SLL: No Lifeboats


So sorry.

Enjoy the water.

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  1. Meh.

    Let the old scowl go down with all of the steerage passengers below decks. They knew what they were doing when they boarded that leaky tub. It was all about fun in the sun. Party! Fuck like Dogs! Eat like pigs! Charge it!. I hope to catch a glimpse of that urine stained flag waving one last time before it goes under the waves.

    Some of us have seen this coming for years, most simply whistled while passing the graveyard. Time to swim or sink – cause they ain’t no room aboard the life boats for them…

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. “No Lifeboats” That’s the most disgusting part of the whole things(debtload, muslims, illegal immigration and now groups like BLM) is that the people who did the right things will have to suffer the same fate.
    I’m certain that when enough of those that did the right things and still have something left to lose, the blowback on those that did not will be epic. The civil war may have been a day at the beach by comparison.

  4. Nope, wrong again and as always.
    If the ship started to really sink these clowns would just renounce the debt.

    They also would and are engaging in massive accounting fraud.

    Lay off the doom hopium.

    Stay away from “economics” as it isn’t your forte.

    • renunciation, i.e. default at the top leads to cascading default throughout the system. Then System collapse. Are you paid to be stupid? Or does it just feel good? The PTB are grabbing at the guns for a reason

      • I know the preachers of doom and gloom, like Karl Denninger, are shutting down their websites as none of their predictions came true.

        I know this website has been an echo chamber for the flat-earth society, I mean doomer society and none of their chicken – little predictions have come true.

  5. Detroit, lets say the PTB renounce their debt, and do their massive accounting fraud, what then? Where are they going to get a currency? Who would lend them money? How could they raise revenue if they’ve both destroyed the currency, and destroyed the economic engine that produces that revenue? No foreign or domestic bank left would do business with them, and there is no gold or enough silver to back a new currency. What would they pay their “enforcers” with, ginger snaps? About all that would be left to them would be to give away land (none of which belongs to them) for some foreign currency or other as a way to raise capital. Then, they would have some foreign nation physically on the continent, and no way to get them out, or produce an income from them. Nope. If the ship sinks, the country disappears, with several taking its place, and probably some foreign occupation or other. It’s not the doom, it’s what the cards say. A country’s strength is it’s people, and their ability to create and sustain an economic engine, a politically viable system that works for them, and the integrity to maintain both, while using that integrity to manage law and order. All three of those legs on the stool of this country are very weak, and liable to collapse. Anyone who can’t see that, WON’T see it, and doesn’t want to know the truth. Plain as the nose on your face.

    • Sorry, Sean, California is bankrupt, but by accounting gimmicks they give the impression they are financially stable.

      The Feds can print their way out of this and any mess.

      Notice the SLL article FAILED to.mention anybody the alternate scenarios I mentioned.

      They are not cable of outside the box thinking.

      • Grey Ghost

        Detroit, regarding the Federal Reserve.. you’re wrong yet again. Sure Cali and Illinois are bankrupt, not to mention a large number of PENSION funds, and the fact that they are bankrupt WILL eventually catch up to them, probably sooner rather than later. Regarding the Federal Reserve just continuing to print their way out of the mess, welp, you’re dead wrong. Sure they can keep printing but eventually they will lose control of ALL the markets… even the FED can’t keep a lid on it with money printing, else how do you explain the 1930’s and all the money printing then and consequences therein… all the money printing back then still didn’t stop the inevitable. NOW, partly because the gubbermint repealed the Glass-Steagal Act under Clinton with a Republican Congress I might add, it will be even worse than the 30’s because the investment banks now can conduct business like a regular commercial bank. Good luck with that and if your savings is in a formerly investment Wall Street bank be sure to leave it there.

        Clearly DEMONCRAPS running the city of Detroit knew what the fuck they were doing and that’s why it’s turned into a 3rd world shithole and their good friends in Venezuela and Cuba really have a handle on economics. I haven’t found a DEMONCRAP from Detroit yet that knows jack shit about economics, you best go back to making cars, oh wait the robots are putting your ass out of a job… LOL.

        I am always amazed at the hopium crowd who believe the Federal Reserve can print forever… it can’t and it won’t and it didn’t even in the past (1930’s), and those who believe otherwise ignore history to their own detriment.

        My best advice to you is to go LONG forever in the market if you think the Federal Reserve will print forever, it’s a no lose prop bet in that case. Please do me a favor and put ALL your money in… forever.

        Grey Ghost

        • Grey…been hearing your “any moment now” propaganda for 9 years now.

          Sorry, I’ve made a lot of money investing in the status quo as opposed to the Gold bugs who keep being wrong.

  6. “No foreign or domestic bank left would do business with them”

    Not that the banks are not frauds themselves.

    The enforcers are paid in food, kidnapped women, land and goods stolen from the peons, collected directly by the enforcers. The Praetorian Guard will always be paid, until they are killed.

    “If the ship sinks, the country disappears, with several taking its place, and probably some foreign occupation or other.”

    That last is about the only thing we don’t have to worry about. When the US goes down, everybody else will be down too. Nope, no invasions.

  7. What happens when the corruptocrat/banksters skim the last remaining 3% of value of the greenback?
    III Percent?
    Serendipity anyone?

    Noah’s arc isn’t big enough as a lifeboat for all the thieving scum behind this system of theft and extortion.

  8. I’m going long in FEMA railroad boxcars, natural gas pipelines, and a hefty exposure to industrial-size ovens and conveyor belts.