“The Entire Country Now Looks Like…Mena, Arkansas”

Lawlessness, detailed.

Six months.

9 responses to ““The Entire Country Now Looks Like…Mena, Arkansas”

  1. Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog is 2 or 3 good LONG interviews a week with interesting guests. CAF has been some of the best interviews, and this is no exception. Worth saving the link (or “favorite-ing) to “videos” on U-toob to check once a week instead of tv neuz.

  2. You got to call them what they are: Fucking Scum

    • Don’t underestimate how dangerous scum is. A truckload of Pool-Shok will take care of it, but the stench will be fierce for a while. Prepare to replace the FS with a useful ecosystem that spins off edibles rather than toxins.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. The Usual Suspect

    Hopefully at some time in the future after they flee the FUSA
    to escape indictment for treason on a grand scale, they will
    get the Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu treatment by some thugs
    hired by the FUSA.
    Unfortunately we probably won’t get a video of it.

  5. Good interview. I’ve listened to her before…..very matter of fact with.no sensationalism. Like pdxr13 I generally watch both of the USA Watchdog interviews during the week.

  6. Mary Ann Jachna

    It doesn’t further the dialogue and if we aren’t going forward we are going backwards or at best standing still as the world passes us by.


    So what now? Talk, talk, talk? Author William Faulkner was prescient when he spoke after receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature many years ago. When he referred to the eventual collapse of civilization, he mentioned something to the effect that after the dust clears, man will be standing somewhere, endlessly talking.
    I do not see any right-wing law firm stepping up to sue the Hildabeast and her minions for wrongful deaths, etc. Where is anyone who will take action against this treason via redress through the courts? And, do not lecture me about the Cherokee Nation v. Andrew Jackson. To paraphrase JFK, when you make peaceful change impossible, violent change becomes inevitable.

  8. HHH Old Vet.

    Pardon, but the video sounded like one track laid over another so as to make listening difficult, must be Dot Gov. at work.