RNC Wrap-Up

Cruz 7.21.16

Courtesy of Comrade Ushanka.

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  1. That bit about his old man fleeing Cuba with a C Note sewn in his skivies choked me up.

  2. The butthurt being displayed by Trumpettes because someone didn’t bow down to him would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous. People who have been so staunchly against the whole idea that voting can actually save us are now so far up Trump’s ass that they need Google Maps to get back out. They tie themselves in knots trying to rationalize his behavior and ideas, and now they’ve turned into the right wing version of the 0bamaites. And now they want everyone who has reservations about Trump to do exactly what they themselves always refused to do, which is simply unite behind the nominee simply because he has the letter R after his name. Had Trump somehow been denied the nomination, there is no way many of the Trumpettes would have ever been willing to support someone else.

    I also find it funny to see them all working their brains overtime to convince everyone that they were always a fan of Chris Christie now that’s he’s on Trump’s team. Lol at them.

    The Trumpettes will get the statist they deserve, whether it’s Clinton or Trump. Unfortunately they are going to take the rest of us down with them and then blame the Liberty movement for it.

    • Flatlander


    • Hmmm, it seems to me people are suggesting that whacking one politician is the same thing as supporting another politician that was once his opponent in an election. I don’t see it. All politicians need whacking. One does not necessarily become a Trump cheerleader by taking a shot at Cruz.

    • Anyone who doesn’t see the difference between Trump and the lifetime criminal and Wall Street whore that is Hillary has serious problems….

    • jbryan314 – Spot on.

  3. “if you don’t stand by Israel, you don’t stand by Ted Cruz”

    – Cruz

  4. FrozenPatriot

    …and here I thought it was decades of government schools, idiot-box programming, and diminishing morals which gave us Trump and his supporters…

    If worse is better, Hitlery 2016.

  5. Ah. Voting for a new King….

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. I voted with my conscience and didnt vote for anyone.

  8. I wouldn’t think I could get more disgusted and in disbelief of a “conservative republican”, but Cruz proved me wrong. Cruz’s self serving speech was just about the worst thing he could do for Trump and other republicans in 2016 and best thing he could do for Hillary. I have since emailed him and told him I would work to primary against him in 2018. You don’t show like Kaisch didnt if you cannot support him. I do think Cruz and Obama may turn out to be good friends one day, they are both self-serving pricks; Trump is Mr. Manners by comparison.

    • Cruz secured a large number of republican delegates and is therefore entitled to speak at the republican convention whether he supports Trump or not, whether anyone likes it or not. It’s the party convention, not the Trump coronation event. Licking Trump’s boots is not a requirement for being allowed a platform to speak. Too many of you are forgetting that not one of us owes any loyalty to any party. It amazes me how many of you have become “party first” soldiers. Amazing and disgusting.

      • Mark Matis

        Too bad about Teddy’s promise to support the party’s candidate, back when lyin’ Ted and the REST of the maggots thought that Trump couldn’t win, and wanted to make sure he didn’t run as an independent.

        Burn in hell with your Teddy and his Goldman Sachs whore.

        • Trump also violated this fake “pact” himself. Besides, when a guy insults your wife’s looks and falsely accused his dad of helping to kill Kennedy, I think Cruz is released from any obligation to support him. And don’t give me that BS that Cruz releases pics of Trump’s wife. You know that’s a lie too. Stop trying to cover for your idol’s bad behavior. He’s a piece of scum and you’re supporting that piece of scum.

          • Grey Ghost

            I’m with Mark Matis on this. Fuck Cruz and his Goldman Sachs whore.

            And now, just to get Jbryan314’s bloodpressure up even more, who is someone who actually believes that Cruz had NOTHING to do with his SUPERPAC that started the shit storm, I say, GO TRUMP GO! You best go get your head right and listen to Hush Bimbo errmm I mean Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

            And yet again for anymore Cruzerites still out there, GO TRUMP GO! There, now go have another TIA because someone said something in support of Trump. Sheesh get the fuck over it, your guy lost, the people wanted Trump for a reason… right or wrong it is what it is at this point. Vote or Don’t … hell, go vote for Hitlery IDGAFRA.

            BTW, just to straighten you out on one more thing… Trump only pointed out an article in the National Enquirer about Cruz’s Dad… who is someone I could see working with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans. But then I doubt you even know what Lee Harvey Oswald was doing in New Orleans in 1963/64 before going to Dallas.

            Grey Ghost

            • And people like you are going to take us all down with you. But it’s alright. We will remember who did this to us and those people, including the ones who helped them, will pay the price. 😉

      • um, no intending to get in a slap fight; just clarifying; i am not party firster; i gave up on the gop after they got both houses and still had no backbone; but cruz made trumps road to the whitehouse harder by cruz putting cruz first imo. i wouldnt have done it, it wasnt the right thing to do imo.

    • Trump is Mr. Manners compared to no one. I can’t believe anyone would look at his behavior and think he was anything more than an arrogant, pompous blowhard.

  9. Reading the comments here illustrates perfectly that “divide and conquer” is working as planned. You fools keep bickering while your nation burns because that’ll help….

    • And what are you doing?

    • LOL

      My Master is better than your Master.
      My Master’s badged thugs will only shoot you or your dog on odd days… and his thugs will only rape your daughter or your wife on even days… he will also only take 51% rather than 52% of your hard earned pay to support himself and illegal foreigners. So there.

  10. posted by some wit last week over at Ace of Spades HQ…..

    Q: Why do folks take an instant dislike to Ted Cruz ?
    A: It just saves time

  11. Some may be “party first” but most (I believe) are “America first.” Given the choices, I’d have to go with Trump. If the election is close, a non-vote will help Hillary more than I care to think about. Trump isn’t perfect but when we remember how we treated the only “perfect” man we ever experienced, it’s not likely another will rush to take His place let alone run for electoral office.

    • So vote for the lesser of two evils is your plan.

      No thanks. That is actually what got us here.

      I also wonder if Hillary has any of the money left over from the last time Trump donated to her…

  12. While I will support Trump, Cruz is an interesting animal. I still think he would make an outstanding SCOTUS, appointee.

    But lets check with the site expert.
    what say you tfA-T, expert opinions from the NE compound/ bunker are especially welcomed.


    • Who really cares about what you think durk? Once a cop-always a cop. You tax feeders paved the way for this countries demise and you’re trolling around here for what?

      Former army sfc barry said “never in history has an insurrection been acheived without the military and poLICE”.

      Well, I say.

      Never before in history has the population been armed with 500 million+ firearms, over 12 Trillion rounds of ammo, and over 22 million trained veterans.

      • FrozenPatriot

        You think there are 24,000 rounds of ammo for every firearm? Wow. Most people I know have fewer than a hundred per gun on hand. It’s gonna suck to be them…

  13. Most of the also runs were in it for the money gleaned during the hunt and an ego boost for the inner narcissist.

  14. “He’ll be like Ron Paul – a dull man with a small, yet angry and energetic following.”

    Wow, that’s quite a stretch, putting an insider neocon warmonger in the same category as someone known in Congress as “Dr. No” because he voted against all unconstitutional bills and against BS war measures.

  15. Cruz’s failure was of his own making. I don’t know if Trump planned it or not. But the fact that TPTB gave him the platform and he hung himself is genius. Cruz will not be a factor in 2020 for the simple fact he will be primaried out.

    By the way, we are truly long past politics fixing our problems. But it is great entertainment as we enjoy the decline.

  16. Neros Lyre

    Mr.dual citizenship until 2014 Ted Cruz is a constitutionalist???Bwahahahahaha!!!Hes not eligible and he knows it.He not even eligible for the senate by constitutional law.Those who claim to want a return to original intent and save the nation and its supreme law would vote for that statist lying ineligible PoS?Trump is a flipflopping loudmouth statist connected silverspoon born newyawk creep,but at least hes eligible.