North Miami: Officer, You’re Done


Aesop wields the cluebat with lethal efficiency.

One more thing: It’s the prosecutors as well.

Only Ones, indeed.


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  1. Valid point about the prosecutors. I’d add civilian review boards and grand juries that would rather abet a straight up murder than see their municipality financially liable.

  2. The man is on the ground with his hands in the air and he’s communicating with the cop… he pulls the trigger? What in the actual *uck is going on?

    • My first impression, when I heard about this, was that it was a negligent discharge. Haven’t heard anything yet to change that. Hmmm, I wonder what a peon would get for an ND?

  3. Disband them, and arrest the rotten bastards. Not one of them are innocent, and trials in a Common Law Court, with Common Law Judges will prove it.

    The Organic Law of this country— The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, The Constitution for the united States of America, and the United States Statutes at Large are not being enforced.

    Of course the cops and their masters- the politicians will never admit they’re traitor corporate filth. Why do you think they and the (((eskimo))) run system tries so hard to brainwash or intimidate by force the peasants into supporting them?

    Whether you agree with it or not… it’s coming.

    • I agree with you. Their are mistakes, and then their are crimes committed under the color of authority. This knucklehead PO, is a SWAT team member, his union rep says he was actually shooting at the kid, thinking he was the threat, fucking liars.

      This douchebag officer needs to be an ex cop, doing time for felony assault, right after he goes back to remedial shooting 101.

      I’m absolutely sick of this shit. While I’m not a ” BLM” supporter, cuz im lily white, I clearly see exactly what they see.

      FYI, I just read over on FreedomOutpost that the FBI shooters present at LaVoy Finicum’s murder are being indicted and going to a grand jury. The article is vague, regarding exactly which grand jury, and exactly which crime they committed.


      • Jimmy the Saint

        ” his union rep”

        There’s a huge part of the problem, right there. Get rid of all government unions, and a lot of problems from police to schools can begin to be fixed.

  4. Marlo Stanfield

    Law enforcement and school teachers are at the bottom of all professions when it comes to IQ. Great book called: The Curse Of The High IQ, by Aaron Clarey.

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  5. Evidently, cops are being told that when responding to a 9/11 call, to draw your weapon and prepare to shoot somebody, anybody, just shoot some one. That, or the average IQ of these guys is about on par with a lemur. I’m not real keen on them anyway, but at a recent “open house” at the local LEO shop, I heard one of them tell a kid they got machine guns to cut loose on the bad guys. Guess they’re not too concerned with “collateral damage”. I mean, why should they be? File a report, and take a two week paid vacation, Ja?

  6. Out there just a protectin’ and a servin’! Best sumbitches who ever shit between two boots. We should honor their sacrifice for our safety.

    Hell you never know when a subject might pretend to be mentally impaired and disguise a WMD as a toy truck. The whole “Lay supine and put your hands in the air…” routine is usually ruse to draw Law Imposement in to the kill zone.

    Remember Boys and Girls, next time you have an encounter with Law Imposement, be submissive, render obeisance, grovel at his feet, and everything should be fine.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Remember Boys and Girls, next time you have an encounter with Law Imposement, be submissive, render obeisance, grovel at his feet, and everything should be fine.”

      The Irish summed it up perfectly:
      I was stopped by a soldier he said “you are a swine”
      He hit me with his rifle and he kicked me in the groin
      I bowed and I scraped, sure my manners were polite
      Ah, but all the time I was thinking of me little Armalite!

      • Mark Matis

        But you don’t want to use the Armalite. You’re likely to leave some brass behind, and the pigs will get your prints and pay you a visit.

        Bolt action rifle.
        One shot.
        Don’t wait to see if you hit the target. Instead, leave as quickly and unobtrusively as possible.
        Leave nothing behind. Unless, of course, you have an appropriate souvenir for them. I’m not Sun Tzu, but I think the best way to kill your enemies is to get them to kill each other…

        Happiness is dead pigs. And dead pig whores.

        And thanks again for “One Shot Paddy”!

    • Why is it only the cops or those that feel like they need protection saying it’s only a few bad apples…I enjoyed your post over on MDT Longbow…The thing is they say well the media only reports on the bad ones and I would have to call bullshit on that…The media only covers those cops that can push an agenda to federalize all cops… If they can cause a rift between certain classes of people they will report on it but if the cop is one that everyone can see he is in the wrong they love covering that shit up…I rarely get any news from the media anyway I get it from here
      I’m sure there are many others out there also…Myself I’ve never had a bad experience with law enforcement but I am smart enough to read, understand and realize that where we are headed is toward a police state and I don’t fucking like it…

      • Mr. Lineman,

        “I rarely get any news from the media….”

        That makes two of us.

  7. i havent geard of protests come about over this shooting.

    Is it because the victim had a job?

  8. I think some of the persistent cop hater’s are looking to help the admin DISARM or DISBAND local PD’s so that what, the feds can save us? DHS?

    Now some of you who here like myself mighta been wearing bracelets once or twice in your lives just have a bad taste for LEO, I understand that. I do. I personally think we need to treat people fairly and leave the door open. Your liberty plan may differ but hey it’s yours.

    But some are pumping a meme and trying to help the commie scum achieve full anarchy to make the coup easier.

    Like someone said, I hope you are visited by the anarchy you seek.

    • You seem to be stuck in a box filled with stupid.
      I gather you demand protection at all costs?
      The Liberty-minded don’t need or want any of these goons.
      You seem to believe a local thug would be better than a federal thug.
      Let me help you out with some pictures.

      • I dont need or want protection. I live where there is none. Keeps everyone honest. I assume correctly that everyone i meet may need killing. But I am polite.For me it’s Kelley Thomas. Listen to him howl for his dad as ramos beats him to death. Fuckin scum. That being said Im pointing out that pieces of our movement seem to be parroting the admin lines. Mexis allready have FedPo askem how thats working out?

    • Tom, I believe most here have no problem with peace officers who behave as such. I think most here have a problem with bullying and thuggery. Most here have a problem with policemen getting away with shooting or beating people and suffering no, or minimal, repercussions. Most here are sick of seeing policemen get caught in their thuggery and the rest of their brethren making excuses for it. Most here are sick of hearing how policemen (including Feds) are of the “highest caliber, highest morals, highest integrity” and demonstrating the opposite.

      I believe most here do not want to see policemen or anyone else murdered.

      Examples of what most here are referencing when they disparage policemen and their culture:

      Oscar Grant comes to mind.

      Eric Scott comes to mind.
      Michael McCloskey Comes to mind.

      Andrew Thomas comes to mind.

      John T. Williams comes to mind.

      Let us not forget the Godfather of the “Only Ones”, Lee Paige.

      Most here are “anti-” this behavior. It is this behavior and attitude, which has become pervasive, which most here want to change.

    • Steve Kristmann

      Hi Tom,

      The ‘commie scum’ you mention is no different from the
      domestic statist gov/lmonopolist scum that’s currently infested
      America since the failed Whiskey Rebellion or the War of
      Northern Aggression under the tyrant lincoln. Both have the
      same goal just different ‘packaging’…grasp the ‘Ring o’ Power
      to become the HMF’sWITTIC in their AO’s, with the support
      of gangbangers wearing overpriced Halloween costumes.

      You don’t seem to know, or care what anarchy really means.
      Here’s the wiki definition:

      Anarchy is the condition of a society, entity, group of people, or a single person that rejects illegitimate hierarchies.[1] It originally meant leaderlessness, but in 1840, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon adopted the term in his treatise What Is Property? to refer to a new political philosophy, anarchism, which advocates stateless societies based on voluntary associations. In practical terms, anarchy can refer to the curtailment or abolition of government.

      Contrary to what you may believe, anarchy DOESN’T mean that
      there are “no rules”…it means there isn’t a ruling class or ‘leader’.
      It’s obvious (Thomas Jefferson would have said, “self evident”) to
      most people that things like murder, rape, theft, coercion, fraud and
      kidnapping/slavery are evil in themselves. No ‘laws’ were or are
      needed to discern or describe such actions as such…any laws
      prohibiting them are merely superfluous in nature. Every gov has
      however engaged in all of the former listed activities either in
      peace or war, without any meaningful consequences (the only
      recent exception to such imho was the Nuremberg Trials; which
      only addressed 1/2 of the committed wrongs. No mention was
      ever made about the crimes of the firebombings of Dresden, Tokyo
      or the murders committed at Katyn Forest among others).

      The main principle of anarchy/voluntarism that I live by is simply
      this: I own myself, every other individual owns themselves and
      I have no right to initiate force against any other peaceable person,
      nor can I delegate such a right to a third party. I have no right to
      steal, coerce or commit any other harmful action against fellow
      peaceable individuals. Any actions that I engage in with other
      peaceable individuals is strictly from a voluntary basis. Some
      call this being a libertarian, I call it stating the bleeding obvious.
      I daily open carry and I have employed deadly force only once
      in my life to protect myself and other innocent individuals. The
      only force I and other anarchist/voluntarist individuals use is strictly
      for protection..we use force ONLY for defense, nothing else!

      Another way of stating it comes from a 18th century radical:
      “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” – Thomas Jefferson

      If anarchy/voluntarism are widely understood, one realizes that
      ‘gov/authority’ has NO legitimacy any more than your common
      carjacker has. In fact it’s all illusion…a belief in a false religion.
      The easiest place to see examples of anarchy/voluntarism in
      actual practice is grocery or other stores.

      Here’s some videos to help with this:

      The Whole Problem (and Solution) in Two Minutes

      Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

      If YOU Were King

      What Anarchy Isn’t

      And to the current thread:

      When Should You Shoot A Cop?

      And Larken’s response to all the statist/collectivist howling
      and whining about the previous video/essay:

      Shooting Cops

      Remember that cops are nothing more than armed leg breakers
      for the parasites who call themselves ‘gov/authority’..they’re the
      dirty arm of the politicians..who are enabled by the ‘voters’.

      And yes, I already ‘have the anarchy’ that I want.
      It’s called Freedom.

      I have no interest in any coups, here or elsewhere; all
      they are are contests between competing factions of
      statists/collectivists attempting to wrestle for the ‘Ring
      o’ Power”. They can take their putrid ‘ring’ and FOAD!!

      And I don’t need any parasites or their over costumed
      gangbanging thugs to help me keep it

      Yours In Liberty thru anarchy!
      NorthGunner III

    • That’s just fucking stupid talk Tom you should know better… Like I’ve said above I’ve never had a bad interaction with cops but I can damn sure see the direction we are heading and it sure isn’t toward Liberty… I don’t believe in no rules but I do believe in having a voice of who is serving me…The only law enforcement should be Sheriff and his appointed Deputies and the Citizens themselves…

    • Tom,

      Anarchy is the absence of authority, GOVERNMENT authority. Anarchists are saying “We’re tired of others telling us how to live and penalizing us when we don’t do as we’re told.”

      You loves you some big government, eh ? I don’t. Many here do not.

      We’re being taxed to death.

      Our industry sent abroad.

      Our family-sustaining wage jobs gone.

      Our Constitution shredded by soetoro-obama and the scum Bush clan.

      More fedgov, badged thugs than there are US Marines.

      More local and state .gov bastards with badges.

      Almost 53% of all working Amerikans employed by some form of government; they produce nothing.

      The clothes on your back made by some Muslim in Bangladesh or Pakistan or communist in Red China.

      The brake rotors on your “Made in Mexico” Chevrolet and soon Ford, made in Communist China.

      Thirty-five percent (35%) of all foodstuffs consumed in fUSA produced in Communist China.

      American children .gov educated ranked among the dumbest in the world. Hell, some of them graduating from high school cannot spell their own middle name !


      You, along with many, many others here across this no-longer-sovereign, formerly once great nation that is being turned into a third world shithole by the Al-Taqiyya practicing soetoro-obama are FOOLS and enemies of Liberty.

      Which is it Tom ? Are you just another dumb, foolish, Amerikan slurping Kool-Aid poured down your throat by the treasonous US Congress and their alphabet agency accomplices ? Or are you my enemy ? An enemy who relishes his fellow citizens being crushed under the boot heel of more and more local, county, state and federal laws enforced by the badged bastards for their handlers ?

      Tom, you need to wake up and see the reality. The sooner the better.

  9. Did anybody see the resulting press conference following barney’s display of poor judgment and equally poor marksmanship? They effectively tried to dismiss this event by claiming the moron was shooting at the autistic fella. Great work……. “We thought the big dude we shot was the victim so, we tried (and failed) to shoot the “special” guy even though the alleged victim was screaming at the top of his lungs that the dude was NOT armed and was NOT a threat. Now, we’ll use our tremendous powers of observation and deductive reasoning to continue wondering why a lot of America wants to see us dead. Oh, that’s AFTER we’ve investigated and found ourselves not guilty of any transgressions. I didn’t think it possible to have any more contempt for cops than I had yesterday. I was wrong. Keep at it “officers” and America will be forced to give you a lesson in percentages just like the BlackLiarsMurder crowd is begging for. Apparently, you badged fucking simpletons aren’t any better at math than they are. You assholes have ONE chance here. Knock off the thin blue line us versus them bullshit, show us the “good cops” aren’t a fucking figment of our imagination by handling the bad cops BEFORE they become a problem and take some fucking responsibility when you fuck up. EARN our respect back you fucking morons. And maybe stop killing everything that moves and its gawddamn dog because you “felt” threatened. The courts may not hold you accountable be even the dumbest of you cocksuckers can see America is growing ever more willing to do the courts job when it refuses. Can you blame them? Of course you can, you’re not called pigs for no reason…..

  10. Oregon Hobo

    Posted this on Aesop’s site, but subject to CA’s blessing I’ll copy it here as well.

    Dallas, Baton Rouge, and all the others that will come after it will mean more of this, not less.

    In all dealings with police there are two key things one should keep in mind at all times.


    …and this:

    This all goes to illustrate why I always opt to resolve matters on my own rather than involve police. Absolutely no matter what, even when I was kidnapped 16 years ago during a 3am home invasion at gunpoint for 6 hours by a skinhead with purple lightning bolts tattooed on his scalp, coming down from a 3-day meth bender (ie spastically freaked-out and violently hyper-paranoid), and on the run from a police manhunt for murdering a security guard earlier that night. Even that long ago I calculated that unless I’m already dead, there is no situation so bad that the police can’t f*** it up even worse.

    It’s not just a matter of recognizing that you’re on your own, it’s a matter of recognizing that you’re better off doing everything in your power to keep it that way.


    • “Tom” up above has a need to be “saved” by thugs.
      He desperately wants you to be “saved” by thugs also. Not just any thugs, local thugs…

      “Tom” wants, needs, and demands safety above all else.

      Remember, “Tom” will turn you in the minute he has a chance to get a pat on the head from his idols -the thugs.

      “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety
      – Benjamin Franklin

      • You should follow him out of the bar and beat him up, just like them good old days.
        Hey Capn Stuebing, when is the I Love Me Boat going to be making another run? Haven’t heard nothing about the richfolks regatta for damn near a week.

        • When are you going to add anything of value here LF?
          Never? I can’t remember even one time you commented on anything except your better – that would be me..

          Has anyone here?

          I thought so.

          Pete, mebbe it’s time to out this retard?

  11. Grey Ghost

    Rudi Guiliani was DEAD wrong at the R convention. I don’t want a cop to come save me! Let them go “save” the fearful sheeple. He’s more likely to kill me or put a round in me BEFORE talking and getting an understanding of the situation at hand, than “save me”. I’ll be damn if I’m calling 911 for a cop for any god damn “help” at all… and probably not even for a fire in my home. I’ve realized for a LONG TIME I’m on my own when it comes to the defense of myself, family and property.

    I gave up on the cops in 2002 when I was stopped in an ILLEGAL road block to check for current Drivers License and proof of insurance. Just more enforcement goons for the fascist insurance companies teaming up with the fascist state.

    So all you itchy trigger finger cops best put some fucking itching powder on your damn hands before you go on patrol or the cop murders will only get worse by the leftist community organizers. If it still doesn’t stop then you guys better quit your job altogether because then things will likely spiral out of control. And then if the President/Governor has to call in the .mil and they too start shooting unarmed citizens… all bets are off.

    This is my LAST appeal to lawyers, judges and cops… when the ENFORCERS fuck up prosecute them as you would a regular citizen! To the “only ones” I say, get the fucking wax out of your ears, the donuts out of your mouth so you can communicate on scene a bit before drawing/shooting your service pistol and go to the damn range for practice so you can hit what you aim at and not blow off half your foot. IF you don’t, then the anger out here will only get worse with increasing violence EVERYWHERE. But I guess maybe that’s what the peace officers want… along with their political masters.

    Grey Ghost

    • Rudy is or was speaking to a crowd who want trump to save them and “make amerika better” instead of them making it better themselves. If you can understand that then you’ll understand why he said cops need to save them. Obviously these people are incapable of much which is probably why they get their asses kicked by illegals and bernie bots at rallies.

      Rudy is a statist. He ruled nyc with an iron fist and trump is now sounding more and more like a statist too.

      Do as i say types.

      • Tyrone Jackson, Jr.

        No. We just need to be free to speak truth and have a job. We are giving the Jew (government) its last chance to avoid a real civil war. There is no weakness among pissed off white Trump supporters. None. We are simply saying to the government elites: handle the nigger problem or we will do it ourselves. Enough.

  12. What this story boils down is simply:

    1. No bastard with a badge can be trusted. None. NADA. Zip.
    2. The badged thugs represent the state.
    3. Those who comprise any level of .gov here in the fUSA are the enemy.

    We are in deep, deep dung.

  13. Not only is the N.Miami officer NOT ‘done’, he will be cleared and supported by his department and the local DA. In fact there is very good chance he will
    be given an official commendation for his ‘bravery’. Rule of law in America is dead. We are stuck in this festering banana republic where the armed purveyors of state sanctioned violence can do ANYTHING they choose, EVEN ON VIDEO and be assured they will NEVER be held accountable by the ‘system’. And history shows that when a ‘justice’ system becomes a
    ‘Just Us’ system vigilantism awakens and begins. What happened in Dallas and Baton Rouge is just a taste of what is coming since those in power refuse to rein in their hired muscle.

  14. Once again…….paging Jack Yantis…….The huge ego problem happens here in the hinterlands every bit as much as in the metro zips. The rurals get the dregs of the hires and they all become highway bandits for the wannabee baby towns lusting for the big city lights. Soapweed

  15. Uncle Larry

    Clearly, that negro was armed with two fists of air. Justifiable shoot. Hey, he might have had a lightning bolt on the way. You never know. Actually, the cop screwed the pooch on this.

  16., “I don’t know if you have a warrant or not because you’re not who we’re looking for.” Its not just Black people obviously, but there’s a culture variance with respect to the “Black” perception of encounter with police, and White America’s perception. You expect the police to be merely doing his job. Black people understand the police in America were first created as the ‘Slave Patrols’ whose function, attitude, and conduct towards those to be patrolled has changed very little in 200 years. The problem of police out of control is adversely affecting everybody. Race is not the issue. But, the oligarchy and the progressives use the variance in people’s perception to play their game, and the Resistance isn’t measuring up to the challenge.

  17. Chief Shirtingbull

    So we know how this ends…gutless turd DA will take it to a grand jury who will be presented with the lamest, half-hearted presentation geared toward a no-bill, so the DA can put all the blame on the grand jury. Or the cop goes to a bench trial of a sympathetic judge who will rubber stamp not-guilty verdicts on all charges. And we’re all supposed to feel awful when another handful of cops get ambushed. Or snipered. Or whatever.

  18. Shinmen Takezo

    Okay now….. this LEO with his gun comes upon this scene with a big black man trying to calm down a fat, mentally disabled man sitting on the ground, throwing a knipshion fit, with a toy truck he is chewing and dooling upon and flailing his hands all crazy like.

    So obviously this is a massive threat to the LEO’s life–soooooo, out comes a firearm because retards with Tonka Toys are part of their threat training—sooooo he has to hide behind a power pole shouting orders at an obviously mental defective (as if they are going to be understood in the first place)… all the while the black man on the ground with his hands up is explaining the situation to the LEO–so… PEW! PEW! PEW! PEW!

    “Why did you shoot me?!”

    Answer: “I don’t know.”

    Sound right to me.
    Sounds like it was all according to “poooooolicy” to me.