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Orlando Carry
by Matt Bracken

The Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando taught millions of ordinary citizens something very important. It confirmed for us that seventeen years after the Columbine massacre, we can still find ourselves penned inside a disarmed-victim slaughter zone by an armed maniac or maniacs, and while innocent people are bleeding to death and futilely calling for help, government law enforcement agency employees might decide to take a powder, set up a security perimeter, and then burn three irreplaceable hours while debating how best to attempt a rescue operation. And when it finally happens, the belated rescue operation might end up killing many more victims than if some of the aforesaid victims had simply pulled their own guns on the madman in the first place, three hours earlier, and shot him dead, even in a vicious cross-fire.

This lesson also carries over to the recent Bastille Day truck massacre in Nice, France. It took good men with guns to finally stop the bloodthirsty Tunisian’s motorized rampage. But the truck and its driver did not cause all of the carnage in one go—according to various news reports there were fits and starts when the truck slowed and even stopped, and when this happened, brave but unarmed men tried to climb onto the cab to end the carnage with their bare hands. Unfortunately, the only good guys with guns in their possession belonged to government law enforcement agencies or GLEAs, and they were not in position to shoot the driver until 84 innocents were killed and many more were severely injured.

Can anybody claim that the outcome in Nice could have been worse if an armed citizen or two or three had jumped onto the cab during a pause, and fired their own pistols at the Tunisian driver? With weapons dispersed among the Bastille Day crowd, concealed among trained and trusted military veterans, for example, would the death toll in Nice have been as high? Can anybody imagine a truck driver conducting a two-kilometer kamikaze rampage against pedestrians in Tel Aviv or Texas, without his taking effective fire from armed citizens every fifty meters along the way?

Even beyond the lessons of Orlando and Nice, we recently learned in Dallas and Baton Rouge that first-responding GLEA employees cannot even protect themselves from a single deranged gunman, much less protect anybody else who happens to be in the madman’s range. In both cases it took even more good men with even bigger guns arriving on the scene to put the cop-killers down. In Dallas and Baton Rouge the killers were only targeting police officers, but what happens when the killers are targeting shooting galleries full of unarmed trapped civilians?

Fort Hood and San Bernardino come to mind. Innocents trapped in gun-free killing pens will be slaughtered until the killers depart, or the SWAT teams arrive and shoot their way in. This is not rocket science. Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando and Nice have taught us that when we are faced with an armed homicidal terrorist, we will have nobody but ourselves to depend on for our self defense during the first minutes, or even hours. As the saying goes, “When every second is a matter of life or death, the police are only minutes away.” Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan Theater in Paris also spring to mind. Nobody on the scene at the beginning of a murder rampage will have a gun except the killers—and those citizens who accept the responsibility of being armed in their daily lives.

In the United States we are blessed with the Second Amendment to the Constitution, affirming our God-given right to self defense, which we know as the right to keep and bear arms. State and federal laws and politicians might come and go, but as Americans, the right to armed self defense is coded into our DNA. Five politically-appointed black-robed Supremes cannot change the meaning of the 2nd Amendment: it was written in plain English so that we the people can understand it.

Today, in the face of a rising tide of Islamic jihad terrorism on top of the usual random assortment of homicidal maniacs, a well-armed citizenry is more important than ever. In 2016, GLEA employees who might take three hours to mount a “rescue” (and tag the bodies) are simply not a reliable part of our self-defense equation. By the time the SWAT breachers blow holes in the walls, hours too late, you and your family might already be dead. If the Second Amendment means anything, it means that we have the right to bear arms to protect ourselves, our families and our communities from armed terrorists or other violent lunatics. Police, politicians and judges cannot protect us: they can only respond after the fact, meaning, after we are dead.

State and local laws concerning the open and/or concealed carrying of firearms vary, but even where open carry is legal, many people prefer to carry concealed for their own reasons, and I will not attempt to change their minds. For folks who like to carry pistols inside their waistbands, or IWB, there are many fine options, and some of the best are leather and Kydex hybrid holsters. But let’s face it, IWB carry can be awkward and sometimes uncomfortable, and if you are a right-hander who carries on your strong side, this arrangement is a hassle when driving, with the seatbelt locked over your concealed pistol. But if you like IWB carry, great, carry on. What works for you, works for you.

But whether your pistol is carried inside or outside of your pants and belt, to qualify as concealed carry you still have to cover up the exposed parts of the gun and holster by wearing a loose untucked shirt or jacket over it. Lots of guys don’t mind that look, and a loud untucked Hawaiian shirt is also great for concealing an expanding waistline. But what if you are not an old guy with a beer gut? What if you are a slender guy or gal who wants to wear a form-fitting t-shirt, or even to go bare-chested or in a swimsuit around the beach or the resort? In that case, what are you going to carry concealed, inside of your clothing, other than perhaps a tiny .380 pocket pistol?

What if you want to dress for the heat, or to wear form-fitting clothes, but you still want to keep a serious pistol close at hand? Something that carries a double-digit load of major-caliber ammo? Some of my friends shove a compact double-stack down their crotch in a sling holster, and they swear by it. And if that works for you, great, but what if you don’t like your blaster aiming at the family jewels, or you find crotch carry too awkward or uncomfortable to consider? Not to mention, if you are of the feminine persuasion?

What if you don’t want to carry a chopped-off compact pistol at all, but you want the real thing, full size? Something with a grip big enough to grab with all of your fingers around it, that doesn’t try to buck out of your hand in rapid fire? I know some guys who “Mexican carry” full-size pistols, but only on an empty chamber. Another idea is to open-carry your major-caliber pistol, and then to untuck your shirt or throw on a light windbreaker when you decide to conceal it. My point is not to get into a pissing contest about the best ways to carry a concealed handgun. That’s for you to decide. But I would like to expand the options under your consideration to what some call “Off-Body-Carry,” which means carrying pistols in hard and soft cases, sling bags, messenger bags, fanny packs and so on.

In light of recent history I have named this option “Orlando Carry,” and not because half of the tourists seen in Rat Town are already laden down with every size, type and color of gear bag imaginable. I named it Orlando Carry because when the shit gets serious, you’re going to need a serious firearm, and plenty of ammo. And nothing is more serious than what went down inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last June.

Sneakypete (and some other holster manufacturers) have a very good external-carry option which will conceal many but not all pistols. I just ordered a Sneakypete for my S&W Shield 9mm, but that is still a compact pistol with a limited number of rounds on board.

Because I didn’t see anything like a Sneakypete for full-size pistols, but I like the overall concept, I decided to make my own prototype “maxi-Sneakypete” out of the materials I had on hand. My Frankenstein prototype is only meant to test the concept in public for a while, to gauge the reactions of civilians and GLEA employees. (If you were wondering, the exterior dimensions are six by eight by one and three-quarters inches.)




I’m sure a clever holster maker with superior materials handy can make something much better than my prototype on his first try. The cardboard box I started with simply fit the dimensions of my Springfield XD9, that’s the only reason why I chose it. I used the cardboard flaps as I found them, but a bigger top-opening flap like a Sneakypete might work better. I cut and glued the cardboard to hold my pistol securely even with the two side flaps open, then glued black denim material over it all. Common office staples held everything in place overnight while the glue set. Holster makers are encouraged to fabricate their own models from better materials. I think a Velcro-attached “tear down” external flap would be best, leaving the grip fully exposed with the pistol held in an interior Kydex holster and ready to draw.

If you think a soft case is the way to go, then just take a few pistol measurements and head to the electronics department of your local big-box store. There, you will find some iPad cases that will do the trick for transporting your preferred blaster and an extra mag or two while clipped to your belt. They will not be perfect holsters when you purchase them, but they are rectangular and they generally won’t show the outline of your concealed pistol. If the foam padding behind the fabric exterior is thin, then slide a piece of plastic inside across the bottom, and your pistol’s off-center muzzle won’t “print” at all. Dig a detergent bottle out of your recycling bin, and cut the plastic to fit. A spare mag might fit opposite the barrel, balancing the overall shape of the contents of the case.

Every modified zipper case holster situation will be a little different, so while you are in the big box store, head over to the fabric department near the sheets and pillows, and pick up some black “upholstery thread” and a pack of heavy-duty needles that can pull the thread through lots of layers of material. You can turn a zipper case into anything you want, if you have imagination, black upholstery thread, big-ass needles, some black Velcro tape and a few other odds and ends. The spring-steel belt clip from a rejected holster might find a new life on the back of your modified zipper case holster.

What I am trying to get at is this: don’t be afraid to customize your own Orlando Carry rig if you can’t find a commercially available product that meets your needs. In 2016, an ambiguous gadget case mounted on the hip is a typical part of the urban and suburban landscape. Concealed is concealed. The more varieties out there, the better for all of us.

These measurements can serve as a rough guide when you go shopping. A standard five-by-seven gadget case will contain a S&W Shield 9mm. A zipper case that is six by eight will conceal a full-size double-stack pistol like an XD9. You can work out the details to suit your pistol and your preferences.

If you feel the box or zipper case on your hip needs a bit of help in the camouflage department, you can obtain a sticker from a binoculars manufacturer. Or from a company that makes video cameras. Or just use an actual binoculars case as the starting point for a concealed pistol box. Or maybe your modified zipper case will already have a colorful Apple logo embroidered upon it. Or stick a red cross on it, and dangle an oxygen cannula tube out the side. Or just leave it basic black. It doesn’t matter. It’s up to you. Concealed is concealed.




Orlando Carry doesn’t only mean a box or a soft case hanging on the outside of your belt. Lots of companies make a variety of sling bags and even “active shooter” rigs adapted for carrying large pistols, extra mags, and other emergency gear. The “Safepacker” by is a flexible option that comes highly recommended. Maxpedition makes sling bags and belt cases for large pistols. Tactical Tailor sells the popular “Crossfire” rig. sells the “H.I.P.S.” (Hide In Plain Sight) rig that looks interesting. There are also fanny packs made for concealed carry with tear-away panels, (if you don’t mind wearing a fanny pack). I just ordered the very clever “Micro GunPak-1,” which presents as a small EMT-type belt pack that could not possibly conceal a large pistol, but does.

I’m not trying to steer anybody in one direction or another, but only to make folks aware that many carry options are available other than conventional IWB and OWB holsters. The Orlando Carry concept is meant to bridge the gap between the open carry of full-size pistols and spare magazines on your belt, and using conventional concealment holsters with pistols hidden beneath your clothing. To bridge the gap, and even to go beyond it. (In fact, several gear bag companies even make concealed carry cases for shorty carbines. But I’ll save concealing long guns for another day. Or you can take a look at this piece I wrote for Western Rifle Shooters a few years ago: “Just a working man with his tools.”)


Going back to side arms, in the old days before political correctness reared its ugly head, security professionals used to refer to these “concealed in plain sight” options for large pistols and sub-guns as “fag-bags.” While I doubt that the expression persists within GLEAs in this PC era, I think that we should grab the fag-bag concept with both hands and adopt it as our own. The more armed citizens that are out in public carrying serious firearms in a wide variety of non-traditional rigs, the better.

GLEA employee: “What have you got in there, mister?”

“Why, it’s my transgender Android case, officer. But it’s not the Android you’re looking for.”

GLEA employee: “What’s that mean? Like an iPad? It looks too fat for an iPad.”

“If you must know, officer, it’s my Orlando bag. What, do you hate gays? Are you homophobic?”

GLEA employee: “No, I’m not homophobic. But I think you have a gun in there.”

“Think whatever you like, officer. But after Orlando and San Bernardino and Fort Hood and Nice and a lot of other places, I really don’t give a damn what you think is in there. But I know one thing for sure: I’m never going to wait for three hours until a good guy with a gun shows up. Not while people are bleeding to death, no sir. And do you know why not? Because there will already be a good guy with a gun right there when the bad shit goes down. No disrespect, officer, but we civilians can’t afford to just sit around for three hours bleeding to death, while your bosses scratch their asses and ponder their options.”

This is the bottom line: our armed self defense is up to us, it’s not up to GLEA employees. If that wasn’t clear before Orlando and Nice, it should be now. So carry the self-defense tools that you decide to carry, the way that you decide to carry them, when and where you decide to carry them. And that means thinking outside of conventional IWB and OWB holster options.

Now, since I’m using the Orlando massacre in the Pulse nightclub as my predicate, I’m sure that some readers will point out that firearms and alcohol should not be mixed, and for the most part, they would be right. But please bear in mind that the off-duty but in-uniform GLEA employee paid to protect the nightclub’s patrons seems to have—ahem—stepped outside for a breath of air shortly after exchanging shots with Omar Mateen at the outset of the massacre. So much for depending on armed, paid GLEA employees to do the heavy lifting at crunch time. Remember, it’s your life. Not his.

So how do we preclude bars and clubs that serve alcohol from automatically being disarmed-victim death traps like the Pulse club? Simple. Encourage sober designated drivers to pack heat by offering them non-alcoholic beverages and snacks gratis while they are sheep-dogging the friends they delivered to said bar or club. Plenty of social circles contain folks who choose not to imbibe alcohol for their own personal reasons. Any bars or clubs that recognize and reward DD-CCWs will go a long way to ensuring that the next Omar Mateen picks a less-enlightened venue down the block for his target. If your state or local laws currently forbid CCW in bars and clubs, change the laws to provide an exception for alert and sober DD-CCWs. Just a thought.

And as far as other places that still prohibit CCW, use your own judgment.

Remember: it’s your life.

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  1. Mike Bishop


    The “tablet case” is pure genius.

    If you’re not a working shmoe, and Tennis is more your thing…

    • Bill Harzia

      Great idea! just make sure you know enough about tennis to answer rudimentary questions about the sport. And don’t wear your III%er T-shirt with it.

      Camouflage is not a pattern, it’s a mindset. I think I read that here…

      • Mike Bishop

        Camouflage is absolutely a mindset.

        Most full-sized pistols wIll fit inside a lunch box.

        For anyone with a non-permissive employer.

        Should things get stupid, will the CEO personally fast-rope in to catch a bullet for you in an act of heroic protection?

        Pack deep, and keep your lip zipped.

      • Softball bat bags work really well, too. It doesn’t hurt that I’m seen at a local batting cage every once in a while, either.

    • My Pelican has a Yamaha Motif vinyl wrap. Just a keyboard player going to a gig.

      • Matt Bracken

        The keyboard’s pelican case, with the Yamaha stickers.That’s beautiful. Wow. Just beautiful.

    • For those who have them in your area, Sport Systems is going out of business and everything is deeply discounted. You might be able to find a carry bag there for a decent price.

  2. I just drop my Bobcat in my right front pocket and a couple mags in the left.
    I used to have a concealed carry permit until I found out that if I get pulled for a traffic violation the boot already knows I may be carrying. Knowing I may be armed may make him trigger happy, forcing me to kill him/her.

    I don’t need the headaches so I let the permit go.
    Besides, nobody gets to tell me what I can have at anytime.
    Nobody. Period.

    4 words that all of them better learn and soon:

    “…shall not be infringed…”


    • FrozenPatriot

      I used to hold a gub’ment permission slip too, until I started reading and learning. Now I keep my carry permit behind bulletproof glass at the national archives. Even my permission-slip-loving friends think I don’t carry, which means that I’ve adequately concealed things…

  3. One more thing. There were taverns in the 18th century and the 2nd amendment doesn’t mention them.

    You only get one life and nobody gets to tell you how to live it, that’s YOUR natural right and responsibility alone.

    For reference see: Lysander Spooner

    • “Guns and alcohol don’t mix.”

      This is a common-sense guideline, not a command to sacrifice your life. As long as people understand they are responsible for what happens, and just leave the damn gun in the holster when having a beer, that’s good enough. Getting shit-faced is not advisable.

      • When I was young, my friends and myself would wait around till closing time and pick out the drunks who would later get the shit kicked out of them in the parking lot… Ah the memories…

        Go ahead, drink, be merry, just remember there are those who will be waiting for you “outside” ready to have some fun themselves.


        • Wow mister! That’s almost as cool as glaring at kids at McDonald’s.
          I’m still turning over the breaking bread statement. A while back a ginger Napoleon used that same term with some frequency in regards to Pat H and patcons. Back when they were a newer idea
          And before he shit in the nest

          Tendencies, patterns and things

          • Dry up and blow away you dirt ball.

            • I’m not aware of the geography involved and I think you’re approximately ten years apart. But you could have had a “friendly” mailman. Or your dad might have been Charles Kuralt

  4. I like that photo of the WILSON bag but I think the 223 is underpowered. I have an AK Pistol that uses a proven cartridge. Time to shop for a tennis racquet bag.

    • A buddy of mine keeps a 300 blk pistol in a bag similar to a racquet bag- brightly colored, it looks like it could be carrying all sorts of sport gear and he can carry it pretty much everywhere without raising eyebrows.

  5. Matt, that is a really great essay.
    I find Mexican carry the most suitable, I’m a rather big guy, so a full size 45XD works well. But your other points and ideas are surely viable options. Any weapon carried any style is the best option bar none. You have a lot of excellent ideas and observations. Your Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy is chockablock full of useful stuff.

    FYI Matt, when you published your duplex AR mag technique, I tried it like it and have run it since. The fast mag change qualities really shines in live fire combat courses. It is astounding how much quicker I am able to get back on the trigger in comparison to my battle buddies having to reach for a reload out of a pouch. 3-5 seconds with the duplex back on the trigger.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      What did he say? 2 mags taped together thing? I missed his essay on this.

      • 60 rounds ready to go 24/7. It’s not like those mag clamp systems, this method configures two 30 rounders in a V. It really works swell. It’s simple, and basically free to construct. Have the same duplexed mags for I think at 4 years now.
        You can keep a few extra around, like in your vehicles, house, shop. Then you have grab and go extra duplexed mags, they are easy to shove one side of the duplex in your back pocket, through a belt loop or ala inside the pants, presto an extra 60 rounds, gives you 120 rounds all ready no fussing with and other gear or rigs. You have to be ready for all contingencies. It is not improbable you may find yourself in circumstances where all you have time for is grabbing your rifle.

        • Yep. I put together several, also. They work great, too. I’ve found on my older ones that duct tape has a service life. After so long, exposed to cleaning fluids and the elements, it starts to fail. It’s good to pull the tape off after so long and replace it. I find the Gorilla duct tape is about the best.

          • Ten four on the service life of the tape. Good point about the Gorilla tape too, I found it works well also. Matts suggestion of using silicone caulk helps keep the offside mag from sagging the little bit it will if only using tape, if you keep your rifle standing on its butt.

            All and all, I couldn’t be happier how the duplex mags work.

          • I’ll have to try this but I’d use Gorilla Tape.
            It was used on two older vehicles and survived over a year on each one.

  6. doubletrouble

    That all makes a lot of sense. Ergo, it’ll never happen.

  7. That sort of rig would cause attention in my AO. Not to worry, it’s a big country with numerous options for discrete carry of a pistol.

    Dale Fricke is making a “deep” appendix inside waistband rig, anchored by one belt loop. Send him a pic of where the pistol is to set re your belt, he will set it at the right height. A deep appendix carry requires a practiced clawing motion to pick the gun, it’s slower than straight-on AIWB but has its advantages also. Mine buries most of the butt of a G43 below the waistband. Although it is not a “tuckable” type, pulling up the t-shirt some will drape it over a small pistol. As usual, YMMV.

    Bracken’s statement about peoples’ builds (obesity) causing problems for carry options is certainly true. Most all of the above affected are capable of a change in waistline. Best to get crackin’ on that before SerejavoUSA-style brings the caloric change to you in a hurry.

    My employer was generous re tool bags last Christmas. Husky brand toolbags, Chicom but decent stuff. It was a grab what you want giveaway. I chose a larger size. It carries well an AKM sidefolder and more mags than a person would want to carry. In a a bag immediately recognized as a toolbag. (Shades of a Bracken article re mods to a plastic sawsall box to carry a separated AR and mags.)

    With a hardhat, safety vest or orange t-shirt, a toolbag and maybe even a clipboard, a person can truly be somebody or nobody. The ability to project presence is always a plus.

    • My line of work let’s me get into all sorts of places that is out of reach for anyone else without a lot of hassle…It has its benefits outside of work too…

    • Grenadier1

      I sing the praise of Dale Fricke, The man makes good gear.
      Use the Zac myself and I frequently transfer the pistol from Appendix to a Maxpedition bag to a laptop bag. The zac never comes off the trigger guard.

    • People have different bod types and have to figure out what works for theirs, one can always dress around a large frame pistol, a guayabera or hawaiian shirt with wavy patterns can make printing disappear.

      But more tight clothing I really had to brainstorm….Deep AIWB carry I found is best for tight form fitting shirts or summer wear for max concealment, as you stated the gun butt is about even or a hair above the belt line. I actually use a cheap nylon holster Uncle Mikes or Blackhawk for such a role with a Glock 19 or Glock 42, I don’t use the belt tab; of course need a wide thick tight belt to hold in place. Deeper concealment, slower access, I’ve also observed the necessary “clawing” motion to sweep gun in the hand, get a proper grip then usual draw. Really just one more half second movement.

      Thumbs up on tool bag thanks for mentioning~

  8. lol

    permits are for law-abiding civilians…

    I’m a free man. i don’t need no permission slips.

  9. It is nothing short of amazing what can be carried in a 17″ notebook computer carrying case. My urban camouflage carrying case currently contains a Kel-Tec PLR-16 (essentially a gas piston operated AR pistol), THREE Kel-Tec SUB-2000 folding pistol caliber carbines, a Kel-Tec PMR-30 pistol and a Glock 20 full size 10mm pistol, with lots of magazines for all of these. There is probably enough room to add a couple of more handguns. Of course, that’s a ridiculous amount to carry for defensive purposes. This is my small arms range bag, and when I get to the range the effect is similar to clowns climbing out of the clown car at the circus. If you’re already carrying a notebook PC anyway, or you carry any sort of briefcase for work, this should give you some ideas.

    There are concealed carry purses that are a great way for women to carry any size handgun they’d like, securely, and quickly available if needed. If you’re a college student, there are backpacks with a full sized panel that divides the main compartment into two sections, with a padded and reasonably hidden compartment next to the wearer’s back that is intended for a small notebook computer but it would be a great place to conceal a defensive firearm. There are MANY possibilities.

    The first rule of any gunfight is… have a gun. As we’ve seen too many times lately, it’s not much of a fight otherwise.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on ETC., ETC., & ETC..

  11. A hollowed out Koran is just about the right size…
    As long as some well intentioned friend doesn’t pee on it.

  12. Here is another item that may be of interest
    Here is a video of it

  13. Scott Thorsen

    Nice job. Well stated.

  14. European American

    Any one have proof many, or even one died in Orlando?

    • right. A country full of .gov “gun-free” zones, thousands of sandniggers (and other niggers, and spics, and White crazies) running around with guns….but nobody gets shot. And

      “there were no planes on 9/11”

  15. colddeadhandsdays

    I live in the Orlando area and I work in entertainment. This I’m operating in places that serve alcohol as well as food many times. I have and NEVER will be unarmed while working. I do not drink alcohol so that’s not an issue but the law regarding even carrying in these places can be ambiguous at best. I couldn’t give a shit. I’m armed. ALWAYS. Smaller pocket gun on me with 2 extra magazines and larger gun within arms reach in my gear case. Bracken is correct. Time to get serious. Suarez is correct as well. Train for COF shots. That’s how I’ve been training for the past 5 years.

  16. Surprisingly, not in Bracken’s narrative nor in the comments, did I read any mention of an ankle holster. Certainly one cannot effectively conceal a bazooka on their ankle. However, if nothing more the ankle holstered weapon provides a backup to that tennis racket case containing your primary. Also, as Bracken cites appendix carry difficulties, imagine reaching for your ankle-holstered pistol while seated in your vehicle. Too simple.

    Consider ankle holster carry whether for primary or BUG. A SIG P938 works well as does a Glock 43. However, a compact .45 is just as doable.

    In keeping with Bracken’s thoughts about using a tablet-sized case, consider such an item as the SAFEPACKER. This item and very good ankle holsters may be found at or another excellent ankle holster product may be found at

    There are lots of options out there. But whatever you do, practice ! And….



      Dan III: An ankle holster is okay for a second or third gun. I would not recommend it for your primary concealed-carry handgun. If you have to move quickly and/or jog out of harm’s way, the weight and lopsided nature of the beast will hinder your movements. If you bend down to get the gun, it involves a two-step procedure of pulling up your trouser leg and then grabbing the gun. You will get shot in the head or upper torso. That happened to a good friend of mine. And, if you bump into a barrier or piece of furniture, the gun can pop out and go skittering along the floor or down an escalator. Been there, done that.
      I would caution anyone on this site to practice on your own with whatever device you are using to carry concealed. Make sure your magazine/cylinder is unloaded, put in some snap caps, and then do your thing. I did it when I carried every day as a Peace Officer. I still practice deploying my Chief’s Special from my right front pants pocket. Stay safe. Bleib ubrig.

      • ***Dan III: An ankle holster is okay for a second or third gun. I would not recommend it for your primary concealed-carry handgun. *** Dweezil, Dan and Matt: An even better use for the ankle rig is as a nice place to carry additional magazines. They’re flat and have no grip to project, so actually carry better there than a 2nd/3rd handgun strapped to the leg.

      • Mr. Weasel,

        I concur it’s better as a secondary location. However, when compared to a bag hanging off one’s shoulder I believe an ankle holster has the shoulder bag beat. All it takes is some dirtbag with a sharp knife to run up behind you, grab the shoulder strap and SLICE ! Bag is gone.

        Mr. W….there are many variables to carrying. I don’t even notice the P938 on my ankle (BUG). But the appendix carry Glock or XD45 Is a constant reminder of what a PITA it is to carry. Nevertheless, I carry.

        Thanks for your comments. I always enjoy reading your thoughts and wisdom.


          You are truly welcome, sir. To quote Tiny Tim: God Bless us all, everyone.” Stay safe and alert, my fellow patriots.

  17. Readers,

    I double-downed on my suggestion for the Safepacker by after Bracken had already suggested it. My apology for the redundancy.

  18. Well said Mr. Bracken. Arming the ‘Good Guy’ is the 1st step to stopping the ‘Bad Guy’ from completing their intents on the rest of society. Waiting for LEOs to show up is not good enough.

    Did anyone take responsibility for making that decision in Orlando to wait the three hours before going in ? Someone had to make that call.

    • Matt Bracken

      Things we’ll never know for at least 20 years: How many of the 49 bled to death during the three hours? How many were killed by the explosive breaching directly through masonry walls into the bathrooms where the living were huddled? How many were killed by “friendly fire” from their rescuers?

  19. I have one of the tennis cases for my KSG, works great for going to and from the range.
    Just a side not to the article, Florida has a no gun and alcohol law. Basically, you can not carry in any place that serves alcohol

    • “Basically, you can not LEGALLY carry in any place that serves alcohol”

      There, fixed it for ya. For some reason, people get into this mindset that passing a law controls the behavior of others.

  20. Stay the hell out of bars or places that exclude your weapons.

    Out here we don’t have to many bars, no night clubs and thank God for it. We light a bonfire on the back end of a field and 50 people will show up. out of the 50, plenty of rifles and shotguns, just in case and no need for concealment. Outsiders have to vouched in by someone who is known and accepted.

    To hell with the cities. Let them burn.

    • no, i am sorry; but i will not limit where i wish to go because of rules and laws. i’ve got a knife on me almost all the time. it’s not going to beat a gun but i don’t hang around places muzzies or black lives matter losersare likely wanting to hit.

  21. No need to go armed! As shown in the pulse: when seconds count, the Orlando PD is only 3 hours away. People bled out while the OPD dithered. I don’t care what it says on the door; when I go to the mall I carry.

  22. Matt Bracken

  23. Progressive force concepts ballistic off body bag.

    • Matt Bracken

      The BOBB looks like a tremendous idea, I might get one, but I just bought a few others yesterday and my wife is getting wise to it. I might have to wait a few days to hide it better.

      • I was just in FL for a week. Carried a g19 AIWB most of the time. I can appreciate the need for an “off body” solution.

    • Wow, this is badass, forwarding to the clan, thanks for posting sir

  24. I used to be concerned about such things as ‘printing’ when I carried but now days I don’t much care. In hot summer months I drop a J-frame in my pocket. I carry a P-229 IWB, or OWB depending on my mood at the moment. I have a CCW permit to cover me. I carry everywhere and I don’t give a rats behind about ‘no weapons allowed’ zones. Eff that.

  25. Garry F. Owen, Trooper

    Camelbak used to make their Daemon backpack. It had a plastic shelf accessible from the back that I would carry a full size xd. 45 and two extra mags. The hard corners of the plastic wore holes in the exterior, so I replaced it with a Vertx messenger bag. Sling carry without rows of molle on the outside, zippered panel (quieter than velcro) and I’m backed up by a bulletproof clipboard for the bi-directional shooting range.

  26. Anon-y-mouse

    I carry a Maxpedition GTG Versapack in black (camo, goes anywhere, upscale or camping, without drawing attention) as my “terse” (tactical man purse). Enough room for my wallet papers, checkbooks, mini kindle, S&W 40 + 2 mags (all fully loaded), credit cards, etc, etc. It’s somewhat of a heavy load, but carries well on the shoulder pad. Maxpedition has several Fatboy/Versapack styles for under $60.

  27. If you want to carry that’s your right. If you carry and argue with a cop in the 21st century you will probably get shot. Even if you DON’T argue with a cop and do every thing they say they might just kill you anyway. Getting killed by a terrorist is a one in 500 million chance. The odds on Getting shot by a mass shooter is a one in 50 million. The odds of having a cop shoot you without provocation is one in 500. You are more likely to be attacked and injured without provocation by “law enforcement” than you are by EVERY OTHER VIOLENT GROUP IN THE WORLD– COMBINED. Even IF you have a firearm(or not) and are in a place where a mass shooter/terrorist pops up. The police are just as likely to shoot YOU as they are anyone else. Just remember that the “law enforcer” IS NOT there to protect or “rescue” ANYONE. He is there to “enforce” the power of the state and FORCE your compliance. Even if you obey every order he might kill you. He is under no obligation to you. He works for the state. You are nothing to him.

    • Ray, check your math. The US population is 320 million. If “The odds of having a cop shoot you without provocation is one in 500”, that would equate to 640,000 cop shootings. Actually less than 75,000 shootings happen each year INCLUDING those WITH provocation. The number ‘without provocation’ would be much smaller.

      • The “math” on all shootings is suspect at best, propaganda driven at worst. 250,000 people die of medical mistakes every year. A million every 4 years. Ponder it, and go pt to stay healthy.

  28. Sort of on topic.
    Buddy of mine and I used to hit the range back when ammo was cheap.

    One day while loading up, the hot barely 20 year old neighbor in the apartment across the way spotted me carrying a couple rifle cases.

    “Oh, wow, I didn’t know you were in a band!”
    She thought they were guitars.

    Camouflage isn’t always what you do, it can sometimes be what other people see you do…or think they see.

  29. I have worked in the IT industry nearly my entire life and have several computer bags of various types. The majority of the bags have two center compartments but I generally only carry one laptop. Went down to a hobby shop and bought a sheet of vacuform abs. laid the gun, two clips and some rudimentary cleaning tools down and formed the abs over them. Whipped out exacto knife and trimmed the abs down for access. Glued the abs to cardboard ala Bracken, back covered in canvas.

    Placing the ‘holster’ in empty bag compartment the butt of the gun and clips are available to me but one zipper pull away, accessible from the top of the bag. Even better when you consider that a computer bag is perfect urban concealment.

    • Your “clips” are almost certainly magazines, and not clips. Proper terminology is important if you don’t want to be mistaken for someone who knows not of what he speaks.

  30. Centurion_Cornelius

    Thanks, Matt, great article and thanks men all for your tips-above.

    Re: open vs. concealed carry. You might do a little legal research or ask a lawyer buddy about “prudent man carry.” My state has case law and a statute which allows CCW for “a reasonable and prudent business person carrying, transporting day’s receipts/cash…” so rather than beg BIG GOV for my God-given rights, I keep a few Franklins tucked in the wally with a bank deposit slip and I am ALWAYS on the way to/from the bank to “deposit cash” of my small flea market business.

    This made more sense to me since our state’s largest newspaper had the nasty habit of weekly publishing the names/addresses of CCW permit seekers in the tri-county area.

    • Question; Err, what the state do you live in? That’s the most “amazing” thing I’ve heard since that one county in NY state published a Google Map showing the location of every gun owner in their county.

  31. RE: “maxi-Sneakypete”

    What is that? Why that’s my Iphone 10 Plus Case. Wait for the flash….

  32. This is very similar to a maxpedition bag, they go on sale occasionally, I got mine for $30.

  33. Only one problem: FL law, if a place serves alcohol, no firearms allowed, even with a CCL. Many bars and nightclubs ‘frisk’ patrons at entry.

  34. In addition to the Maxpedition bags – of which there are many – you can find ‘Mockspedition’ bags at various places online, for around 20% of the price – that have the same basic layout, less nice craftsmanship, and less nice materials.

    Searching for ‘Maxpedition clone’ might save you a few bucks.

  35. Marlo Stanfield

    Those people inside that club were so deep into Condition White, that when the gunman opened up they thought it was part of the act. Makes you wonder what kinds of shows they are used to watching. This lack of awareness has fucked France in the ass since WW1,WW2, Cold War, Indochina. On the Riviera, what were these peoples minds when the truck comes barreling thru? Maybe first 50-100 yards, but after that people should have been bailing. Party chemicals could have played a part. But I think the problem lies with people who are Teletubbies. They don’t read gun books, go to gun shows, take self defense classes. They have drank the Kool-Aid. Best we can do is stay away from them. There are wolves out there who will keep targeting them in order to further their cause. Target the wolves and those who sent them. The only thing a Teletubbie can do is distract you and get you killed.   | Concerned American posted: “The latest from Matt Bracken:Orlando Carryby Matt BrackenThe Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando taught millions of ordinary citizens something very important. It confirmed for us that seventeen years after the Columbine massacre, we can sti” | |

  36. I agree with everything in the article except the premise. Orlando was another hoax, same as Sandy Hook and all the others. Early indications are no policeman die in Dallas, also, but it hasn’t been looked at carefully enough to be sure.

    Almost all of the ‘gun massacres’ have been manufactured news, with the full connivance of MSM, especially that sleeze Anderson Cooper. If he is on the scene, you KNOW.

    • yes, isn’t it a shame. Such a peaceful country we are. And

      “there were no planes on 9/11”

      “thinkingfreedom” = Hasbara

      now go collect your $2.39 for commenting

  37. Mark Matis

    I would hope that those of you who have told how you carry understand that this web site most likely has a FedPig snoop straddling it and feeding its owners the IP address and text from every post you attempt, regardless of whether CA puts it online or not. And FedPig don’t give a damn about whether or not they have a warrant…

  38. And besides with that “fag bag” carrying a M1911A1 you do not need to shoot anyone, you can beat the crap out of him with that 30 oz. of steel of the M1911A1 inside the “fag bag”. Back when men were men and not PC, it does works.

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    Sheepdog! Are you prepared? Are you carrying? Everywhere?

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  41. A folding chair bag, the kind for camping or lazy summer days at the park, can hold an AK/AR pistol with “brace” (not stock by golly!), an SBR or other folding stock goodies.

  42. A simple messenger styled bag works too, particularly in urban yuppies areas. A fees co even make them for ccw

  43. michael sheedy