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Refugee blues.

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  1. However the 2nd amendment means nothing if the vast majority of the populous still (even after all these mass shootings) obey gun free zone edicts.

    Everyones out buying guns thinking ahmed is gunna come to their driveway. No hes gunna find some crowd of unarmed morons to slaughter. Some of those morons just bought shiney new guns that are nice and cozy in their safe…. At home.

  2. The Usual Suspect

    Don’t bring a Estwing, to a Glock fight.


    Ax versus revolver. Game over. Oh, wait, I’m a resident of Eurabia. I am forbidden to carry a firearm. The agents of the government will protect me. NOT!

  4. The Left is laughing itself sick at the so-called “freedom movement”

    They don’t even recognize it, and why should they?

    The ‘freedom movement” is it’s own worst enemy. Between the so-called
    oathkeepers, cuckservitives, law-abiding, Stockholm Syndrome flag wavers, badge worshipers, and the common trolls that we see here on a daily basis, is it any wonder there isn’t any unity?

    Wanna know what the biggest weapon the leftists have in their toolbox?


    If you rely on taxpayer-funded assistance, or are in debt past your armpits and owe on your, home, car, boat, bike, edumacation, and credit cards, you just aren’t part of a viable solution. Seems the murkins didn’t watch enough sitcoms after skrewl.

  5. The globalists and their lefty dupes…

    committing suicide by jihadi.

    Cutting of their own heads to spite the Light.

    Some entirely new terminology is needed to describe this galactic level of hubris, narcissism/self loathing, psychotic pathology, blind devotion to demonstrably false paradigms and ideologies, infantile tantrums, insanity and plain old hate… < as encompassing as those terms are, they are simply inadequate.

    I offer the age old encyclopedic term for human fallibility…


    There are only two remedies.



    Our enemies are by their own choices, beyond hope of the first and careening headlong into the second.


  6. Hey, it was another case of workplace violence totally unrelated to Islam. So let’s just get back to making sure nothing happens to offend the sensibilities of the cultural enrichers our enlightened leaders are bringing in to spread the blessings of diversity far and wide.

  7. apparently another loner that uses steroids

  8. This poor young man was confused until he found Allah, now he has put all the pieces together, but first he plans to hack them apart with an ax.

  9. Syrian refugee kills woman and injures others with machete in Reutlingen Germany | Daily Mail Online

  10. Double tap to the head. Problem solved.

  11. Jeffery in Alabama

    Oh, don’t pay him any mind. That is just “Lone Wolf Mohamed”.

    Below is a link to a story that broke earlier today where a haji (poor Syrian refugee and probably an orphan) hacked a pregnant woman to death and seriously injured two others with a machete in Germany. Move along. There is nothing to see here.