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I am sure President Clinton II will make things better by eliminating the dangerous, unverified, and irresponsible Blogosphere and transforming it into a caged, de-nutted Communist house organ like Twitter and Facebook.

These are the good old days, kids.

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    A free press is equally free to print the facts or ignore them. That statement is from THIS KIND OF WAR by T.R. Fehrenbach.

    • Hm. I’ve been re-reading This Kind of War by T.R. Fehrenbach every four or six years since I got through high school. Well written.

      “”Observers from France and Britain, realizing that war was also highly possible in their own part of the world, were disturbed at the thought of a ground defense of their homelands. For the United States Army, according to its history and doctrine, would choose the lives of its men over the continued existence of storied cathedrals. These observers wrote news releases – and soon Frank Munoz [a company-grade infantry officer] could get no artillery on the enemy assembling in plain sight in the villages below him. When he asked Battalion to fire on the village, and burn it down, Battalion replied it could not. Fortunately, such orders in Korea were soon changed.”

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Didn’t Comcast just buy Time Warner? Which would make it 5 companies. Even worse I know.

  4. Anyone that doesn’t yet realize that these MSM outlets are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the USG are beyond reclamation. Even my 91 year old mother is aware of this. Additionally, she’s a die hard FDR Democrat and she’s going to vote for Trump. LMAO.

  5. It is all so simple in regards my self sufficiency.
    That kind of agitprop and propaganda only works if you allow it to to begin with.
    Live so free it can not effect your liberty.

    The Narrative is only effective if you let it effect your freedom.
    The meme is designed to separate you from your self determination.

    It is where you start with you that is the news that matters.

  6. It’s not the good old days when you’re an unemployed father of three. It’s here.

  7. Whether there are 6(or 5) media companies is somewhat immaterial. The NYT Syndicate system drives the news window that appears on page A1 or is the lede on the evening news.

  8. it is all ONE Zionist combine, whose DEBT is controlled by the NY Jewbanks

  9. Goebbels would be proud of what the US has been able to do with his concepts. Proud indeed.

    Mike Hastings was unavailable for comment.

  10. Cassandra (of Troy)

    What I’m looking forward to is the stunned amazement & cries of (self-)righteous indignation erupting from the Trumpeters after Donaldus Magnus Rex does a George Washington on the next group of PATRIOTS!® who seize Imperium property or those resisting local/state gun confiscation attempts w/ guns. Man oh Manishevitz, the howls of the Trump’s Fine W/ Me Because He’s Pro-LE!/Trump’s Okay Because He’s Pro-2A!/TRUMP’S ONE OF US, YAY!® folks will probably cause such interference thruout the EM spectrum that it just might be mistaken for an attack & start a Football game.

    A minimum 12RS WTF event!

  11. I hear that the MSM is anti-gun, and that nearly all their minions are unarmed, and wear no body armor. And that they wear street clothes, a lot of them in high heels, and arrive in well marked vans. Interesting.