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  1. Virgil Kane

    It appears policing is lower risk than we’re told.

    I don’t see engineers on there. Maybe stress related deaths don’t count. I guess I’m upping my danger level on the farm, but chickens won’t mash you like a bull.

  2. Truck drivers are in the 30s range, too.

    Just being a citizen in many large cities puts you WAY above a cop. In some cases, it was safer in a war zone than in $hitcago and DC.

    I’ve survived almost 40 years as a flight instructor. The pilots that get killed aren’t the airline pilots….

    Wish we all had a safe job like a cop, with the freedom to 50-state concealed carry. But we’re just the dirt people.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Sir : Thanks for the link to Low Tech Magazine. Lots of excellent topics to digest! Soapweed

  5. Meanwhile France kills 120 Syrian civilians in retaliation for the attack by a Tunisian:

    Yeah, that’ll help.

    It starts to look like western governments are *trying* to create more terrorists. Pardon my cynicism.

    • you just figured this out? After 15 years of it? The whole point of the Zionist “War on Terror” is to blow the sandniggers out of their own countries…and into the dying White Nations. Whose borders have been taken down by the selfsame Zionists

  6. If police jobs are so dangerous, advertise a job opening. You’ll need crowd control for all the applicants.

    Also beware of stats on ‘injuries’ and/or ‘illnesses’. These are heavily influenced by benefits, lack of due diligence by management and deep pockets (paid by we working slobs).