Now, It’s Getting In Tents

Now It's Getting In Tents 1

Stilton goes turbo on the DNC.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 7.09.37 PM

Note also this piece from Bob Owens:

BREAKING: Democrat Delegate Confesses Clinton Plot to Ban All Guns

Close with Banzai:


30 responses to “Now, It’s Getting In Tents

  1. Debbie doesn’t have long for this world, she knows too much.

  2. Mike Bishop

    She seriously needs to quit washing her hair with mayonnaise…

  3. RE: The delegates speaking to a gun ban. I’d analogize them to children who decide to hitchhike, wholly unaware of the possible consequences that await them. I’ve never questioned the intellect of leftists. But like teenagers, they live in adult bodies with the emotions of a 16 year old. In short, they never grew up. And like teenagers, they’re wholly unaware they have childlike minds. That’s why CWII is inevitable. They’ll have to be grounded.

  4. Heil Hitlery!

  5. The Usual Suspect

    No thanks , like the proverbial Hotel California, of song.
    You can check in, but you can never check out.

  6. SameNoKami

    Democrat Delegate Confesses Clinton Plot to TRY TO Ban All Guns.
    Fixed it.

  7. SameNoKami

    Be really interesting to see your comment come to pass.


    Don’ waste your time with these scumbags. Keep prepping, watching, and listening. After the dust clears, look for a dearth of ammo. Stock up now!

  9. SameNoKami

    Gotta admit that even with no mayo’ that’s one uuuuggglllyyy heifer.

  10. What the fuck is the deal with jews wanting to disarm civilians?! It’s like the fuckwits didn’t pay ANY attention to 20th century history. Go ahead and get in the fuckin oven if you want, I’m gonna pass on that invitation if it’s all the same to you, dumbfucks.

  11. Just think Mike, the fuckers are spectacularly imploding, all on their own.
    This is just the beginning, when they are about to take their last twirl around the drain, it is going to coincide with their crony capitalists strip mining the greenback of it’s last 3% of it’s value.
    Get it, III Percent?

    They sowed the wind and that wind is what is doing the reaping. It is a beautiful sight to behold tell you what.

    Lincoln said: “You can’t fool all the people all the time.
    The clinton’s and the entire political machine needs a similar motto:
    “You can’t fuck all the people all of the time”

    I got over a half century under my belt watching these clowns soil their own beds. Never seen such pushback, like Casius Clay said, “I’ll hit you so many times you’ll think your surrounded”
    They wouldn’t quit the lying and screwing their grandmother for the last nickel. This stuff is happening because of a preference cascade. Payback is beyond their control now, and the comeuppance is beginning. It’s a political brushfire war. And so far nobody has had to fire a shot or waste money on a rope either. Lot of people got it in for the political class. Cold Anger Mike, Cold Anger. It couldn’t happen in a better way. They are drowning in a sea of exposure of illegitimacy and corruption.
    Political corruption Armageddon.

  12. “BREAKING: Democrat Delegate Confesses Clinton Plot to Ban All Guns”

    This isn’t BREAKING news to us.

  13. May our enemies around the globe take pity on us. Russia won’t attack, Putin is laughing too hard to be able to push the button. JinPing is too busy dumping T Bills to care. Scary times indeed.

  14. You have to remember one thing.

    History is written by the victors…

    “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic”.

    ~ Dresden James

  15. Grey Ghost

    That the DEMONCRAPS have been lyin’ about the guns should come as no surprise to anyone here. That their rigged system on both sides of the aisle is being exposed this year should come as no surprise after 7.5 years of the magic smiling negro and his Marxist friends (D & R) in the District of Criminals.

    Grey Ghost

  16. quote: “It’s like the fuckwits didn’t pay ANY attention to 20th century history.”

    They learned their lessons, in a secular sense anyway. They believe they will be in control of everything this time. As in the above comment about mental maturity. They cannot conceive in their minds the magnitude of the backlash.

  17. the Jews are in the saddle now. Controlling everything from the Central Bank downwards. They intend to put you and yours – Whites – in the open-borders oven. Easier done, though, if they get you disarmed first. Dweezil’s probably right: they’ll attack the ammo supply & magazines, not so much the guns. And if past behavior is any guide, Trump would be as deadly as Clinton on this issue

  18. Jimmy the Saint

    Shit, it isn’t even news.

  19. SemperFi, 0321

    Funny, but I’ve always wondered if it won’t all just collapse under it’s own weight one day from all the lies and corruption.
    May become a reality soon, then what do we do with all the extra food and ammo? 🙂

  20. There is chaos at the convention. Hillary’s name is booed every time it’s mentioned. And it’s Putin again. Hillary and Bill finally found someone as smart as them and even more ruthless. After Hillary reneged on the uranium deal she signed with Putin, she sent Victoria (Nazi) Nuland to over throw the legally elected, pro Russian, Ukrainian govt, and then called Putin another Hitler. But this time she wasn’t dealing with the wimpy republicans, or even Trump. Putin is old school KGB. He had his experts hack both Hillary’s email and the DNC email. Then he turned them over to Wikileaks who released a part of the thousands last Friday and that has turned the Democratic convention into a dumpster fire. Assange has said that the next batch he releases will get Hillary indicted. As of today, she is unelectable. If the dems wanna stay in power, Obama may have go full Erdogan on us. A false coup and a roundup of the usual suspects.

  21. The only thing collapsing will be the poor as they are piled into a deep pit and being covered with heavy earth.

    or maybe super operator guys like doug will overthrow the gubmint and retake their liberty – fat chance.

    My monies on the rich getting richer, and the poor getting -dead.

  22. A remarkably true statement by DJ. Tell a Christian “Jesus wasn’t speaking to you!”

    To quote Ursula on whether or not to call Hitler a criminal (she would not): “I know, in every person, there is a spark of the Divine.”

    This is an out and out new age (satanic – Gen 3, “ye too shall be as gods”) lie. Anyone who believes such is deceived and as such renders testimony suspect on very deep levels. We are all criminals (Rom 3:23) with zero “divine” sparks within us (Jer 17:9). This is why Christ had to pay the ultimate price on our behalf.

    She claims that Hitler felt “called” to his “task”. Of that I am not surprised at all. Do not all world leaders feel “called”… that they are somehow doing “gods work”?

    Luke 4:5-6… “And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.”

    World leaders are “called”.

    2 Cor 4:3-4… “But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”

    The god of this world is supreme at what he does. Counterfeiting God (Isa 14:12-14). Gods work in the world today is one of reconciliation (2 Cor 5:17-21) before it is everlasting too late. Nothing more, nothing less.

    All that said, I don’t believe anything I read in “history” books. 9/11 is a lie, JFK, Pearl Harbor… who can know the absolute truth in any of these matters (aside from God)? It is too deeply hidden in the bowels of lucifer worshiping secret societies. There is only one book, I believe, that can be believed.

    She closes with brief commentary on the Talmud. Mans religion leads to no good things as it ALWAYS elevates one man over another. She should read the protocols of the elders of zion if she’d like to be even more horrified at the capacity for humans to despise and manipulate other humans.

    It is so very sad how the Old and New Testaments/Covenants (agreements God did make with the nation
    Israel) are completely misunderstood today, and the human depravity to which such misunderstanding has led. It is intentional.

  23. Cassandra (of Troy)

    General & particular pro-2A ads that write themselves.:

    #1.: Dated articles from ‘major, respected’ publications ‘proving’ that “America’s inundated by violent (& especially gun) crime” & that more/stricter ‘gun control’ is the solution followed by articles from same disputing the initial premise

    #2.: Dated/location identified video of various academic/LE/political ‘experts’ proclaiming that American violent crime rates “are out of control/the worst EVAH/”the country’s A WAR ZONE” & that more/stricter ‘gun control’ is the solution followed by dated/location identified video disputing the initial premise

    #3.: Dated/location identified video of Obubo repeatedly saying the above followed by dated/location identified video of Him saying the opposite

    General tag line for all of the above,:

    Since both can’t be true, which lie do you want America to believe?; w/ the first particular follow-on being either the NRA Fdtn or JPFO logos & the 2nd particular follow-on being the TRUMP PENCE 2016 logo w/ the orientation going from top left diagonally very slightly to bottom right i.e.,


    Dunno if that came out right but you get the point.

  24. Cassandra (of Troy)


    “My monies on the rich getting richer, and the poor getting -dead.”

    Historically accurate observation, but there’re also those pesky exceptions that occur from time to time that’re catastrophic for the ‘elites’ in power when they arise.

  25. Cassandra (of Troy)


    Some confirmation for the Shrillary pic statement.:

  26. Not gonna happen anytime soon, the peasants are too busy running on the hamster wheel and stabbing their fellow man in the back to stay one step ahead of a sheriffs auction.

  27. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Jimmy the Saint/25July16@23:43,

    The Fudds/similar ‘responsible American gun owners’ would dispute that such a dastardly accusation of LEFTocrat perfidy is true because the LEFTocrats haven’t specifically told them such, kinda like they disbelieve that confiscation isn’t happening since THEIR guns haven’t as yet been taken. Whether such are afflicted w/ one or both of the following maladies is a matter of debate.:

  28. Cassandra (of Troy)


    Democrat Delegate Confesses Clinton Plot to try to ban all guns that don’t protect & help Democrats &/or Clinton allies


  29. Cassandra (of Troy)


    “They cannot conceive in their minds the magnitude of the backlash.”

    While that may be arguably true generally, those at the upper levels DO know what’s coming & just how bad it’ll be & are making/already have made plans to avoid the consequences of their actions in as much safety/security as they can manage. And that DOESN’T exclude non-Judaics or non-whites. Also don’t discount that such will kill everyone but certain serf populations off should they become seriously endangered.

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