Diversity Is Our Strength


ZH: 27-Year-Old Syrian Suicide Bomber Confirmed Behind German Music Festival Attack That Killed Him, Injured 12

UK Daily Mail: Syrian refugee, 21, hacks PREGNANT woman to death with a machete and injures two others before hero BMW driver runs him over, in latest attack to shock Germany


german girls refugees welcome

17 responses to “Diversity Is Our Strength

  1. Unbelievable ! Now twice a day. If Trump loses to Hillary, he should look into the restrictions on foreigners for elections in European countries in 2017, win one or put in his picked candidate and proceed to show up Hillary.

  2. just plain todd

    i gotta admit, i have dune coon fatigue. i just don’t care. let europe burn they ordered it, now they can eat it. we are probably next. it doesn’t matter. mankind has outlived his usefulness anyway. fukit. i’m going on vacation and riding old trains next week. i’m tapped out with all the bad juju. time to enjoy the decline! good luck all.

    • second. going to be spending time in the cool mountain air of Breckenridge, CO this week and i decided to do that after the Dallas cop murders. This country and the west are going down, you better enjoy some of it as it is and “Enjoy The Decline”(hattip to the captain).

  3. Truth Corps

    Germany needs more diversity. I recommend the American negro. All the white kids here worship them (when they’re not being raped and murdered by them)
    Yay Diversity!

  4. The stupidity of these ‘intelligent’ women, who imported these known monsters into their country, boggles the mind. There was a cartoon a week ago where the statue of liberty was climbing off her throne, holding an AR and telling a burning France ” I’m on my way”.
    Bullshit, not this time. They imported the devil into their midst. Now they have to dance with him.

  5. “the crowd shouted abuse at the attacker”

    “authorities are unsure of a motive”

  6. Mike Bishop

  7. And this is why you don’t put women in charge, let them in the military or even let them vote. They open the gates, let invaders in, and generally aren’t loyal.

    • ^ This.

      They are biologically wired to nurture helpless, pathetic things. Now that’s a necessary and good thing when it’s their own offspring, but since the modern nihilistic West has promoted childlessness they no longer have the proper and natural outlet for their nurturing instinct. Instead they latch onto various ersatz replacement children — the proverbial cat ladies with their colony of felines, and now the functionally retarded cavemen being imported en masse.

      A safe, stable, and productive society needs to be a patriarchy. Women in particular need a patriarchy for their own good.

      • Not only are they wired to nurture helpless, pathetic things, they are biologically hardwired to open the gates to allow mates that are possibly stronger than their current ones in then allow them to fight and mate with the winner. Read Rollo Tomassi’s “War Brides” article if you haven’t.

        Also consider, that in a number of species, including Lions, Primates and Wolves, when a new Alpha male takes charge of the pack/herd, he goes and kills all the young cubs and babies from the previous Alpha. The females respond by promptly going in to Heat.

        Women cannot be trusted to defend a nation in any capacity. So this whole “Tactical Princess” trend needs to end and these young women of child bearing age need to be paired with suitable men and start being giving children. Daddy should be encouraging and sorting mates for her, not taking her to the range to show her off in front of his buddies like a son he never had.

  8. when will we see the German men go on the offensive? has it happened already but their leaders put the story in the dark?

    when it happens here what will we do? I don’t see them in my rural area. lots of Indians running liquor stores but they are not insane like Muslims.

    will you be able to conduct ops on a family or community of Muslims? like how the Serbs did in BiH? start on one side of a village and kill every person as you move thru?

    how pissed do you have to get? then how will the regime react? I don’t know but I have been running the MDMP on just said operation.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      All those post-45 efforts to demilitarize the German mind worked. The Allies were too successful by half, if not three-quarters.

    • Cavguy,

      Today’s German male is not the man the men of the Waffen-SS were.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. OK, what is a “doner kebab stand”?