Stilton: Religion Of Pieces

Religion of Pieces

Cultural enrichment.

Diversity is our strength.

german girls refugees welcome

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Jimmy the Saint

    I hope those girls remembered to get their “Don’t Rape Me” wristbands. Otherwise, they might become involved in an embarrassing cultural misunderstanding and have to falsely accuse other people in order to protect their new friends.


    Maybe they will get it after a few more “assault truck” incidents.

  4. keith park

    Re: Die drei Deutche Frauleinen in the picture above, I wonder if and how their sentiment will change after they’re beaten to a pulp and multi-raped by a gang of the refugees they so eagerly welcome.

    Karma is a bitch.

    • Who cares?

      They, and their ilk voted in the people who allow this to happen. They also clearly support it. They should shut up, embrace the diversity they asked for, and try to enjoy it.

      If they weren’t meant to be shorn, God would not have made them sheep.

  5. keith park

    Three German chicks, in Germany, and the sign is written in English? Why isn’t their sign written in Arabic or German? I didn’t know all middle eastern refugees were taught English as a second language.

    • FWIW (forgetting that these girls are candidates for redefining “meat space”), several Arabic countries begin teaching a 2nd language at a young age, often English.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    Can’t fix stupid !

  7. More blowback…

    Well, your average German can’t affect what his government does, but a lot of them must be thinking it would have been useful for at least one of those passengers to have a gun. That’s what black markets are for. Or are they all “good Germans”?

  8. “The river runs in a circle. You’ll be OK and end up right back here by your car.”

  9. Desperate for men? Seriously, what the hell happened to real German men?

    • Uncle Larry

      Most didn’t survive the Gulag.

    • We killed them a few years ago.

      • exactly. Today’s genetic Germany bears no relationship to pre-1914 genetic Germany. Prussia, the heart and soul of Great Germany…has been erased from the map. Focus on North America. Not Western Europe. There, the Tikun Olam has won

    • They got thinned out during two world wars. The remaining ones were taught to sit down to pee..

    • Jimmy the Saint

      WWI, WWII, and the aftermath of both. They had it drummed into their heads that they were the worst of all possible things. The Allies wanted to make sure that they’d never rise again – and they succeeded.

  10. It is the woman that knows what the muslim invasion is all about that does not want them taking over their country/culture that I pray.
    Not for these three.

  11. There is an almost amusing dynamic now at work.

    Government officials both here and especially in Europe try hard to claim that these attacks are not really jihad. They have arbitrarily re-defined Islamic Terrorism as being confined to people with long-standing membership in officially identified terror organizations, like ISIS or Al Qaeda. Even as blatant actions as sending a video proclaiming, merely makes one a “emotionally vulnerable and confused youth” “attracted by ISIS propaganda” who indulged in spree killing.

    The reasons for this are transparently obvious: if the killings are just people with mental health problems going off and killing people, then the politicians who have admitted them are not as culpable. (Because native Germans may occasionally kill in this manner). If, on the other hand all these killings are based in Islam, then it’s pretty clear that inviting millions of Islamic people into Western lands was a colossally stupid idea, at best, and traitorously evil, if looked at objectively.

    The jihadi menace, event after event, mass killing after mass killing, is threatening the power of the establishment left to retain their iron grip on power, as normies are started to get red-pilled on this issue.

    And of course the quisling politicians are fully supported by the left-media. Who publish helpful articles that attempt to spin the latest jihadi attrocity as “merely” someone who was mentally unstable having a bad day.

    It seems the authorities have decided that rather than actually take steps to stop Islamic Terrorism they will use their offices to redefine it away, and of course more and more frequently in Europe to persecute anyone who points out this absurd policy.

    It’s odd to see so many politicians who ostensibly have some sort of loyalty to the countries the “serve”, in fact work completely at odds with their citizens and seem to be obsessed with promoting colonization by hostile aliens. Towards what end? At whose behest? Why?

    • “seem to be obsessed with promoting colonization by hostile aliens. Towards what end? At whose behest? Why?”

      It serves the interests of the rulers. It’s called “divide and conquer”. It divides people who dislike immigration from those who want to support refugees.

      It also distracts attention from the coming economic crash.

      Look at the bright side. At least they are not invading their neighbors to get the peons to rally ’round the flag. Better a few bombs and hatchet attacks here and there, than whole cities destroyed.

    • Jackson…this is the guy who thinks that a ZOGubmint “census” claiming ‘Murka is still 78% “White” has facticity…so I’ll make it simple for him:

      towards what end? White extinction

      at whose behest? Organized Jewry ($$$$$$$$$$$$)

      why? Jews do not intend to be ghetto’d, pogrom’d, holocaust’d…Ever. Again. Surely a program we must all embrace

  12. Off Topic: I’ve a friend, Dave who’s in surgery today for a colon problem. He’s 67 and the father of 2 special needs daughters in their 30s. If ever a family needed it’s Father/Husband, it’s this one. I’d be grateful for those of you with a mind to say a prayer for him.Thanks.


  13. Off topic, but Massachusetts has just banned the sale of new “assault weapons” and the language of the ban includes any derivative that shares similar operating mechanism.

    • Treason, it’s what’s for dinner.

    • Grey Ghost

      Just a matter of time before they did this, especially after Romney signed a permanent ban on AK-47s a few years back. How long before California catches up?

      Grey Ghost

  14. Strong, dominant, self-assured, rough, tall, dark, dangerous, successful, independent, traveled, exotic foreign invaders with no doubts and a concrete plan for conquest make their genes wet. Germanic Woody Allen does not.

  15. swan832013

    the new bingo


  16. The reason leftie commies are such good friends with moslems is because they both have similar ambitions. Bill Ayres said they would have to kill 25 million Americans or subdue them to achieve their utopia. The moslems say they will have to kill all the infidels or subdue them to achieve their goals. Both are totally opposed to western culture. It seems natural they would be allies. And by God they are! To the last one.

    • Funny how that works isn’t it…But we want to quibble about the color of the curtains while the house burns down around us…Sad That…

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    The muslims love idiots like this. Maybe they should look at the rapes in Sweden. Nah, that would require critical thinking skills.

  18. 2 ugly gurls and a… nope. 3 ugly gurls.