Porretto: A New Commandment

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Fran goes there.


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  1. King started to go there, but when the host asked “Than white people?” he backed down. But it was a start.

    • My thought exactly. It’s a start toward truth. As to a race war incited by blacks, I really like our chances. Bring it Al.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. fight for #WesternCivilisation #MenOfTheWest

    • Jimmy the Saint

      From the upcoming movie “Zulu 2 – Apologies and Assegais” – the battle song of the 24th Regiment of Foot:

      Men of pallor, stand we guilty
      It cannot be ever said we
      Of evils great did not a-plenty
      And so must now always yield.

  4. Doubleextraplusgoodunfuck of the “narrative!”

    Having the courage to speak the truth is foundational to everything else.

    And it causes our enemies heads to explode. Never interupt your enemy while he’s exploding his own head.


    Fran: You forgot one. The North American Indians also gave us tobacco. Cough!

    • The Chinese invented the bureaucracy. Ever heard of “Mandarins” ?

      Eskimos (real ones, not Haxo’s code word) invented the Adkins diet. 😉

      Egyptians invented the sail, but could only sail down wind.

      Sumerians invented written language.

      A Black invented peanut butter. *


      Other than that, pretty much everything else was invented by whites, except that which invented by Haxo’s favorites.

  6. Howdy All,

    1. Yup, Steve King from western IA is a pleasant change from the usual politician. He’s not my rep – I’m next to his district, but I’ve met some of his staffers at my work on larger regional projects – one of the good guys.
    2. I hope he hangs tough.


  7. Fran is not keeping score accurately. In America, the Germans, Swedish, Irish, Italians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and Jews of varied origins were all once minorities thought poorly of by natives. But today, the Germans, Swedish, Irish, Italians, and Jews are “White”, and the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Jews beat the “Whites”. Some immigrant populations have done well several generations later, and some haven’t.

  8. I just can’t get on board with any moron who thinks that the contributions of the Asian race are limited to pasta and gunpowder. This particular article is leagues beneath this blog and should never have found it’s way on here.

    • Second that motion. WTF was that? Judge a man by his actions. Yet I know If I were to venture to certain neighborhoods I’d be killed for my skin color. Black, brown, white what difference does it make when you’re staring down the barrel of a gun? And you are.

  9. A “commandment”, I intend to ignore. There are a lot of my enemies, nearby, who are unaware, that I am aware, of them, and their intentions.

  10. Interesting post. I would observe that Races do not have feelings, people do, regardless of race. We forget that, its Lord of the Flies time.

  11. Diversity has destroyed every advance civilization in history. Diversity can include many factors such as values, culture, language etc. I am white. I am proud of achievements by whites. I choose to avoid diversity. For legalists and hand wringers out there, that right is documented by the 1st Amendment.

  12. I don’t bother to click on Fran’s articles any more as she has enabled ip address blocking that will not let you access it from TOR.

    • NightWatcher

      Well, I’m pretty sure Fran is a “he”, but it doesn’t make much never-mind. As to Tor blocking, that is a function of Blogger (blogspot.com), particularly their country specific domains (blogspot.fr, etc.). It rarely take more than a couple of “New Tor Circuit For This Site” to resolve it.

  13. Porretto refers. of course, to the White Race BEFORE the 1914-45 civilizational catastrophe. I’m much more impressed with the Jews, particularly their post-1945 {{{achievements}}}

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Even they’re getting waxed by the Chinese now in terms of math and science achievements.

  14. colddeadhandsdays

    I’ve been speaking about this publicly because I’ve just had it. Fran is absolutely correct and the facts are indisputable.

  15. Truth sounds like hate, to those that hate the truth.

    • I am using that one for ll it’s worth.

      Good one, Ed.

      • I “borrowed” it from someone else. But when I say it to a progressive, they get a confused look in their eyes, they start stuttering, mumbling, and turn away. It’s a nice feeling. I’m going to have a tee shirt made with it .

    • colddeadhandsdays

      That’s great