump can fix this symbolic problem on day 1, H will add a moat or tank traps.

  14. I wonder if Mr. O chose the design of the fence spikes. They look like Zulu spears. Just like in the movie.

  15. Virgil Kane

    Do you reckon Jorge, installing said points, has his green card?

  16. Atlas Shrug

    Uh, is it just me or does the gate part look very easy to climb over? It almost has handles and steps – quite the contrast to the main fence.

    Keep your powder dry,
    Atlas Shrug

  17. SameNoKami

    The top of the gate look to be a castle topped w/minarets.
    The bottom curves look like a stylized minaret.
    It was photoshopped right ? 🙂

  18. Iraq03USMC

    The gate looks like some of the older stylized Islamic architecture used in the mosques and other buildings. The arches and the mosque dome styling. Anyone else seeing this besides SameKoKami? Looks like something I saw over there on many gated homes and buildings. Make no bones…the Communist in Chief is a..well…..if not a musi, at least and apologist of the ‘religion of peace’. Taqiyyah. Can’t trust a one of ’em.