Suarez: Center of Face Is The New Center Mass


Mandatory reading.

Get your minds around the reality of widespread body armor availability.

And change your plans accordingly.

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  1. …or get bigger bullets…

    As Mosby instructed- anchoring shots to the pelvis and closed casket shots to the melon

    • Given the XXXL size of most Americans and poorly fitted plate carriers often seen on those with less girth, any bullet placed above the nipple line or below the belly button will produce catastrophic results.

      What body armor also does is instill “confidence” (and boost aggression) which when used in the right time/place can have its benefits. From the ME to the USA we could certainly see more semi-literate poorly trained savages who move in fast because they believe body armor will protect them while the well-trained professionals (also wearing body armor and knowing its limitations) stay behind cover, wait for more backup, and…get shot.

      Give it a few months and Suarez will be back to preaching ‘spray lead until it drops’ because statistically speaking some of those bullets will hit the areas not covered by a plate. Those areas include but are certainly not limited to the arms holding the weapon out front, the weapon itself, and extra magazines on the plate carrier.

      A little comedy relief:

      So the version of this for 2016 could be “You shot my betamag goddammit!”

  2. Mike Bishop


    If your training doesn’t involve employing your CCW for head shots, at distance, you’re doing it wrong. Fucking period. Full fucking stop.

    Bitch all you want, but there’s a reason high-speed/low-drag dudes are going to pistol-mounted RMRs, and it ain’t for “speed”…

    • Thank you sir.

    • JustAroundTheBend

      Sorry, RMR?

      • Mike Bishop

        Ruggedized Mini Reflex optics:

        Side note: Pete, I worked up some targets, available for free to anyone who wants ’em, for this specific purpose, given the proliferation of armor-wearing, whack-a-doodle, open-source insurgents.

        Available in .pdf:

        Set scaling to zero when printing. Will fit on a standard 8.5″x11″, and will help gauge effective dome-popping skills on an anatomically-accurate target.

        Hope is not a plan. Work those pistol skills, as it’s what you’re most likely to have with/on you, should bad men decide to sacrifice you to their “God.”

        • Good job, Mike. Thanks.

        • Bishop,

          Thanks for your time and effort creating these. I appreciate it.

          • Mike Bishop

            Thanks, brother.

            There’s some zeroing targets I made as well, but the “Critical Stop” is an application/assessment target to see where you, as a shooter are at, and to realistically assess your pistol marksmanship until you can consistently pop up-armored assholes in the brain-box.

            With the current crop of bad actors wearing armor, techniques like the Djbouti shotty are rapidly starting to lose relevance.

            Stay dangerous,


        • Should the T come down a bit further? I always thought brain stem was the goal.

        • Grenadier1

          Brilliant thank you sir and +1 on the comments

          • Mike Bishop

            Much appreciate the positive feedback.

            I don’t care if someone’s slinging a .75 pistol, a CNS hit is the only true “one stop shot.”

        • Thanks, Mike. Hope you don’t mind if I passed the link on to other folks, too.

          • Mike Bishop

            Not at all.

            Anything that helps milk extra marksmanship out of good dudes is a win.

  3. Hips and heads.

    …. They will seek harder to ban body armor.

    • Stewed,

      “….They will seek harder to ban body armor.”

      You ain’t whistlin’ Dixie with that remark.

      Many locales already ban the possession of BA for the common man, the slugs, the serfs, the untermenschen. If that isn’t bad enough there are many companies selling body armor who refuse to sell you such regardless of no .gov restrictions, unless you are a .leothug or .mil. Avoid buying anything from such a company.

  4. Interesting web page on headshots in Iraq.

    “In Fallujah, Marines with ACOG-equipped M16A4s created a stir by taking so many head shots that until the wounds were closely examined, some observers thought the insurgents had been executed. Since then the Corps has split (as usual) into East Coast and West Coast schools. The Lejeunites want to go with a special DMR AR (SAM-R) variant with a free-floating barrell (some say in 6.8 mm SPC) while the Pendeltonians just want to put an ACOG on a regular M16A4”

    Semper Fi: Do or Die

  5. Even in situations where biggest meat is the first thing engaged my objective has always been to stitch my way to the master switch. End of story. Practice this. Period. It’s generally why I never took seriously the acronym-gun-clubbie match-format people. (But then I take the same view as Jeff Beck’s comment on the Yardbirds so life’s good.)

  6. BLAH-BLAH-BLAH! IF you are ever unfortunate enough to be the one in fifty million Americans to be in the same city as a mass shooter/terrorist. IF you are truly unlucky you will need the pistol. You will have whatever weapon you EDC.(anything from a .25ACP to a .44 mag) You will shoot however well you shoot under combat stress. 99.999% will be rookies in there first ever life or death encounter. You will be DAMN LUCKY to hit the other guy AT ALL. Everything else is macho chest thumping no matter how much you “train”. When I was a teenager I started studying Kung fu. The very first thing we were taught was situational awareness and combat avoidance. Our first lesson was “run away from danger”. Unless Abdulah the camel rammer pops out of the ally in front of me. Or Antwan the hood rat pops up blocking the door. My EDC pistol is my last resort, and to be used to make a hole to the exit. I’m not a cop. I’m not SF. I’m not and don’t want to be a hero. Training to gunfight a terrorist is all cool and macho for Mr. Suarez. But I think I’ll run away if I can

    • It’s really not about being a cop, or SF, it’s about realistically dealing with a threat that is presented to you. The point of the article, if you read it, was not to be “cool and macho” as you say, but an honest assessment of what is actually happening in events like this. Odds are small, but the odds were small for those that died also. You sound really angry.

      • You are entitled to you opinion, no matter how fantasy driven and un realistic others find it. So am I

  7. I took a lot of heat on a forum several years ago when the subject of ‘center of mass’ shots came up. As a rule, my concealed carry is a Keltec .380 or a
    Beretta Bobcat in .22LR. If I’m on my bike or driving I’ll go with something heavier but when I’m out and about in light clothing, it’s one of the little guys. Realizing sometime ago that at COM shot with a light bullet probably isn’t going to be immediately incapacitating, I started practicing by putting the front site right on the nose of human profile targets. A small bullet into the chest will stop someone eventually while a small bullet right through the teeth and into the back of the throat area should take the fight out of even the wildest tweaker right now. As usual, YMMV.

    • Mossad used to like the .22 Beretta because it was such a wonderful, tool. I’m guessing a bean to the eye socket slows things down considerably.

      Rumor has it the Ra used to use higher powered air rifles (not your dad’s crossman) on open windowed lorries and it too “slowed things down”. Ever had your eye fucked up? Stunning how many nerves are in your optics. Will make you scream like a flaming weasel.

  8. Marlo Stanfield

    Now if we can only get the police to stop rolling up like Batman and Robin, never checking their 6. For decades LE has described gang members as driving around in crew formation inside their vehicles. And in 2016 do we see LE roll up in a full size SUV or sedan with 4 inside? The other mistake is see is having two standards one for regular LE and one for SWAT. The local SWAT needs an hour to get geared up. In a county with several Interstates running thru it. One fitness standard, one shooting standard. SWAT stays on the street. Local PD is finally getting AR15s and a three day training class. The local Walmart has dabbled in AR15s for years. Their sidearm is a three pound 9mm. (Guess Who) I keep saying if you insist on hiring five foot tall police, they better look like power lifters. Not this 2 sets of 20 on pushups to pass BLET. Specially since the world record is like a 1000 in 60 minutes for men. Women’s is 1020 in 60 minutes. Think Paddy Doyle and Alicia Weber. I think getting cops up to 100 push ups requirement would probably get a few calls to the ACLU or the police union. We simply don’t insist on only hiring quality males and females. Result? LEO not taken seriously. The smart criminal operates in a town where LEOs are out of shape and they don’t attract their attention, for fear of bringing better LEOs into the picture. The facial works. And if they are that close almost any brand or caliber works. From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2016 2:27 PM Subject: [New post] Suarez: Center of Face Is The New Center Mass #yiv1903015343 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv1903015343 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv1903015343 a.yiv1903015343primaryactionlink:link, #yiv1903015343 a.yiv1903015343primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv1903015343 a.yiv1903015343primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv1903015343 a.yiv1903015343primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv1903015343 | Concerned American posted: “Mandatory reading.Get your minds around the reality of widespread body armor availability.And change your plans accordingly.” | |

  9. Randall Flagg

    “If you shoot that with a handgun or rifle, it will have no effect whatsoever.” Even with 7.62 NATO? M2 AP? Um, not so sure about that.

    • Flagg,

      “M2 AP?”

      How many citizens who carry a long arm are packing a Garand in the trunk of their car for SHTF ? And IF, IF, you should find one geezer with an M1 in the trunk, I’d bet dollars to donuts, Audie Murphy ain’t got any AP rounds.

      You trolls never cease to amaze me.

      • I have some thingys that have black tips. 🙂

      • I actually know a few geezers (and some slightly younger) with Garands and AP. And, can shoot out an X ring at a few hundred yards with iron sights.

        • Yes! The black tip AP is some accurate stuff- much better than Standard M2 ball for some reason.
          It’s also one of the few things that will penetrate lvl3 plate armor (along with M193 out of a 20″ barrel at close range). However, it’s not a rifle and ammo combination most people are going to have at hand. I like the M1, and have a few, but they are relegated mainly to fun day at the range duty.

        • GS,

          I’m not saying there aren’t Geezers who can do as you state. Perhaps there are. However, few folks, if any, utilize a Garand with AP rounds as a Go-To weapon. Except Clint Eastwood in the movie Gran Torino. And that’s Hollywood !

          My point, and you know what it was, is the essay referenced the long arm which will be used in 99.9% of any active shooter engagement. And it WILL NOT be an M1 Garand with AP rounds as one’s Go-To weapon.

          Flagg was trolling and you’re joining right in.

      • Grenadier1

        You guys frequently pack those Garands to the mall?

        Gabe is talking about small patrol rifles or AR /AK pistols.

        • Who goes shopping these days anyways? For anything other than groceries, Amazon is the Bulls balls.
          I have a Fed X or UPS truck showing up here nearly everyday – NO CHARGE for delivery. They’ll be here today dropping off my new Stream light Pro Tac II

          Time and gas is better spent on activities like running the boats.

          • Grenadier1

            People who are not shut ins and hermits?

            • Shut-in? LOL

              I’m out everyday -on the water. I’m so tan, I could blend in with any third worlder. Must suck to live anywhere but on the Great Lakes in summer, FRESH deep blue water. Puts salt water oceans to shame, and certainly beats the sweaty cities, hills, and grasslands.

        • Randall Flagg

          You frequently pack a patrol rifle to a mall?

          • Grenadier1


            No, I don’t. I pack my carry pistol. Which is the point of the article…..Since you dont have access to a rifle you need to make head shots.

            It was too separate points in my statement thats why I left a space between them.

            When Gabe talks about rifles here (in this case patrol rifles which means collapsible stocks in carbine calibers) he is referencing police or security who may have a rifle, or if you have an AR/AK pistol which is much more concealable in a back pack. Non LEO may carry AR/AK pistols in packs when they are in urban areas like shopping malls.

            Logic would dictate that you don’t have time to fight to the Garand you have in the car.

      • Randall Flagg

        Troll, troll, troll.

        Article clearly and unambiguously states that “rifles” will not penetrate body armor. His words, not mine.

        And from the words of a much, much wiser man than I, a pistol is merely a tool one uses to fight their way back to their rifle. And hopefully that rifle is chambered in a round that will take out body armor. THAT’S the new paradigm.

  10. MOPP (that would be ‘minute of pie plate’) has worked well for me since Viet Nam. Now close to 70 and living in the desert, shooting consists of laying on the ground (everything out here is sharp), shooting in 100′ plus weather and freezing in the winter (just trying to be comfortable with our environment) and other scenarios. In other words, no comfortable table ‘range shooting’. If you (in my opinion) are going to shoot for the possible (rare now) encounter with another armed individual, it is wise to be as adept with different possibilities as possible – the whole ‘train like you are going to fight’ idea. Pulling the trigger is the easy part ………….

  11. As a retired Robert, my j frame’s simply going to have to suffice until a better man shows up. Besides, at this point in life I never considered myself as anything other than expendable.

  12. colddeadhandsdays

    He’s right…

  13. outlawpatriot

    Never been big on armor any way. I teach headshots as a matter of course. And if you can hit the head, you can also hit the groin. Either way, the bitch is out of the fight. 🙂

  14. A broken clock is right twice per day.

  15. The Usual Suspect

    “In Fallujah, Marines with ACOG-equipped M16A4s created a stir by taking so many head shots that until the wounds were closely examined, some observers thought the insurgents had been executed.
    If your showing some L/CPL w/ACOG equipped M16-A4 your head up to 250
    yards, your going get executed, dumbass.

  16. Some time back, I noted the requirement for headshots on jihadis in “The Paris Drill.” see:

    *I* am not where I need to be yet, (<10 seconds) but I can get 3 for 3 hits on a 6" plate at 25 yards with a box stock Glock in about 10-12 seconds about half the time. The other half of the time I drop a shot, usually the last one.
    I can get 1 for 2 on each of three plates in about 8 seconds pretty routinely, but as stated in the comments on the original post, the goal is to turn off a jihadi with a command detonated vest WITHOUT the boom.

    There is no doubt I need more range time, and probably some good coaching, too. I fully expect that a dedicated pistolero would do much better than I have done to date. Any reports?

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. I have shot several people in the face, or head, in VN, and prefer it that way. It seems the logical thing to do, if your intent is to kill, and you can do it. Encourager les autres, certainement. But explosives to the face! Mon Dieu! Quel exstasier!

  19. Late as fuck with that photo.
    Welcome to the Party Pal!

  20. I found some relief watching British Parliament earlier on Sky News, somewhere in the past 72 hours, that it was fun to do dry fire every time a rabid leftist popped up, and aim for forehead