TL Davis: Going There

multiracial fist to fist agreement (isolated on white)

There is no way to come to a common ground on a cliff.


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  1. keith park

    It’s not racist if it’s true.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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    I am going to give you all excerpts from my post of August 21, 2014. This was during the discussion of the Ferguson, MO shooting. “…Now, let me tell you about “BUMP DAY”. Back in the late 40’s and early 50’s Los Angeles had a marvelous public transportation system called The Pacific Electric Railway. A lot of people used it and it could get you from the extreme Northwest area of the cities down to the beaches. Both sets of grandparents and my own parents used this because they either did not drive or couldn’t afford a car. On a certain day of the week, the black people would deliberately nudge jostle, and bump up against the whites. It was a given. I remember the adults talking about it at family gatherings.”
    “…As I have posted earlier, blacks are violent, physical people. They have been brought up with the notion that if you see whitey and he/she has something you want, you take it. I have had one tell me that when I was in college. I saw it when I was a MP in the Army and as a cop in SoCal.”
    “…anyone who has had any dealing with blacks as a group; whether they are cops, small business owners(check out Brown’s shoplifting video), nurses, firefighters(my dad was in Watts#1 in ’65), UPS drivers, etc., will have their own horror stories. I just prefer to stay completely away from them.”
    So there you have it. We are not at a cliff. We are going over a cliff. Maybe that has not happened yet in your A/O, but is happening in Dallas, Baton Rouge,Cleveland, Chiraq, and many other metro areas infested with the porch monkey mindset. I do not know about the author’s true sentiments, but i for one, will not negotiate on a cliff’s edge or solid ground with these BLM useful idiots or the white, wealthy, NWO and (((Eskimo))) puppet masters who control them. I have had it.

    • I grew up on Detroit’s East Side. Went to Denby HS back in 1979 and 80 where I was among the several dozen or so whites. I carried a .32 pistol at age 14. yeah, I know what you be talking about…

  4. The Usual Suspect

    The media have been the conveyors of the racism that supposedly
    permeates our society.
    They continually remind us of the failed social engineering by reminding
    us of the countless time and resources the Demoncrat party has spent
    to purchase their votes.
    They fail to report the black on white crime that is reaching tsunami
    proportions, and thus rob some of us the situational awareness necessary
    to exist around the more feral of the black population.
    They are an integral part of the Demoncrat party and have blood on
    their hands, and they should not be surprised when the pushback begins
    and find they are not be excluded from the festivities.

  5. The only effect that the BLM movement has had on me is too now look on every black person as a likely threat.

  6. “Racism” is a communist constructed word to silence discussion and obfuscate truth. Truth speaks for itself and needs no advocate. What is… and no amount of wishful thinking or politically correct group think will alter it.

  7. What Dweezil the Weasil said. Damn near the same shit. They’re pumping mud people into my neighborhood quite regular now, and it hasn’t improved anything. Last year, we had one under the age of 25. Now there are a dozen. In the morning, I go out and see who’s put a new for sale sign, or for rent sign up. Two of these characters are what we used to call retarded. Now they’re just feral wannabes. We’re getting them from downtown Dallas and Ft. Worth. That program from DC, where they move them into almost all white neighborhoods, to “balance things out”. The last group of Hispanics who rented two doors up the street from me, completely trashed the place before exiting (they were here four months, tops) and left a mountain of crap in the alley and driveway and garage when they split at night. How do I know they left at night? I watched them, through my NV. I had to reroute my way home and come in from in the south because rain or shine, day or night, five or so of them would be in the alley at the house they lived in, along with plenty of trash and bikes. The longer we play stupid games with these people and act like they’re going deal honestly with us in return, the more people are going to get hurt, and killed.

    • By tolerating this misbehavior, by not holding everyone up to the same standard of behavior regardless of color, you taught their children to produce this behavior.

      • Get rid of the cops who “serve and protect” these lowlife minorities and the problem can be dealt with, once and for all.

  8. Grey Ghost

    95% of blacks are under the belief that only whites can be racist. Don’t believe me go ask them why they can say “nigger” and you can’t. They’ll answer because they can’t be racist only white people can be racist, good luck breaking that multigenerational idea, but once you do then you might be able to have a discussion about race and history in this country.

    Having grown up in the deep south I can tell you there are two types of Blacks… niggers and moral black “freemen”. Call me racist, I don’t care but that is the way I’ve seen it my whole life and nothing anyone can say will change my mind on that. How can you tell the difference… ah usually a short 1 minute conversation or visual ID will give it away.

    Grey Ghost

  9. Dark Side of the Moon

    Most blacks and latinos in the cities and the Hawaiian’s who hate haoles (white man) are quite passive aggressive. I can’t understand why most whites cannot grasp the idea that these folks hate you and want you dead. I’m very good at body language. I pay attention to what people do, their voice tone and their actions.

    How many hints do they have to give you? How many times do they need to rob, rape, murder or burn your own people? And they get away with it, many times. These crimes are sanctioned IMO by the deep state. The covert deep state internal government cannot stand a smart self-aware, critical thinking white person. They can’t stand it. They want you gone. But not until you work until about the age of 63 and then you drop dead from all the stressors living around these urban cretins. So no social security checks for you whitey.

    They want your DNA, your pretty long hair, your blue eyes without you around. They want your tax money, your beautiful white women and your white infrastructure.

    They say one thing and lie to your face to get what they need, but they’ll stab you in the back if they have to. They’ll all play step and fetch it to get what they need.

    In the coming years your skin will be your uniform.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Dark Side of the Moon/20July16@23:57,

      A major positive is that external threat ID’ll be considerably simplified once The Party well & truly gets going, an equally major negative’s that its very nature will make internal threat ID more difficult as well. The deeply implanted programming (a.k.a. ‘instinct’) to ‘Do The Christian/Decent/Right Thing’ alone’ll get LOTS of people killed early on as will the empathy/pity urge that’s also been similarly deeply implanted especially in most females/Churchists. Yep, the repetitious Fort Pillows/Sand Creeks/Mountain Meadows’ & the various agenda fulfillment opportunities such conflict allows guarantees it’ll be a VERY hot time in the old town day & night for a VERY long time.

      And then there’s the eternal problem of what to do w/ the @ minimum thousands who’ve developed a taste for blood &/or refuse to be ‘re-civilized’ as ‘nice people’ (a.k.a. Duh Wimminfolk/their males slaves to The Grind) find such to be Fah Too Skehwy to have around when the Denouement arrives.

  10. Africa for the Africans, India for the Indians, Arabian nations for the Arabs, Israel for the Jews, Asian nations for Asians, Latin America for Latin Americans….

    Diversity and Multiculturalism for Europe and America