Quote Of The Week


…I don’t expect to call police until after an event has occurred.

I don’t expect any quarter from any adversary.

Nor will I be giving any.

The only law left in FUSA is jungle law.

— WRSA Reader

10 responses to “Quote Of The Week

  1. Then why call them at all?

    Shit, if the thugs didn’t show up during the event, then what they don’t know can’t be used against you. It wouldn’t matter if some armed murderer broke in your home at night raping your dog, they’d find a way to charge you with killing the scumbag.

    Fuck. The. poLICE.

    • Mark Matis

      And kill their whores.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      They do provide some value as investigators after the fact, though their effectiveness varies greatly from department to department.

  2. The Usual Suspect

    Hope ya’ll did not just figure this truism out.
    As a young man just back from the unpleasantness,
    I swore I would never live here in the sticks again.
    Times change, people adapt or become part of
    the menu.
    10 years ago I came back home to a place that can
    accurately be described as the national redoubt.
    I will make my stand here, what about you ?
    You really think this will be a free and fair election ?
    That after the dog and pony show w/FBI Director
    licking Hillary’s nuts, the demoncrats will just let
    you put an end to a 100 year struggle to subvert the
    You best get where your going or be overtaken by

    • The Usual Suspect,

      “As a young man just back from the unpleasantness….”

      What were you doing in Chicago ?

  3. I like it!!!

  4. Coincidentally, just yesterday, I had one of tne local Staatspolizei knock on the door of my abode. When I answer it he tells me he is “investigating” a burglary of a neighbor’s garage. After his explanation for interrupting my Sunday afternoon in my own home, he asks me to provide him my drivers license ! Asking the badge thug why he wants my D/L he tells me “To prove I talked with you.” I tell the badged thug….”No ! Now get off my property !” The thug leaves.

    Un-fucking-believable ! They come to your residence and want you to produce identification for “proof” ? I’m surprised he didn’t want to shoot my dogs.

    There are no good cops/po-LICE/LEOs. None. NADA. Zip. Fuck them all and their supporting entourage of copsuckers !

    • I had a dog catcher cunt do that awhile back. I met her in the driveway. She started asking questions about the neighbors dogs. I told her I didn’t know they had any… as it was outside barking -lol. Then the bitch asked if I had any pets, I said no, as my cat was in the window.. LOL. Then she asked me my name, I looked at her in disbelief, cut her off, and asked her her name. Then she seen my pistol hanging out of my front pocket, got all nervous and left…

      Who the fuck do they think they are? I did the research and located her home… Now her name is on the to do list too.

    • No surprise there. I once had a half dozen of those quivering fearful creatures surround my house and force me out to provide them ID because they were seeking my neighbor (he’s Mexican). The reason they needed my ID was so I could prove I wasn’t him….. I’m blonde and blue-eyed….. I found it hilarious watching them peer from behind trees and cars with their hands on their little glocks even after they’d seen with their own eyes that I probably wasn’t Mexican, was outnumbered 6-1 AND unarmed at the time. Having that experience, I gleefully informed jose that he was being hunted when he arrived home. Fuck. Them. I just hope he was smart enough to get gone before they found him.

  5. Rumble in the Jungle…..