Grigg: We Have a “Duty” to Submit; They Have No Duty to Protect

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  1. “Im telling you JCD, Im about fed up with this anarchist cop-hating rhetoric I hear constantly from people who call themselves patriots.” – Dave

    How about some feedback from the cop who lurks around here?
    Mebbe a “rant” about integrity, honesty, and bravery?


    chirp chirp chirp chirp

    heroes, one and all…

    • What’s this “outing” you’re talking about? You asking ca to post info? Just like every other real piece of work in your life you need to coerce or buy it done?

      You’re a intelligent, handsome rich guy who does more push-ups than when you were back keeping Ivan from pushing north through the Canal Zone. Out me yourself. Hell date some smoking hot twenty year old with mad computer skills. But that would be sorta like hiring it done. Yet again

      So that little stunt body I likened you to recently, he threatened me a while back, too. Because I hurt his tiny feeling. He said some thing ominous about hoping to meet me someday and I’m certain he repeated it to himself and imagined thunder rolling in the background. Just like Rambo talking to murtoch on the radio!

      You’re a sad little man and every time you act like a horses ass and I see it I’m probably going to take the time to call it out

      Sand for the vanity Vaseline

      • Once again just more valueless drivel.
        Don’t have anything do you?

        You pathetic little troll.

      • LF,

        Isn”t it time you cease with your drivel ? You write an extensive amount of garbage that does nothing except annoy and take up bandwidth. Why don’t you present an opposing, intellectual rebuttal to tfA-t instead of your initiating trouble with him. And as you know, your remarks if spoken face-to-face would earn you a well-deserved ass kicking.

        Quit being childish. You’ll be a better man if you do. Or continue with the immaturity you exhibit that only confirms your ignorance. Then when, if, you have something of value to offer, it gets ignored because of your excessive idiocy you display opposing tfA-t. Take this advice I was once given….”Don’t like it ? Don’t read it”.

        The ball is in your court.

    • tFA-t, I think there are more PO, hanging here then you realize, I for one am amused at your rants, raves, and views. I will say that some of your rants I support, some just amuse the shit out of me.

      Theirs crazy, and then theirs fucking crazy. Guess it just depends on the day of the week.

      So until then, we’ ll leave the lights on for you.

      Uncle Dirk.

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    Just one more reason that I will never, ever, never live in the northeast. I understand that native upper New York citizens are quite patriotic and completely different from the rest of the state. I will never find out.
    You can keep your Maine lobster, I will never visit the Jersey shoreline, I have nothing in Maryland calling me, DC needs bombed out of existance, and the thought of just driving through Fauxcohantas territory makes me dizzy. It is enemy territory.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Stealth Spaniel/23July16@23:10,

      VA/NC/some parts of FL/IL/MN/WI/IA/WA/OR/CA/UT/NV/MT/CO are also best avoided as they’re infected w/ NEP-SSE/NorthEastern Politico-Social Spongiform Encephalopathy & have become similarly deranged. Residents of ID/WY/AZ/KS/OK/TX/MO/AR/SC/GA/AL/MS are, so far, successfully resisting the aforementioned virulent malady but as they’re still part of the U.S.S.A. use of truly effective anti-infection procedures is prohibited.

      Note, however, that due to the U.S.S.A.P./U.S.S.A. Politburo sanctioned admission of ever greater #s of severely infected foreign populations & its policy of re-locating same into the aforementioned as yet RA/Resistant Areas, the prospects for said RA remaining so aren’t good under current conditions.

    • What everyone should realize by now but doesn’t is that CT and NY are “battleground” states. Not “behind the lines”. The commies know that their edict fell on deaf ears in not one, but two states. Several hundred thousand people in each state said there is no way we are complying with that unconstitutional fuckery, ever. We’d rather you consider us felons. If you travel through upstate NY you see the resistance with Ban NY Safe Act signs in peoples lawn. My personal favorite is the guy with the Ma Duece in his front yard with a stool next to it. Love that freaking guy! In CT it’s the Connecticut Citizens Defense League (and several unnamed groups). For those of you who down Americans and their will to fight, ponder what it means to risk a felony and then realize that a ton of good people have already taken that risk in an overt police state (CT, MA & NY). These states are full blown police states in many aspects and yet there are folks who’ve said “Not one more inch” and backed it up. You will not see news stories about this. You will not see this on face fart. Rejoice brothers for there is a backbone in America, there is a resistance.

      • Stealth Spaniel

        Not saying I hate the Patriots there. I am sure that there are many Nathan Hales. What I am saying is that the “institutions” that those state have become is beyond scary to me. I am in Kommiefornia!! Howerer, I guess that I feel more comfortable becasue I know the danger zones. The police in those areas seem peculiarly obsessed with getting local folks hurt.
        “Not one more inch” is a great start! We should all be adhering to that.

  3. I am so thoroughly disillusioned and disgusted with cops, priests, and politicians these days, they can all rot in hell for all I care. For being professions that are supposed to be above reproach, there are far, far too many incidents occurring that should never have happened in the first place. JC Dodge, to his credit, opined that those in places of public trust should be held to a higher standard of conduct with a commensurate harsher degree of penalty for the proven offenses. Cops need to start cleaning their own stations out. No one else will be able to do it, because they will form their “blue line” of brotherhood against any “outsiders” that try to clean out the corruption that sure seems to be systemic in their systems. Think I’m going off prematurely? Read “Badge Abuse” and National Police Misconduct Reporting Project” two or three times a week for a month, then get back to me.
    Justice for Jack Yantis. Remember LaVoy Finicum.

  4. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Re: No Duty To Protect

    The general applicable law,:

    what the above means & from a Lefti, uh, ‘moderate’ source,:

    2 particularly useful examples of the above cited Sup Ct cases,:
    (The still available tv movie about this case is quite effective for countering female anti-2A cultist’s “You don’t need a gun because it’s LE’s duty/job/responsibility to protect you” claim, the following’s even more brutally so)
    (A distinct shame no one’s made/likely ever will make a well done/95% accurate tv/cinematic presentation of this case using good, well known actors/actresses, the fecal hurricane such would generate from certain socially privileged groups would be truly glorious to behold)

    & now for the LE view.:

    There you are folks, avail yourselves of the above info & use it, ah, librulleh.


  5. But still they laugh at you mere civilian peasants. They dance with joy at their bloated paychecks, benefits, and immunity from prosecution. Just look at these scumbag pigs mocking you as they feed from the taxpayer funded trough…

    Ha Ha Ha.

      • Go to the coroner office and look for the bodies in the cooler. Bunches of the homo-trans-community are rejected by their families will be buried by the county, and will sit in the cooler for quite a while. If the premise of the video is correct, this route for corpses must be excluded.

  6. Police aside, Kyle Hewitt and the unnamed man would both be alive if……..

    Little Bill: “You just shot an unarmed man”.
    William Muny: “Well, he shoulda armed his self”.

    I don’t expect to call police until after an event has occurred.
    I don’t expect any quarter from any adversary.
    Nor will I be giving any.
    The only law left in FUSA is jungle law.

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