And That’s That

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Remember: diversity is our strength.

In other words, your sex and your race matter more than intellect, accomplishment, or any other metric of objective merit.

The use of the term “objective” itself is a microaggression denying the personal truth belonging to each person and indicative of patriarchal, cisgendered, sexxxxxisss, waaaaacisss badthink.

Got it?

german girls refugees welcome

40 responses to “And That’s That

  1. Why don’t those cute little eurogirls just flop and spread ’em, already?

    • Mark Matis

      They probably already have. And continue to do so every night.

      • Virgil Kane

        They will…voluntarily or forced. Every white female peasant will be raped before this is over.

  2. The Ghost of Will Rogers

    I wouldn’t want to be a part of any country that would have me as a citizen.

  3. No. White European women younger than 30 are also welcome. They make great wives and mothers while putting competition pressure on our idiotic home born white women to know their roles. No IQ test for white women.

    • Morals test for desirable females (healthy, young). Intelligence, psychopath/criminality test, and religious test for healthy young males. Madrassa training/indoctrination or family connection to Islam should be grounds for exclusion, without appeal or notice for the reason. Immigrants should improve a country individually, culturally and economically. Many of our H1-b visa “temporary workers” (who are taking American tech jobs from natives by accepting half-pay) would qualify to be immigrants by age/IQ/health.

      The problem with domestic women is the problem with American men. Tough times will fix this “problem” and many other current issues, for survivors.

    • The 3 “geniuses” in the pic above are European. It pays to be a touch more selective about breeding stock. Your hearty, über genius DNA is only half the equation. Most (Western) European wimmins of breeding age have been selected for pro socialist tendencies. Hate to burst your baby-making fantasy. Boom chicka-wah-waaaa.

  4. And not only that, but a formal declaration that islam is NOT a religion, but a political thugocracy designed to turn nations into garbage. Along with a general crime code that states with complete certainty that anyone who adheres to islam has the choice of immediate deportation or a hanging.

    • “And not only that, but a formal declaration that islam is NOT a religion, but a {political thugocracy ed.} demonic plot designed to turn nations into {garbage ed.} Hell.”

      Fixed it fer ye!

  5. THEY will be the first ones that will yell the loudest when they get their pussies packed full of Syrian sausage . These little millennial snowflakes have been taught to believe “all you have to do is say no”. Yeah, right.
    You go girl………

    • Nah, they are virtue signaling. “I’m a good anti-fascist. I date Muslims. ” Or they are just trying to piss Daddy off: “Screw you Dad! I’m gonna bang ALL the Syrians!!!”
      When they get gang raped they will blame Hans and Fritz not Mohammed and Ali.

  6. Cap’n Capitalism has a very good piece tangent to the decline —

  7. Diversity IS our strength — .223, 5.56, 7.62, .308, .45acp, 9mm, .50, et. al.

  8. Perhaps euro girls like the smell of 5 day old BO mixed with cheap cologne.

  9. I’d be willing to go as low as 115 on IQ…

  10. I’ve stopped trying to educate others regarding “immigration” and how it pertains to the intentional deconstruct of the West. To paraphrase Denninger, I’m going to spend any relatively peaceful time remaining enjoying the love of family and the company of friends. Kind of like being suited up, sitting on the bench in the locker room and waiting to take the field.

  11. Jimmy the Saint

    Of course, the people with 120+ IQs tend to vote overwhelmingly in favor of collectivist shit, so pretty soon that immigration law would get junked.

    • There is a sweet spot for male IQ where they are smart enough to be NCO’s but not so smart that they need to depopulate the world. It’s in the “functional executive manager” range of 105-120. You’ve got to have at least 10% of your male population this smart to fix and lead. Freakin’ geniuses need to invent new stuff under supervision, not manage people (esp. not politics!). Bill Clinton has a really high IQ, fer example.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Just can’t overcome that pesky trait called human nature. Some will always endeavor to rule, no matter what.

      • Bang!

        “Fallen” human nature, to which we are all subject.

        “It is human weakness, and you cannot kill that with a gun.” The crippled assassin, speaking to Bob Lee Swagger in “Shooter.”

        • Jimmy the Saint

          ““It is human weakness, and you cannot kill that with a gun.” ”

          Ja. Ve found zat CO gas und Zyklon B ver far more efficient at killing human veakness.
          – Aktion T4 staff

          • It’s the old problem of specific versus general deterrence.

            Regardless of the effect on the general population, ShiThead (pronounced Shi-THEED) there will do no more harm once he’s done on the gallows.

            That’ll do.

            • Clarity is good.

              Someone wrote here recently on the difficulties of changing demographics/trends. Such used to require wholesale, personal hand to hand slaughter, Tamerlane style. As with many other things, technology has made it simpler, cleaner and easier than ever. All it takes is the recognition of existential threat and the will to wield the weapon.

              ShiThead AND his breeding grounds………..

              Human weakness remains, however. And nothing short of God Almighty can change that on a Grand and Final Scale. It’s in the Plan though and, individually, you can each do it right now for yourselves………

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Things are getting interesting in Orthodox Europe.


      Mr. Hines. Interesting read. I’ll wait to see what happens after the parades and chest-thumping. 100K dead invaders would be a good start, along with the Pols who let them in.

  14. Atlas Shrug

    Actually that policy is not so far off from Japan’s right now. No IQ test per se, but they pretty much have the other part right.

    Keep your powder dry.
    Atlas Shrug

  15. Welcoming the so called refugees, these girls have not clue what horrific consequences that will have in the near future for the people of the western world.

  16. Definitely waaaacist. That awkward Jensen study, The Bell Curve, and my lying eyes tell me exactly what that country would look like. Much as we all like to pretend smart people are the answer, let us not forget the Homo in Chief and Killary likely meet the IQ test. Smart =/= good…or brave…or selfless…or the idea that you shouldn’t murder the young and force me to pay for the ‘common good’ at gunpoint (taxes). Besides, if your country soaked up every possible 120+ person you’d have 40-60M people max. The border security and amount of nukes you’d need to keep ‘Merica from ‘democratizing’ you and an invasion of immigrants looking to exploit your country would be mind boggling. It’d make PRNK look like amateur hour, but maybe then we’d finally get those flying cars.

    • Agreed, but the correct answer cannot be “no standards, except for claimed shitpit of origin”.

      • Oh absolutely. I don’t even believe in granting citizenship to immigrants. You want to be an American? Sorry, buddy. You can still be a valuable participant in our society, but citizenship is sacred, it’s a birthright. Your kids? If they were born here. I want people here to put down roots, willing to forsake their country just so their KIDS can be citizens. Oh, and you want that quasi-citizen status? Put your time in, 2-4 years of state or local service in some non-military capacity. You get one shot, don’t mess up. And that’s for Europe and Japan. Immigration should be a couple thousand a year, not tens of thousands a month. Think the real life equivalent of Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. That’s at least approaching the correct answer. For the record I’m ok with an IQ requirement (better measurement than diplomas) for immigrants, among other things. Just don’t believe it’s the be all end all, just a piece of the be all end all.

    • Chocolate homo in chief may have IQ 20% higher than average black but that doesn’t make it 120. Probably 95-105.

  17. Neros Lyre

    Theres only one sure cure for it.Barring some cataclysmic event the euroweenies are done.We may not be far behind given that 2nd and now even 3rd gen jihadjis are popping up in places where they were born of”immigrant”parents.They are citizens of those countries now.This will go on for generations unless….its already way too late to hope for closed borders or tighter immigration policies.The elite players know this and they either outright pander to the morons or flipflop constantly to different degrees in the attempt to”win”.It doesn’t matter whos in charge they will only do the minimum if anything and the enablers and maniacs are among us and more are being born every minute.