República Bananera Para La Vida!


Breitbart: HRC VP Kaine Speaks Spanish, Promises Amnesty By May, 2017

Money (heh) quote:

…He also used Spanish to describe his Catholic faith and his plan for immigration reform.

“In our administration in the first 100 days we’ll put forward a comprehensive immigration reform package that includes a path to citizenship,” he shouted…

As the US Chamber of Commerce golf-claps in the background.


12 responses to “República Bananera Para La Vida!

  1. Treason, it’s what’s for breakfast.

  2. Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan: traitors separated at birth. Maybe they can share the same trial and the same tree.

    • Mark Matis

      Along with Post Turtle and Johnny McShame and San Fran Nan and Dirty Harry and Eric the Red and…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Why would the newly naturalized Nortamericanos try them or hang them? Folks will have to win a civil war and extradite them from somewhere before either see the business end of a courtroom.

      • How did Israel take care of missing Nazi’s in 1960’s/1970’s or Munich shooters? Attribution and credit is not needed for Justice to be served.

  3. “Promises Amnesty By May, 2017”. One of the things I did learn from Obama is whatever is wanted by those at the governmental controls, it is never fast enough for them(or enough). If the democrats would have just slow played illegal immigration, Trump wouldn’t have had “the wall” to run on and most likely by 2024 Texas would become purple and they would own the country forevermore to do with as they saw fit; but they want it all asap. The people in charge know make the King of England before the American revolution look like a proper gentleman.

  4. Mark, why not say “all of the dumbocrats and. 95% of the republicraps.

  5. “Illegals coming to America? It’s an Act of Love.”
    Mr. Make America Mexico Again, 2014

  6. Bucephalus

    It seems like it is unstoppable

  7. Doesn’t matter who wins. CWII is already here; can’t be avoided. Think of 2016 as if it were 1860. It’s been coming since 1965. It’s going down and there’s not a damned thing anyone can do to stop it.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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