Ushanka: Where Are The FBI Resignations?


Good question.

You now know all you need to know about how this will go when things get spicy.

Reserve Battalion 101, indeed.

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  1. keith park

    “I vow to you, Adolf Hitler (Hillary Clinton), as Führer and chancellor (President) of the German Reich (United States), loyalty and bravery (sniveling and groveling). I vow to you and to the leaders (sycophant communist hacks) that you set for me, absolute allegiance until death (or staged suicide). So help me God (deity of choice).”

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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    Very good article. The reason, however, for the lack of resignations is simple: salary and benefits. FBI agents are very well paid and have a lot of perks, such as compensation for moving expenses when they are transferred from one posting to another.
    This is really no different than the “retired” Field-Grade and General Officers who are now sounding the clarion call from the safety of their country-club digs while they pocket more scratch from being talking heads on FAUX News.

    • `Bill Harzia

      Yup. Plus, by the time they’ve got 10-15 years in, they don’t know how to do anything else.

      • Mark Matis

        Well, there ARE some jobs that require the same skill set, and that also have an oath before starting. In those jobs, however, if you fail to honor that oath, you are gone. Permanently. Unlike “Law Enforcement” where one gets promoted for spitting on one’s oath.

        What jobs would those be? Mafia enforcer. A FAR more noble profession than that of any “Law Enforcement” officer in this country.

    • +1. It comes down to, “I gots mine. Fk y’all.” Risking their property, their fortunes and their very lives is only for noble people. STUFF takes priority over principles of right and wrong.

    • SameNoKami

      Perks, power, pension and a ‘get out of jail free, after killing any body you want – card.’
      The ones that tho’t about resigning were quickly talked out of it by the wifey.

  4. Don’t expect much from minions of the state. They have already made plenty of moral compromises. It gets easier as time goes on.

  5. Matt Bracken

    The FBI gave up its honor long before Director Comey took a dive to protect Hillary.

    Setting aside the Boston Black Mass, Waco, Ruby Ridge, active participation in Fast and Furious etc etc…

    It’s worth noting that Fort Hood, Boston, San Bernardino, and Orlando can ALL be laid directly to the “See Something, Say Nothing” rules handcuffing FLE since 2009. So much for trusting THEM to protect us. The FBI sold its balls long before Comey took his dive. I have not heard of one resignation by an FBI/DHS agent over their being banished from even using the Islamic words. They willingly allowed themselves to be turned into patsies and fools, without anybody resigning. Only old Phil Haney, who mentions his oath at every form of testimony.

    If you watch the Haney video tape before Jeh Johnson’s, where he said to Ted Cruz that he had “No idea” about the Islamic words being purged and expunged. Further, FBI agents have been forbidden to surveil mosques or acquire data on travels of known MB operatives. Free sanctuary has been given to national enemies with the FBI compliant in turning away. Shameful and dishonorable. And they are the ones outside the Pulse Club, balancing the political spin for 3 hours.

    All of our “I’ve Got Your Back” type of efforts must specifically state LOCAL LE, and as far as possible, isolate FLE, because those dishonorable scumbags have already submitted to Islam, by becoming willing dhimmis. Our betrayal is the jizya or “bride price” for the traitor elites keeping their necks as dhimmis in future years.

    This is not new, it’s an ancient pattern. It was very clear in Serbia, where the descendants of the sellouts were the urban elites, the shopkeepers and traders with good deals to protect. They will sell out early, in order to keep their rice bowls and heads intact. They became the urban Muslim Bozniaks, the mostly rural Orthodox Serbs had a grudge going back 500 years before that civil war broke out.

    Now, our traitor elites are importing our future executioners under our noses, and the cowardly fools at Faking Bogus Investigations are willing patsies.

    Just watch Haney’s testimony to the Senate Intel Committee a month ago, and then watch Jeh Johnson say that he has “no idea” about the purging of Islamic words, concepts and even references from all DHS and FBI materials after 2009.

    Our country is being run by traitors.

    Phil Haney testimony about the DHS Islamic purge:

    Jeh Johnson a week later: “I have no idea” about the purge.

    In 2016, “I have no idea” from the DHS boss without protest from the FBI director translates as “We have already submitted to Islamic control. We are the first dhimmis in line, and our jizya is the betrayal of the American people.”

  6. But… but… the vast majority…!

  7. I read that book a couple of years ago. These Reserve Police were common men who were allowed and even encouraged, to slip their leash they turned into the worst kind of shitheel spree murderers. They had no binding moral code before this ordeal and they, almost to a man, became savages. There were a few that went along unwillingly but still went along with the murder machine. Peer acceptance and “orders’ were greater motivators and guides than any personal moral code they may have possessed. These were ‘everyday men.’ This is human nature and commonly found in drone types without a strong sense of self and without a solid, foundational and immutable sense of right and wrong. Most people are weak and want to follow the groupthink.

  8. The premise of the article is that we should expect resignations because the FBI has many good agents, true and faithful, still working there.

    Just going back to the most recent goings on in my neck of the woods, it’s not disputed that the FBI fired on Levoy Finicum at least twice with rifles from a high overlook position when he stopped at the roadblock, that they subsequently lied about it and destroyed evidence to cover it up. These actions likely precipitated his response, which led to his unfortunate assassination by the Oregon State Patrol. In other words, they acted as agent provocatures and provide a scenario where the actually killers can claim it was a justified shooting (which they have, successfully from all appearances)

    I say “not disputed” because the behavior is the subject of an Inspector’s General investigation and has been taken to a Grand Jury.

    Remember: never talk to the FBI. Lying to the FBI is a crime, and you can never be sure what they will construe as a lie. Scooter Libby was sentenced to five years in Federal Prison for having a different recollection of a conversation with a reporter than the reporter had. Because he had told his version to the FBI, and they believed the reporter. I’ve also heard that FBI interviews are typically conducted by two agents with no recording device. They can (and do) “testi-lie” you said anything, and it’s your (single) word against two fearless FBI agents.

    The agency is corrupt, it’s best to assume that most of the agents are corrupt, they have (at this point) a distinctly leftist bend, they have a record of persecuting people on the right, and providing cover for favored politicians, as they did for Hillary.

    And of course they have been involved in several high profile shootings that were more-or-less political assassinations. The Ruby Ridge incident resulted (eventually) in millions of dollars in restitution paid to the victims, but no prosecutions of the culpable agents, nor even firings. FBI agents are “made men” just like the mob’s guys, and regardless of behavior are protected by the agency.

    I can’t imagine any reason for interacting with them voluntarily.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I can’t imagine any reason for interacting with them voluntarily.”

      In general, if you find yourself in an official interaction with the FBI, it’s not going to be voluntary.

  9. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yup. The pic above is, …er, rather “illuminating.”

    Felix was no “Cat.” Felix Dzerzhinsky–known as “Iron Felix,” founder, developer, and enabler of the Soviet Secret Police–CHEKA. Mass murderer, torturer, and summary execution specialist.

    Quite literally, “Uncle Joe’s Right Hand Man.” He and his henchmen murdered countless thousands–defined the term “Red Terror.”

    By the way, he was of Polish descent, but the Commies found his “talents” valuable to subjugate and suppress a vast country for generations.

    There were no “resignations” from the CHEKA–the lead pill, administered to the back base of the skull @ 900fps was the pension, retirement, and 401-K all rolled into one from BIG GOV.

  10. If you see something wrong and don’t do anything, you’ve just set a new standard.


  11. Resignations from the feebies? Hell, hitlery, mooslims, black lies matter, baked bean bombers are just make work for the feebies.

    When they aren’t kissing their masters asses they are running dope and dopes to show how great they are to the stupid people and knowing media and corrupt politicians that pad their budgets.

    The feebies and all their alphabet agency cousins need to be DISBANDED and their buidings turned into resettlement processing facilities for illegals/anchor babies and liberals/communists.