DW: Shots Fired At Munich Shopping Center

UK Telegraph: Live Blog Re Munich Shopping Mall Shooting

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    QED: Matt Bracken’s piece, “Orlando Carry.”

    nuff said.

  2. It is just Mohamed the Lone Wolf. Nothing to worry about. The police will clear the place out in a few hours once it is safe for them to go in. We can live with terrorism without giving up our values.

    • Oh, and don’t forget the “strict gun laws,” that prevented “more carnage.”


      GOTTA mention that one.

    • Jeffery in Alabama

      Exactly Warpig. I was watching FNC earlier and Shepherd Smith was tripping over himself as he over and over tried to link this shooting to some right-wing extremist nut-job who is German and fed up with the flood of refugees (think the same con job the media ran in Baton Rouge about the shooter being a sovereign citizen). He emphatically stated again and agian that there was not any evidence this attack was linked to Islam. The bullshit was spewing from Shepherd’s mouth so rapidly that he could not remember what he had said only a few seconds ago and went from talking about three gunmen to calling this a lone wolf attack. If one ever questioned that FOX (I know most readers here do not believe such silliness) was on the “take”, this should wipe away any doubts. The entire time I was watching I could only think of the line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet and slightly alter it to “methinks Shepherd protests too much”!

  3. So far no tell-tale signs of Islamic motivation, please post them if you hear them, even in passing. I am convinced that the Media is now actively collaborating to decouple Islamic Terrorist activity from Islam.

    Reporters are taking their clues from feckless politicians like Obama. Just as he refuses to say the words “Islamic terrorism” so now are reporters unwilling to attribute Islamic Terrorist attacks to Islamic Terrorists, even when said terrorists have made “martyr’s videos” explaining that they did it for Islam.


    • http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/munich-shopping-centre-attack-video-8474976

      “ISIS-related social media accounts have been sharing reports of the attack, but reports in German newspaper Bild suggests right-wing extremists are responsible.”

      How about that one? Unbelievable.

      • so far, most of the dead seem to be members of the local Vibrant Diversity. This, plus the fact that its the anniversary of Breivik’s crackback at the Norwegian Left, suggests it might indeed have been some Whites/Rights doing the shooting. If so, a positive sign of resistence

        • Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl,

          “….a positive sign of resistance.” Really ? Murdering innocent children is a positive thing for you ? That must be one of the tenets of the scumbag Mohammad.

          The time is fast approaching Crusades 21. Said your morning prayers yet you POC ?

  4. I’m of the mind that we’re all basically on the same page as what needs be done when this begins in earnest in FUSA. But as with so much, it must remain unspoken for obvious reasons.

    • Virgil Kane

      It’s all unspoken and unwritten, but that’s the Bucket List and it has names not activities and places.

      • Like you said, we all know what needs be done.
        Talking is for a republic of the will of the governed and rule of law.
        The primal laws of self determination and self defense and action pertaining to those consummate freedoms are the only laws that count.

  5. Switzerland

    Just heard some ex secret service guy say on Fox News that the only way to stop this is to “enact a martial plan-like effort”.

    • Marshall Plan??

    • Dollars to donuts, if they are as stupid as to openly declare Martial Law, verses the slow burn Martial Law being waged currently, the .mil cadre that will be used on domestic soil to enforce, will be all those illegal aliens they been offering citizenship for joining the Army of late. Probably deputize the corps of obama’s organizing for amerika. Something Soros would fund with great maniacal glee.
      (Funny how at every turn Matt Bracken is prescient predicting the political and lawful collapse of the actors of the federal regime.)

      All this terrorism as a means, crap talk about Martial Law by the chattering class and talking heads, and the bullshit narrative attached to it, reminds me of something Ol’ Mao said:
      “Take the countryside and the cities will fall”

      Mao’s Axiom is pretty spot on I think. But something doesn’t jive with what that genocidal marxist postulated and did, and the cultural marxist regime now. Sure if your an obot marxist, it’s just loads of fun and useful for creating a diaspora on certain classes of society via shit stirring up brainwashed crazed negroes, aside from it is the bill come due after decades of free shit, but the cities are a dead end.
      It is dirt people land where it matters in the larger sphere if destroying white Christian culture is the goal.

      I’ve given this a serious think over time, and all I can figure is a couple of dynamics of great importance exist.
      In no particular order, in flyover nation there isn’t the useful kind of dupes in any appreciable numbers to draw upon as cultural marxist proxies like in the high density, pig trap cities, to start shit with.

      Vastly more dirt people own guns, lots of guns, and the natural cultural precedences in not hesitating using guns in self defence. I think that is a most salient dynamic which can not be ignored. Where most cities are huge citizen disarmament zones. Both are defining factors.
      I would be most surprised if the sonofabitches running things are not first very wary of riling up the dirt people to a point where the unintended consequences of doing so would be very bad for elitists lifespans, politically and literally.
      Being dirt people country is a place where traditions and bitterly clinging to guns and bibles, it simply isn’t the toxic cultural cesspool the elites brewed up in the cities.

      Yet having said all that, I think it is most germane to look past present events and see into future possibilities. If one thing is certain about marxism, (“Marxism, communisism, facism, liberalism, progessiveism:
      Same shit different assholes”), has very narrow defined limits on how it progresses, (“progressives” – “progressivism”), the cultural marxists surely have designs on de-populating the “unsecured spaces”, agenda 21 and its globalist adherents term flyover nation.
      They would almost have to. Stalin and Mao both went to diabolical extremes to liquidate the dirt people and replace their self determining and self sufficient cultures with every sort of slave, useful dupe and sycophant. Never mind the confiscation of, and prohibitions of owning, property, the states power derived from controlling food supplies and resources with iron fists.

      As craptastic all this urban cultural marxist shit stirring is, it’s immediate usefulness as crisis as a means, where is it all heading?

      Looking at it another way, terrible as it would be for many living in and around urban and metropolitan enclaves, cities could all be left to wither on the vine or die a violent spectacular death, and dirt people country would hardly notice. So you got to ask yourself what’s on the menu here for us dirt people? All the food, natural resources, energy, and raw goods all come from flyover nation. Dirt people have far more power in that light than any tyrant or ideology could dream of having.

      Anyone here think the sonofabitches are just going to leave us dirt people to having that kind of overwhelming self determination and self sufficiency?

      • Doug,

        The .mil cadre you speak of currently consists of idiots who can’t spell their middle names, troops who can’t do 5 pushups and a load of social justice females who will get their fat asses handed to them the moment they and their hhomosexual squad mates meet guerrilla resistance.

  6. Aesop just earned my respect and full attention- NOT AN EASY FEAT.


  7. David Wood succinctly explains what motivates the islamic terrorists murdering so many people in the name of the demon allah and mohammed the murderer and false prophet and why we are in a feedback loop that will endlessly encourage more and more muslims to attack and kill..

    France’s Recipe for Endless Islamic Terror (David Wood)

  8. But refugees are welcome? Have they no gratitude?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      They are honored to be among us.
      They are building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude.
      They are forging their spirits in the tradition of their ancestors.
      We have their gratitude.

  9. OT: Side shows n circus freaks

    Qui Bono?


    “We are sure next week’s DNC will do nothing but further inflame the widening chasm between the left and the right, the ‘rich’ and the ‘poor’, the ‘gay’ and the ‘straight’, and the ‘black’ and the ‘white’ as America’s fake culture wars continue.”


    “If he gives it, I will not accept it,” Trump said at a Friday morning press conference in Cleveland

    Qui Bono?

    Think, Think, Think.
    You Trumpettes really need to watch this and think hard on what is actually ocurring here. I’m planning on voting up the Ra and that’s the extent of my political involvement. This thing smells so freaking bad it’s like somebody forgot to put the quick lime in the trunk.

    • Grey Ghost

      Tom, so you still think voting anywhere on the ticket actually means something eh? Good luck with that.

      Screw Ted Cruz he is a fucking Canadian globalist DISHONORABLE liar, just like all of them. IF you are gonna vote or TRY to vote then I suggest Trump because if you vote Hitlery the shooting starts rather quickly since gun confiscation is now formally on the DEMOCRATIC platform and all your down ballot votes won’t mean shit if she wins. Hell man, look at what the Atty Gen of MA did yesterday. With Trump you have a SMALL chance of holding the country together if that is your goal in voting otherwise vote down ballot and let Hitlery win and enjoy the coming great endarkment.

      Me, I’m of the opinion my vote doesn’t mean shit as to pulling our ass out of whatever shit storm rolls over the horizon. I’m stocking ammo, food, water and on this Friday I watch the tragic show of the USA allowing invaders in while the same invaders kill hundreds of disarmed “civilians” elsewhere. And STILL the vaunted Republican Party has done nothing to stop the magic negro or the invaders. They are all cowards except Trump. Then I watch the magic negro laughing on the propaganda outlets at all the fools in this country while spewing lies that 85% of the brainwashed millennials and leftists lap up.

      Don’t worry though your vote will count no matter what… hell, the magic negro will happily leave office, because there is peace throughout the land.

      Grey Ghost

  10. That was close. The west was about to go over a week without some muzzies starting up another terrorist attack. Yeah, yeah; let’s not rush to judgement right Obama ? we don’t know its muzzies.
    You know Europe is lucky, they only have to worry about muzzies, they aren’t less than 5 incidents of starting a race war as well.(even though many countries in Europe started the slave trade long before the usa and kept it up long after)

  11. robroysimmons

    About the David Wood video, it is a must watch. I said this a week ago that the recruiters for jihad were using that passage. Maybe Bracken has mentioned it, I don’t remember him doing so but it would bear fruit if he came out with another letter to the security types for them to look for that in the muslim’s comms. I really doubt the security agencies will use this info but we got to say we tried before we overthrow the establishment.

  12. Any of you guys sense this universal rapidly cascading failure of the state?
    Watching the elites self destruct, from the vantage of dirt people nation, is a spectacle beyond compare.

    I was once seriously worried about the future of my liberty and self determination. I’ve come to an understanding of how truly corrupt, but more important, how utterly incompetent without moral compass the elites are. It is honestly breathtaking.
    They are so incompetent they can’t even see it. That is elite all righty, an elitist cabal of incompetents so stupid it can not be fixed. Truth of it all, why fix that kind of stupid to begin with? In fact being they are their own worst enemy, why stop them?

    • “I’ve come to an understanding of how truly corrupt, but more important, how utterly incompetent without moral compass the elites are. It is honestly breathtaking.”

      All you have to do is replace poLICE with elites and your statement still holds true. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Grey Ghost

      Yep. Breathtaking is right. I think it’s time for CA to up the alert posture from frosty to whatever is higher (maybe put it permanently at the top of the front page), especially with cops continuing to shoot unarmed citizens and then wondering why leftists are murdering them.

      I say don’t stop the elites… and if Lincolns forced Union breaks up I’ll be a happy man. But all you Cruzer/Beck/Levin/Lincoln bootlickers make sure you vote down ballot that will fix everything.

      Grey Ghost

      • We’ve gone from sporty to frisky. I’d like to save spicy for tanks in street, fallout plumes, and such.

        Maybe frisky +, with a forecast for continued fuckwittery.

        • The fuckwittery is becoming anarchical in nature, I mean it sure looks and walks and quacks like political anarchy to me.
          As the scale of things increase with a predictable marxist frequency, be a lick of work attaching appropriate levels of defcon to events. How does one define these levels of elitist insanity in any case?
          Seems like to me these events are probing attacks and cultural recon by fire. They are trying to get something going and nobody but a few psychopaths are biting, some dead cops and a lot of seriously pissed off live ones. It’s like Tet, the commies thought the countryside was going to rise up and throw off the Yankee devils and their S. Vietnam compatriots. When in the end the North Vietnamese commies had to rely on the assistance of the congress based marxists in America.
          Hey! Funny how that keeps working like that.
          Looks like the cultural marxists cultural revolution pivots on the wherewithal(?) of carpet munchers, retread Moaists, He She’s, a total looser president, a general federal nomenklaturer class only interested in keeping the paychecks coming, and an entire bankster oligarchy with lilly white hands, not to mention supreme court ring wraths and a cesspool of greed and treason called congress. Not the best pickings for getting a class/race war going. Special interest trumps ideology and agenda in amerika.
          Got to be tough being a red diaper baby in a regime of worthless feckless rejects from society and nobody wants to join in on your human extinction party.
          A most valid point on the fuckwittery. It’s as constant and reliable as the sun rises.

        • Jimmy the Saint


  13. Has to be the nra’s fault.

  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3703705/Major-police-investigation-way-shots-fired-shopping-centre-Munich.html

    Daily Mail is reporting the guy was screaming f*** foreigners before one of them started shooting. Who knows if it is the truth. Could be a watershed moment for the Germans, the beginning of reprisals. Doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense on that front, given the targets don’t seem to be Muslims or we’d be hearing that shouted loud and clear from every media outlet. Either way, Germany matters. Deutschebank happens to find itself ground zero for a spate of serious unrest and all those CDO’s start getting really shaky. Kinetic weapons aren’t the only things that kill. BTFD

    • Maybe it was a Mickey D’s full of cultural marxist.
      Hard to blame a guy for doing the world favor.

      • Besides, no important difference between a cultural marxist and a musloid. One is a domestic terrorist, the other a foreign one, both want to exterminate the white race.
        And dead ones are seriously no different.

  15. Maybe FNC TV isn’t running it anymore. Early this afternoon they ran a user-posted phone vid of the start, from across the street, of the first one pulling a handgun, racking it, beginning the shooting standing outside the McD’s at one end of the mall. (and who knows why someone had their camphone pointed AT the guy AT the McD’s entrance at that moment)

  16. …aaaaand it’s Islam. SkyNews confirmed the killer’s name as “Kassam Haid”

  17. Bracken really called this shit. Read your Bracken kids. Do it. Today.

  18. thesouthwasrght

    Yet another example of the vulnerability of a disarmed population.

  19. The gunman wasn’t screaming about foreigners, a local was screaming at the gunman. The gunman was heard yelling :aloha snackbar” (or something that rhymes with it.) He is also apparently 1/2 Iranian. CNN was reporting this while FOX was trying to pin this on right wingers. So much disinformation and speculation pumped out by the propaganda arms. It s wearing me out. Keep up the good work here.

  20. An update with bizarre video (translated), plus Q & A’s interview
    on what seems a building or parking rooftop:

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  21. “Around 2,300 officers were deployed”


    2300 cops for 1 shooter… Heh

    Looks like TPTB are gonna need a whole lot more *sandbags* when this shit show kicks off.

  22. Alfred E. Neuman

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  23. I sincerely hope that when the wheels finally come off and, they WILL come off sooner or later, that none of us forget the medias complicity in this…. They screech about accountability, I say we give them a dose.

  24. Uncle Larry

    The crazy Muz in the truck and this maniac were both using meds for mental health problems. Common denominators lately, Muslim, prior criminal records, drugs.