Herschel: What Not To Do


Shoot a therapist. Shoot a dog.


At least the officers went home at the end of their shifts.

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  1. The Usual Suspect

    Well, they don’t appear to be learning any lesson at all.
    Mores the pity.
    ” The shootings will continue until the morale improves “

  2. Virgil Kane

    “I’m saying, ‘Sir, why did you shoot me?’ and his words to me were, ‘I don’t know.’”

    • What he said was “I don’t know”. What he MEANT was “Fuck you peasant, I don’t fear the consequences of my actions because there are no consequences attached to my actions”. So, the taxpayers will be on the hook for a huge monetary settlement, again and nothing will change. Gee, that’ll learn him.


        The protocol for officer involved shootings demands blood be drawn from the officer to check for drugs, alcohol, etc. His response of “…I don’t know” may just mean he is in shock. Or, he is loaded on steroids or SSRI-type drugs. I am sure North Miami PD will make all findings transparent. NOT!

  3. Yea but there is still many here that think it’s just a few bad apples… You have to wonder why someone would want to be one in the first place… I think it all comes down to wanting to be the big dog in town and having that control over other people’s lives…Now you cops out there are going to justify what you do by saying that you just wanted to help people and keep them safe and I’m going to have to say bullshit… If you really wanted to help people and keep them safe you could’ve been a lineman…Ask anyone on the street if they would rather do without a cop or without electricity and I would say the majority if not all would say without a cop… Would the USA fall apart faster without cops or without electricity I think we all know the answer to that…Electricity keeps people far safer than a cop ever could…Also a lineman has better pay, better medical, better pensions so the only reason I can think of that you would want to be a cop is you don’t get to have control over people and be able to shoot them on a whim…But I guess my job is more dangerous so there is that…

    • outlawpatriot

      In the beginning, you had a sheriff. A single individual. If he needed help, he call on the local militia.

      Pretty much how it should work in my estimation. Might need some tweaks here and there with regard to today, but that should be the base line. 🙂

  4. Wasn’t there somebody on this site just defending these retarded slugs?
    Couldn’t have been, nobody can that brainwashed and delusional.

    • That was me. I’m ok with defending good cops and telling you clearly I believe there are some left. You can slam me all you want. It’s ok, it’s your right.

      You seem to have an agenda around the cops. I don’t think that meme helps our cause, in fact I think we need to reach out to the good ones or at least leave the door open. But I guess you wan’t to just paint everyone the same and kill em all huh? Let me know how that works out.

      Now go ahead and tell me what a retard I am. I’ll say a prayer for you.

      • I agreed with you my friend. There are a large number of idiots on this site who seem to think that they can live without law enforcement. They would be the first ones to haul butt if the SHTF. As an armed citizen I would stand with any LEO who needed help until he proves unworthy of my support.

        • Oh HORSESHIT. You’re the first one to be bitch slapped and put on the street corner sucking dick for the cops beer money. Get your head out the cops ass and take a breath. You FOOL!

          preston? hehehehehe

      • OK. I will. You’re a retard.

        Not because of what your opinion is of the corruption filled sores the Poo Poo are, but because I wasn’t referring to you. It was some “have no other marketable skills” trigger puller who left the service and now finds his jollies bullying fellow citizens around and who thinks the poLICE problem in this country is contained to a small percentage of bad apples. 3 years ago, I had a bad encounter with one of these ‘bad apples’. I contacted the Sheriff and let him know about it. After that, he invited me to get involved in making my township a safer place. I passed the background checks and volunteered to help out my community. I started riding along with some deputies to get acquainted with permitted watch patrol procedures and, well, it didn’t take long for me to see what the boys with badges are all about – mainly themselves and other badges. I can say with absolute certainty, DO NOT trust any cop, at any time, for any reason… They will throw you under the bus as soon as it is expedient for them to do so. If you aren’t wearing a badge, you aren’t in the gang. PERIOD. Go ahead and kiss their ass and suck their badge, power tripping psychopaths eat that shit up.

        and to preston- what a queer name your parents saddled you with.

        YOU may need the cops, but, strong men do not. Now go run behind a brave offisker so he can save your weasel ass.

        • That is your choice and despite your need to insult anyone who disagrees with it, I defend your right to say you hate cops and that we’re all retardedbeermoneybadgedicksuckers unless we hate all cops like you ? I personally have met and known cops that were good. They met me under circumstances that well, were not what everyone would call ideal and some would have had weapons drawn. And yet here I stand, proof that you are wrong to paint with such a broad brush. Are their bad cops? Yes without a doubt (watch “The Five Seven” if you have doubts or read about Epolito and Carracappa.

          It does no good to our cause to alienate potential trigger pullers on both sides. Since you already have your squad filled out, you’re GTG. Party on garth.

          • It’s settled then. You have chosen your side.

            What’s it feel like to be the kings loyalist?

            Now go snitch on your neighbor- you know, the one who owns an “illegal” gun and polish your buddy’s boots – you know, the one who has “traitor” pinned on his shirt. You’re a tool.

  5. America is like Nazi Germany, complete with a Nazi Police State. Even here in the Redoubt a report of ‘woman in her home and suicidal’ brought not the woman’s Pastor but a SWAT armored vehicle. The SWAT leader fired 15 shots. Most shots hit his own armored vehicle but sadly some hit the woman. She just wanted to be left alone. Yes she was armed. That’s what we do here. She went to hospital in critical condition. Sniper Charlie got two months off with pay. What a country! Gov. determined ‘policy followed’. Charges against woman were dropped.

    Much like ‘DNR’ bracelets, Americans need to be able to post ‘Gov. Do Not Enter’ signs at their homes. We will take responsibility for our choices. It’s called liberty.

  6. colddeadhandsdays

    Exactly. Well I cannot condone killing innocent police department policy is across the board completely anti-liberty entire American as far as I’m concerned. And I can’t blame anyone for going after any police or anyone in general that would shoot a family dog or burst in the wrong house and kill a family member. I personally would have my vengeance on a personal level if someone did me wrong like that.. And in my life I have.

    • But would you come to the aid of one who did shoot a cop because of what you mentioned… If they knew, that there would be consequences to their shooting of innocents whether that be dogs, kids, the elderly, loved ones etc and if their Brothers in Blue wouldn’t be able to assist them because of well armed Patriot’s standing guard well then they might become more civil and stop shooting at whim…

  7. You can’t make this shit up. America is delusional.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Steve Kristmann

    As Francis W. Porretto replied to the original post on the site:
    “If you have a dog…or a cat…or a loved one…or would like to live to a ripe old age, avoid all interaction with the police. Police who kill beloved pets — or family members — face no discipline in the majority of cases, despite a complete lack of substantiation of their claims of imminent harm. And they have become very quick to shoot.

    The time when the policeman was “your friend” is past and gone.”

    He/She was NEVER your ‘friend’.
    Cops are nothing more than the dirty arm of the parasite class.
    and the even dirtier arm of their enablers, the ‘voters’.

    They have no legitimacy and are nothing more than
    gangbangers wearing overpriced halloween costumes
    and living off stolen goods (‘taxes’).

    They and their enablers can all FOAD!

    Yours In Liberty w/o any fucking thugs and parasites!
    North Gunner III

  10. Uncle Larry

    Worked as a mental health counselor for awhile. Years ago. One of the patients was a guy that was so angry all the time that he would get into imaginary arguments when there was nobody to fight with. He said he would catch himself yelling out loud when no one was there. He started yelling in public, until the men in the white coats and butterfly nets got him. , Sound familiar to anyone here?

  11. This isn’t a problem.
    Either disband all armed patrols in the first place, or simply disarm the cops.
    I’m fine with either choice, and happy with whatever happens as a result.
    States with the most restrictive CCWs will suffer the most, hastening the final end of their idiocy. Most states and cities would do just fine.
    It would also cull bad guys out of the mix at a prodigious rate, as armed citizens have lawfully dispatched a multiple of the number of actual bad guys whacked by the cops, in any year since people have kept those statistics, IIRC.

    As a bonus, this also disarms the idiots carping for gun control because “OH NOES! The Cops Are Outgunned!”
    (Whereupon you inform the gun-fearing wussies “Yes, isn’t that wonderful? That’s a feature, not a bug.”)

    They can send out unarmed clipboard commandos until the cows come home.