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  1. It’s actually a shame of the wikileaks for her. I saw recent video of her at a Hillary rally and looks like she finally found someone that make he hair like a normal person and not someone who shampoos with mayonnaise. even so, I think on looks alone, I’d still rather spend quality time with the star of my big fat fabulous life.

  2. Funny Twitter. Wasserman Shultz not so much. Make no mistake. This is a hardcore marxist, one of the powers behind Obama’s throne. She’d murder you, your family and countless others without so much as a metaphorical reach around if it would advance the communist agenda.. These are conscienceless demons with human form. Don’t ever doubt it.

  3. in a way, the Wasserman-Schultz is refreshing…because she violates a Type. Jews are generally considered intelligent. But Debbie is a complete idiot

  4. pretty sure in this instince the priapism would be measured in seconds not hours

  5. I would not find that strange creature attractive even at closing time, much less after any sort of conversation.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      I’d recommend heroin – that way, if you don’t love it, at least you won’t remember it.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Neros Lyre

    Shes what my buddies used to call a “2 bagger”,a bag for your head in case hers fell off.

  8. just plain todd

    why do all these stoooopid lib bitches look sooooo horrible? good grief that’s reason enough to be a conservative liberty minded individual. i wouldn’t touch her with my best friend’s dick and someone else pushing.

  9. Theyre so full of evil it seeps through their skin to form a visual such as that twitter pic.


    That creature goes way beyond the definition of coyote ugly. Seriously, Salty Dog is spot on. I ran into several of her type at Cal-State Northridge in the 1960’s. Ugly, hate-filled Marxist Jewesses and their pussy-whipped boyfriends who were donating blood to the Viet Cong and vandalizing the campus. Then, they took a shower, went to law school, and went to work as apparatchiks for Bill and Hillary.

    • “Then, they took a shower, went to law school, and went to work as apparatchiks for Bill and Hillary.”

      And now they’re back, hiring Mooselimbs to kill us and the plan is going quite well. But not to worry, teh Donald will save us. He will make America something again, you’ll see. The fall of Rome pales in comparison to this shit show. The producers of Idiocracy have committed seppuku since they realized just how far past their satire we’ve gone. We need to stop them, they don’t give a fuck about us and will wait us out til we are dead from lack of insurance or to addled by SSRI’s to see straight enough to shoot them in the face. They want the kids, and they have them. The college system is now 100pct full on indoctrination. Chairman Mao could not have done better. Uncle Joe called the DNC from his grave for pointers.


        Tom: You’re right, the Fall Of Rome does pale in comparison to this shit show. But, WE HAVE NOT FALLEN YET. I can still handle a rifle, shotgun, and handgun better than any squat-to-pee SJW(male/female/undecided). Remember, my brother, these hysterical cry-babies have not yet experienced the Wrath Of The Saxon. CT and NY, despite all of their pronouncements have an extremely low compliance rate.
        We are still in the talking stages and the wild card out there is Achmed and his pals. The lump swept under the rug is too big to hide. Do not be surprised if the next “incident” involves a Chris Stevens-donated Stinger versus a 747 on climb-out from LAX. Just like BLM, the Marxist-Leftist-Collectivist ruling class in Amerika has created another Frankenstein’s Monster they cannot control or get out in front of. And, IF Robert Gore is right, there won’t be many ORCS around to collect worthless paychecks to keep the Leviathan lurching forward.
        Notice how the stories about Venezuela and Greece do not make the front burner any more? People are still starving, angry, and without much hope. Keep your fingers crossed about the forecast economic correction(s). That will be the game changer. Bleib ubrig.

  11. I would’nt even let my dog have sex with that thing.

    • Mark Matis

      I wouldn’t even OWN a dog which would want to have sex with that thing.

      • Mark Matis

        I wonder if, whenever she sees a dog, she runs over to it and humps its leg…

  12. Dee Snider puts his makeup on better.

  13. I cannot fap to this…… I’m no quitter, I tried, I really did,……