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8 responses to “MVT: .308 Patrol Rig On Sale!

  1. keith park

    I don’t dig chest rigs, especially when prone. How do you remove a mag out of that thing without sticking up your head and upper body, especially if you’re in a hurry?

    I’ll stick with belt-mounted mag pouches.

    • LOL. BTDT.

      I keep 2 x ‘ready mags’ on my lite battle belt. However, there are two things that you should know:

      1) These rigs are designed with a single row of mags and they don’t keep you off the ground in any significant way.

      2) It is actually easier to remove a mag from one of these rigs when prone than it is to reach back to a belt pouch, without rolling to get your hand to the mag pouch. The mags are right there for the combat reload. It is a myth that with a chest rig there is an issue with getting mags in the prone.

      This thing about chest rigs is a tired old myth that keeps popping up. I am a proponent of the battle belt in the right circumstances, but in general I prefer a lite battle belt with chest rig or plate carrier. Those who train at MVT know the focus we place on taking cover, including going prone when suitable, and none are disadvantaged by chest rigs.

      Check this out:

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Sure looks nice.

    I’ve been running a Rhodesian reproduction chest rig for several years with no problems going prone.

    These are a significant advancement over the Rhodie.

  4. Josey Wales

    Just keep in mind 308 is heavy, and not just the weapon. 10 Steel mags.(5-25 6-20) 245 rounds is 17 pounds by its self. Distribution of weight is key as is modular functionality. Consider the tasks you will be performing and make an informed decision. I don’t care what you like and\or use, but for pete’s sake get something, you’re gonna need it and WE are gonna need you. Bicker about my shit is better than yours later.

  5. I’ve run thru a lot of gear trying to figure out a austere bush whacking rig that has quality and many qualities I prefer. It has always been a compromise of sorts.

    This stuff Max is designing is as good as it gets from my experience. And 1st rate rugged quality throughout. I like another feature it has that is I can run it over my .mil surp MOLLE II vest. Which I am very partial to. This permits keeping my 1st line gear I don’t carry in my pockets in the arrangement I’ve found works well for me on that style of combat vest, (lots of real-estate), have extra mags along my hips as ready reserve, canteens, knife, and a possibles pouch, my bedroll/shelter attached butt style, and Max’s rig goes on and off over it all like a champ. It has the kind of adjustment suitable for this setup. I also like how you can set your mags up high with his chest rig. Easy access prone or in a difficult position. Using a cross sternum strap I can lug a Medium Alice pack over this chest rig also.

  6. I just received my 5.56 version of Max’s Patrol Rig. I had it about ten minutes before I had it loaded and trying it out in the backyard. The rig is comfortable to wear. It snugs up nicely and does not get in they way of my daily wear Vertx pack.

    Having never used a chest rig, I was impressed with how easy it is to go prone. The position of the rig makes mags readily available and easy to get with the support hand. The rig does not push me up off the ground at all.

    Until now, I have not been a fan of the chest rig. Max’s design has converted me. This is now my go-to rig for HD and quick response.

    If you are looking for a chest rig and haven’t found what you are looking for, try the Patrol Rig.

  7. Tuco Ramirez

    How well do the Kydex inserts work in very cold weather? Kydex gets brittle in cold and if the working principle of the insert is by virtue of its elasticity, some or all of that elasticity will be lost in the cold. Just wondering if it’s been tested out yet.