Munich Follows Cleveland

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Wretchard’s latest; money graf:

…In the end people just go and shoot without the niceties for the convenience. By and by we will miss civilization, which is what holds barbarism and our worse natures in check. The entire apparatus of civilization is geared towards moderating raw passions it must control. The purpose of churches, custom, culture, manners and law is to restrain the Beast, because the Beast needs restraining. Unfortunately we are at a juncture where restraint may have just left town. Not only have we, in our misguided wisdom, dismantled morality, civility and even law, but on both sides of the aisle the watchword is: power by any means necessary…

Best up the PT.

You’re gonna need it.

CnZhk3mXgAA9ZyPUK Daily Mail: Witnesses said that the Munich shopping centre gunman screamed ‘I’m German’ and ‘Allahu Akbar’ before shooting

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  1. Grey Ghost

    Fuck Lincoln. He was the first tyrant from IL and in my opinion is actually worse than the second tyrant from IL whom we have currently. Though I will admit the second tyrant from IL has yet to leave office so there is still time for him to catch up to Lincoln’s murderous reign.

    BHO was once asked who his favorite President was, he replied Abraham Lincoln. I suspect it’s not because of the false narrative of “freeing the slaves” but because Lincoln thought he was above the Constitution so he did not have to follow it so he could save the UNION. Lincoln felt compelled to kill half the country and to not follow the constitution to save the Union and freeing the slaves was an additional political expediency to get the ABOLITIONISTS off his back. So BHO doesn’t have to follow the Constitution because Lincoln didn’t… precedent you understand. I say again FUCK LINCOLN.

    Take stock of your ammo and water.

    Grey Ghost

    • I would invite you to consider also that true prayer to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of the Bible has helped save our country in crisis moments in the past. It still could do the same today.

      For example, in the summer of 1863, after the Confederate troops had routed the Army of the Potomac twice within seven months, they advanced north into Pennsylvania unopposed. In those gloomy times Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a day of prayer and repentance, requesting the nation to ask of God “pardon for our national sins and the restoration of our now divided and suffering country to its former condition of unity and peace.”

      Heaven answered that plea, and our Union was restored.

      With kind regards,
      Gene Urtel

  2. Lost Patrol

    Roger that on the PT. Already lost 16 lbs and gone from 36 inch waist to 34 inch waist. Continue to build my body back up. Listened to the Oath Keepers webinar today. Very disturbing. Suggestions provided were good … however if the power goes out and stays out much of what was discussed will go out the window. In the average case; 30 days without food one will be incapacitated. 3 days without water one will be incapacitated. 3 hours without shelter or proper clothing in winter one will be incapacitated. 3 minutes without oxygen one will will be incapacitated. 3/10 of a second slower than your opponent you will be incapacitated. Plan accordingly. Average person has half a tank of fuel in their vehicle. Without electricity and fuel, food spoils, can not pump fuel or water, can not get to safety. Plan accordingly. Build community, build tribe. And for heavens sake carry weapons and spare ammo at all times … your safety and that of your friends and family will very soon require it. Train and Train with those you associate with. When the wolves come, where will you be?

    • Randall Flagg

      ” 3 hours without shelter or proper clothing in winter one will be incapacitated.” For those in the northern climates, that should be of PRIMARY concern. Nice to have all the food/ammo stored away, but won’t be all that helpful when you’re frozen solid in mid-January.

      • What a bunch of women !
        I’ll trade any of you up north in the lower 48 my spot in Houston to endure power outages. In Manchester, NH; the average daily high barely drops below 32 more than a couple of weeks a year, meanwhile in Houston, the average high stays above 95 for months with a heat index over 105. Now, I grant that a winter storm can come thru and make it so you are stuck in a no-power sub-32 home for up to a week but that happens with or without a functioning government. I’ll take the odds of surviving winter in Maine, Montana or north Dakota without power over texas or Arizona summer without power.

        • Lost Patrol

          Well Cougar, I already live in the Northern Rockies. Have most of my life, born and raised. My family goes back 3 previous generations in the Northern Rockies. I love the winters as it keeps much of the “trash” out of here. Stories I could tell you about being stuck in the back country. For the country kids it is bragging rights about being stuck in snow on some two track miles from anyone where there is no cell phone service. Yup that is right. For any folks that believe in “other’s” infrastructure, there are places in Wyoming where there is no cell phone service except possibly Union (Wyoming based only cell service) But if you have desires to come out this way I suggest you do it soon. Once things go tits up and sporty, out of state tags will be primary targets. Promise you that. So before all of that, come on out. Welcome like believers, tribe, culture and action folk.

          • Lost Patrol, I am a 63 year old nurse, veterinary assistant, firefighter, EMT who has also spent a lifetime training horses and target shooting. Still run distance and keep very fit. No matter what I do I cannot get people concerned here in southwestern Ohio about what is to come. Want to relocate and join with solid, devoted Christian patriots. Where do you recommend in No. Rockies/Wyoming?

        • You always have a choice to get the hell out of there cougar… I can find you a job in a heartbeat up here in MT…Same goes with anyone of you that lives in a statist state or city…Just need to ask…

        • Randall Flagg

          Says the man who has never encountered -40(F or C) mean temperatures or -90F wind-chills.

        • FrozenPatriot

          Heh, I agree… We’ve had 60+ day stretches where the daytime highs are below zero Fahrenheit, and the lows are -30s and -40s. I’ll take this climate any day over Phoenix when the lights turn off for good…

      • Read somewhere a story about an Indian(woo-woo)family struggling in winter to find food enough for everyone, gramma, mom, dad, aunt, kids……only so much food for so many mouths. I am not sure if it was a custom or one individuals decision to a give life to another, but story goes gramma makes the choice to disappear into the forest in the middle of winter. One day she’s there, the next day she’s gone…nary a word to anyone…but understood by everyone.

  3. Hmmmm….seems to me the anti-gunners need to consider a banning FACEBOOK. Of course, that would be an attack on a left-wing, communist owned vehicle used for dispensing leftist propaganda. How “unconstitutiinal of me.

  4. What we’re seeing now isn’t anything new. The jihadis used the same tactics a generation ago as they do today:

    • FrozenPatriot

      And the Muslim Barbary Pirates used the same tactics ten generations ago. The Marines are called “leathernecks” because of the leather shields they wore during the Barbary wars in order to thwart the muhammadan practice of beheading during battle.

  5. “The walls are down and the leaders of both the Democratic and Republican Parties have led the way in smashing them. They want the walls down and neither side will stop until they’ve had what Sherman called a bellyful. What could go wrong? It’s easy to dismantle the Constitution, but what do we do for an encore?”

    Yes indeed they are down. The chaos will only increase.Local local local.
    I had occasion to hear the Euro Propaganda Organ known as BBC this morning and the doublespeak covering coming out of Germany was breathtaking. These people have a deal with “The Beast” and it involves your sacrifice on the altar of self preservation. Cowardly scum all of them.

  6. ambiguousfrog

    Horrible this idea…

  7. Richard has some valid points, but he misses the truth of us dirt people, We are all that is holding this country together. That right there says everything.
    Who else is?

    Civil “law enforcement”, an oxymoron if there ever was one, have lost their mandate.

    Federal “law enforcement”, there is the mother of all contradictions if there ever was one also, are a laughing stock of illegitimacy. They carved that caveat in stone and sealed the sellout when they absolved the Benghazi butcher of her spectacular array of crimes.

    Corporate cronyism rules the roost. A veritable free for all of corruption and felonies where fucking the dirt people up their ass’s for sport and profit is not only condoned but encouraged to the rest of the sonofabitches profit. ar

    Our governments, state oligarchies inclusive, are anarchies.
    These elitist scum and their crony Fascists who infest corporate and bankster amerika, their axis with the feds, with their fists wrapped around the political and economic levers of power, are out of control as in there are no controls or checks on them as they are concerned. They, constitute essentially a fucking free for all of graft, treason, corruption and special interest. Whilst having the truly arrogant belief they get to shove regulations “laws” and social diktat up our arses while abandoning any and all responsibility for what they are doing to us and our country. And it is our country first and last.

    So tell me, just who and what is the moral and cultural glue holding this republic together?
    Who are all that stands in the way of an unraveling of biblical proportions?

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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    The Krauts buttered their bread. Now they will have to eat it. It will be interesting to see what the reaction will be when this happens at the Sherman Oaks Galleria, in SoCal. There are a lot of Hildabeast-worshiping (((Eskimos))) who hang out there and in the exclusive neighborhood of Encino. Achmed will have a target-rich environment.

    • Lost Patrol

      Dweezil, I think you hit the nail on the head. “… when this happens at the Sherman Oaks Galleria, in SoCal. There are a lot of Hildabeast-worshiping (((Eskimos))) who hang out there and in the exclusive neighborhood of Encino. Achmed will have a target-rich environment.” Just that this kind of information should go onto other websites. After all Achmed hates liberals too.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      Ah, the Galleria! When I was a young blossom and went to the mall to see and be seen, ShOkGal was THE place! Of course, people actually went shopping in those days. The San Fernando Valley was considered Reagan Republican territory and “the crazy liberals” were all over the hill-in LA. Now it is covered in leftist worshipping filth.

  10. Wasssisss.

    Its a lil too early to blame islam for this one. He may have just been upset and a good jobs program may have kept him from fulfilling his religious obligations.

  11. just another HOAX.

    remember this guy?

    • That piece with RT credits was a poor attempt at dubbing; back to computer toy school.

      • Yup. Just threw it in to get folks attention. 🙂

        The fact remains these are all False Flags. I have no idea if any of these casualties are real or not. Don’t really care. Where i grew up, shootings and death were pretty common events anyways. It would shock me one bit if .gov were sniping these victims themselves. They’re still false flag operations.

        Problem. Reaction. Solution.

  12. We are two days removed from the anniversary of Bloody Friday
    campaign. The muzzies are not in the same universe and if they truly are intent on acting as the hitters fer the Globals then it wont end well for them. Fuckem, with a pig bone in the eye. Aloha snackbar!

  13. Uncle Larry

    Hang Merkel. Hang Hollande. Hang ’em all.

  14. I spit up what was in my mouth, when I heard CNN go into convulsions of ecstasies about it being a “right wing extremist”. These people must live on Tums and Pepto Bismal. As usual , and with the usual dull regularity, a member of the religion of peace is responsible. I learned on the web about why these “lone wolves” suddenly go all jihad. It seems they are lapsed moslems, and having not been a good moslem, they are afraid of the pains of moslem hell. But there is a way out. Go jihad, and kill a bunch of infidels and either get killed doing it, or kill yourself after killing the infidels, and you’re in moslem paradise, guaranteed in the pig god koran. Makes sense to me, which also brings up the problem of “good moslems”. Seems there aren’t really any, just assholes waiting to “buy” their way into the shit hole called moslem heaven, or whatever. islam must be destroyed, totally.

  15. The Usual Suspect

    The media were salivating over the possibility that the
    shooter was a neo nazi white guy, they were practically
    giddy .
    I wish for once the mudslides would would start a shooting
    rampage at a event where the media were gathered , that
    would be entertainment.

    • Mark Matis

      I would prefer that those mudslides would start a shooting rampage at an event where the Elite and their enablers were gathered. That would be FAR more entertaining.

  16. agree with the article, I do not think the usa is about to turn into a nation that looks like the original mad max, but short periods where many places will have no supplies and many areas where you will be 100% on your own, even if it is just going to work and back; and relying looking like everyone else and not good target with something worth taking will happen.
    the Obama era has been like the whole country moving from the suburbs to the inner city of chcago. in 2007, you went to work, had civilzed culture, dress, good manners and were reasonably satisfied living an average American life. now, every day there is violence, job issues, lack of civility, wondering who is resenting you by your appearance and feeling more like you live in a jungle rather than the most advanced society ever created.
    I’m very close to loading up my smartphone with chopin, beethoven and bach and just keeping the headphones in the ears at all times in public so I can limit my experiences with the decline of the country.

    • You mean your giving up then because being in Condition White while in the Jungle is just asking to be genocided…How about instead get out of the Jungle and come to where you still have some freedom…As OP would say Just Saying;)

  17. Who the hell is “We”?

    Quote from Richard Fernandez (a foreign national): “Unfortunately we are at a juncture where restraint may have just left town. Not only have we, in our misguided wisdom, dismantled morality, civility and even law, but on both sides of the aisle the watchword is: power by any means necessary.”

    “We”, the average American/middle class/dirt people, are not running this circus any more than the average European is running Europe.

    This planet is run from the top down, NOT the bottom up. Implying that “We” are running, and are therefore responsible for, this nightmare is just another Fernandez mind fu**.

    (You’ll find that most people who talk in terms of “the big We” are full of sh**.)

    Did “We”, the American voter, hold a gun to government’s head to create the Federal Reserve in 1913 so we could have the good fortune to pay compound interest on the national debt?

    • If you don’t have your own country that you control you are part of the We whether you admit it or not…We as US Citizens are responsible for what happened on our watch…Are we responsible for things that happened when we were not on watch NO but we are still responsible for dealing with the consequences of those things… Even if we wanted no part of anything we still are responsible for it by living here…If you live elsewhere then you have your own We and all its problems…

      • OK, let’s follow your logic and see where it takes us. If “We” have the “responsibility”, “We” also have the authority needed to carry out this responsibility (logic). If you (it’s your concept) have both the responsibility AND the authority needed to carry out your responsibility, then what are you waiting for?

        Or, I should I ask, “Why do you appear to be highly incompetent in carrying out your duties and responsibilities?” It’s a good question, don’t you think?

        • Just because you aren’t doing shit about it doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t…My first responsibility is to my family, loved ones, friends, neighbors, and then my community…I think I’m doing a damn good job and living a pretty good life…Now I think you want me to take care of what’s troubling you and thats just not going to happen unless you become a part of thee above…So if you want to chat further name the time and place newbie…

          • Enough with the unfounded assumptions, allegations, and name calling. I don’t know you and don’t know me. IMO, reading what’s offered at WRSA is meant to improve our minds, provide some much needed entertainment, and share good info.

            My original complain/observation was with Richard Fernandez and his implication that the average American (“We”) created the crap-storm we’re living in today. Not true; you can thank operatives like George Soros, Obama, Clinton and all the big money internationalist, globalist, one-world, free-trade, TOP-DOWN bastards for a failing world economy, weaponized immigration, weak borders, and a race war about to pop off in Europe and the USA.

            Now, that being said, I think the conversation on responsibility (assumed responsibility? / unlimited responsibility?) and the authorities (assumed? / unlimited?) that flows out of that responsibility is well worth the ride.

  18. Pay attention; your clock is wrong – big time.

    Not near.

  19. The Usual Suspect

    The media are the primary enablers, they are the mouthpiece
    for the elites.
    Snap out of it.

  20. Shooting children.
    next they will be beheading them…

    Moderate muslimes indeed.

  21. Neros Lyre

    “We”my ass,I never voted for a one of the statist PoS bastards.I learned my lesson well during the LBJ/Nixon/Carter days.You have rats on one side and vultures on the other,yeah vote.Win or lose you have given your consent to be governed slave.Stinkin Lincoln drove a stake through the heart of the dying republic,democracy rules now.Play their game or vote your”conscience”and feel all better.