Amerikan Party Congress

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  1. lol, the gender confused masses living in their mom’s basements will fall in line and vote for her. this is all just for show. She’ll promise them something for nothing and they’ll buy into it. they’re simple like that.

  2. Stalin’s “concealed carry” technique is somewhat obvious. Meanwhile, Yezhov contemplates his new, albeit brief career (note nearby canal) as Minister of Inland Water Transport. Molotov, as usual, remains opaque. I don’t know who the fourth communist is, maybe Voroshilov

    • You win. Voroshilov it is.

      • certainly an amazing pair of photos. Apparently a lightening-fast left elbow from Stalin flipped the little guy right into the canal. Neither Voroshilov or Molotov appear to have noticed a thing. But I detect a slight difference in Stalin’s facial expression: in the first photo – contemplating the evil deed – he looks slightly amused…in the second, completely composed. Note also the more disturbed water in the second picture. And the fact that the photographer, appalled by Stalin’s evil deed, has jumped back in horror. This is all basic Kremlinology

      • He is one knowledgeable anti-Semite, isn’t he, CA?

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  4. Grey Ghost

    For those who have forgotten their Russian history and the difference between a Bolshevik and a Menshevik, see the link below:

    Grey Ghost

  5. Muzzle Blast

    Long ago I read “Welcome to Russia, where our past is even more uncertain than our future.” Welcome to today’s USA …