Our Experts Know Nothing


And their clients – the venal scum in the administrative and elected positions – know less.

Go ahead and vote at that.

Good luck.

(H/t Maggie’s Farm)

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • For the greater good and for the children. Lets hope the handful of people in MA that still have brains…and spines say “no!”.

  2. “Americans are governed by politicians who see fit to reimagine entire sectors of our economy and, indeed, our lives despite having little, if any, experience in the areas of life they seek to reform wholesale. ”

    And that is EXACTLY the issue we face. Can you say ‘community organizer’?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The whole point of being an elite is that you are, by virtue of your position, always right. Even if you were capable of being wrong, you’d still be right. The universe follows your dictates, not the other way ’round.

      • Steve Kristmann

        A more apt description of a diabolical narcissist (DN)
        couldn’t be spoken (h/t to Ann Barnhardt). It also
        goes without saying that you find DN’s also being
        sociopaths and kleptomaniacs. And they freely
        use gangbangers clothed in overpriced halloween
        costumes who murder us, our family members, our
        friends, and our pets without any meaningful penalties.

        There are those here who’ve howled that if there
        were no laws, no ‘law enforcers’ or gov that there
        would be only anarchy and bloody chaos. I have
        a word for them, we already have bloody chaos
        across America and it is BECAUSE we have ‘gov’.
        All ‘gov’ is is a group of people who believe that they
        have legitimacy (and therefore a mandate) to threaten
        people and steal their property and defraud them through
        virtually every ‘welfare’ program that exists and agency
        that’s in existance.

        So, if one wants more of the same, keep voting.
        Your would be masters need you to bow as you
        lick their ballots in obedience.

        I choose anarchy…I choose Freedom!

        Yours In Liberty!
        NorthGunner III


    So true. There are definitely parallels between modern Amerika and the Amerika Rand described in Atlas Shrugged.

  4. Wonder if that general is aware of what an azzclown he looks like.
    He should get a corporal to carry around a cigar box with his fruit salad in it.

  5. Don’t think it will follow like the book, but for now, a lot of what goes on in politics is excruciatingly like Atlas Shrugged, and may cause wide spread hunger, even starvation, in a land formerly of plenty. Agriculture, the basis and sustenance of all civilizations, in our time, is based on petroleum production and use. There is no way of getting around this. We cannot go back to the old way of agriculture without a 9/10 reduction in population. For those of you pondering this, it includes virtually all meat production and distribution as well. Very few people seem to “get” this. Our govt. at every level is screwing around with petroleum production and distribution, in ways that are eventually going to produce catastrophe. From the time any major food production even begins, until it winds up on your table, it is completely dependent on petroleum in some form to get there, and there are dozens of weak links. If broken, the chain can be restored, but by the time that happens, millions will have starved to death. Our experts not only know nothing, they are playing with fire, and giggling. Keep in mind, the elite that believes themselves to be so, will be happy to keep and eat what IS available in a fucked up food situation, and watch you starve, until things get back on track. It would only take about four months. And most of us will be gone by then. What happens, comrades, when they decide to use food as a weapon?Very little force is needed, to control a man who always hungry.

    • A garden is a revolutionary act.

    • What you point out is not a ‘future’ but reality for Venezuela. People are eating cats and dogs and the army has been tasked with protecting food supplies.

    • the Judeo-globalists intend to starve the countryside and feed the cities. Just like they did in the Ukraine, 1929-33

      • Jimmy the Saint

        And some other guys did 1941-1943. Granted, the cities that were fed that time around weren’t in the Ukraine, but the same premise applied.

      • Food is grown in the countryside, by people who live in the countryside. Do you imagine the Army taking over driving the trucks the harvest combines fill up, and getting more than a mile down the road? How many Army members in how many trucks and helicopters would it take to protect how many miles of Midwestern roads against attacks on the Army’s food convoys by furious people who live in the countryside? Please work this out as a war college problem.

        Those 20th century Communist victims were pacifists who voluntarily gave up their guns upon command, but that isn’t how Connecticut reacted to gun registration in 2014. I think this time around, the countryside with the big areas between nodes in the control grid will do better than the cities with cameras on every street intersection.

    • http://www.polyfacefarms.com/ may have something useful to say about that.

  6. The knowledge vacuum in the administrative state is BY DESIGN.

    1) For those issuing commands the lack of knowledge is the avenue of ‘plausible deniability’ desired for political cover.
    2) For the minions who have to carry out the commands the lack of knowledge assures that the commands issued are carried out robotically without complaint or censure.

  7. colddeadhandsdays

    And yet none of them hang or suffer consequences whatsoever…

  8. Michael is an attorney in Washington DC for the U.S. government, and a 2002 graduate of Harvard Law School……….how the heck is that a engineering degree ?copied from the end of said article