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Training Video: Commentary on Squad Maneuver and Attack

Student Review: Combat Patrol July 2016: Tango

MVT 2016 Training Schedule

Live hard.

Die free.


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    • And, at this point, “what difference would it make?”

      The less we hide, the more folks see that there are people like them that aren’t afraid any longer. Potential, possibility, resistance, attitude, encouragement.

      Go ahead and scoff. It’s what you do while demeaning all and sundry who aren’t you. Then you have the gall to complain about the lack of unity… while blaming everyone else. You really bought that “Army of One” didn’t you?

      • Great observation, 06. The time for creepers, creeping, is over. Don’t be to hard on the lil fella, he does have a valid point, regarding F/R. He does amuse the shit out of me, with his junk yard dog attacks.

        Max, looks like your class went well. Congratulations to,you and the folks whom attended.

        Dirk Williams.

      • That’s right 0-6
        You put the truth succinctly right smack on the barrel head.

        “The less we hide, the more folks see that there are people like them that aren’t afraid any longer. Potential, possibility, resistance, attitude, encouragement.”

        I’m with you brother 1000%

        • Lavoy put himself out there….

          I’m curious, which one of you 3 – dirk, doug, or 06 served in the Infantry?

          if so just how many MOS’s did you hold?

          Which one of you are qualified military Instructors?

          You guys don’t know what you don’t know.

          And to hell with the cop opinions.. You guys spent your whole lives busting 5mph over speeders and kids with a joint, but you didn’t have the balls to bust the real criminals.

          My heroes.

          Remember that till your dying day.

          • “I’m curious, which one of you 3 – dirk, doug, or 06 served in the Infantry?”

            14 months in Korea, Year and a half Army War College, staff, Final Top Secret clearance, headquarters, main academic building. Before you were out of knee britches.

            Y’know, in the brains of the outfit.

            • Doesn’t mean you served in an Line Infantry Company – there’s a BIG difference.

              • I did not, but I know “the BIG difference” better than you do, since I had the basic course but you never were where I was.

                • “I did not” -oughtsix | July 25, 2016 at 20:04

                  Then it’s settled.

                  • “Then it’s settled.”

                    Takes all kinds. Even yours.

                    Kinda my point all along…

                    “Why don’t you lend all that talent and training to those who need it, instead of blaming them for not having it?”

                    To which I might add, “…for not following you./i>

                    When are you going to contribute to the cause of Liberty? Because, so far, you’re a detractor.

                    I’m not holding my breath. Just my nose.

          • Oh excuse me. I guess I don’t qualify for defending my liberty because I don’t meet your standards. What I learned from Max and John Mosby, and the rest of the guys out there who took the oath leave your MOS’s and infantry standards for dust.
            I think you don’t know what you don’t know because your indoctrinated in 1st generation warfare. And guys like Max threaten your perceived notions of small unit infantry tactics. And you know why I can say that? Because if you knew SUT, you wouldn’t be listing off 1st gen SOP.

            Cops? That’s a hoot! You got to be desperate.
            Tell me something Rambo, you know that oath we took?
            Where you been lately, what you been doing now aside from running your mouth crying resistance is futile, because you tell on yourself with your comments.

            It is guy’s like me and the others in Max’s Cadre photo’s that have had to pick up the slack regarding that oath, because it’s looking like a lot of guys who took that oath kind of dropped the ball lately.
            Max gets high regards and honors for honoring his oath, like as in the real article.
            Remember how it goes?
            Something about enemies foreign and domestic and defending the constitution.

            • I’ve had enough of your lip. Time to back away from my trouser zipper. You’re so fucking desperate I can see you foaming at the mouth, or is that my overflow? and quit making shit up because it makes you feel good.

              Another thing. You keep dropping those operators names and its going to come back to haunt you and them – it always does. You’re broke.

              • First thing a hillbilly with no actual argument or logic does is think of their
                dick and its emissions…………………………………… WTF, Actual?

                Oh. I get it… trouser zipper, mouth, foam, overflow…………..


                “Another thing. You keep dropping those operators names and its going to come back to haunt you and them – it always does. You’re broke.”

                As your pathetic portrayal of your insipid values of life accrue, it’s abundantly apparent that “being broke” isn’t the worst of things.

            • Doug,

              “…..I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

              Some of us took that oath not once but, several times. Yet, what I’ve come to believe is that we have not done a good job in honoring that oath. Many of us concentrate on the 2nd Amendment and rightfully so. But, “….shall not be infringed” has been infringed 10s of thousands of times. TENS OF THOUSANDS OF TIMES ! Where were you, I, others to stop those infringements ? We voted ? So what.

              In 1994 Bill Clinton would push for and implement the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, he along with the US Congress would enact that infringement. John Kasich-R, current governor of Ohio and then congressman would vote to support Clinton’s call to attack our God-given rights; Clinton would personally thank that Ohioan scum for that infringement. Yet, today that traitor has been supported and elected to Ohio governor by many veterans who took the same oath as we. Kasich-R, who proved he is a domestic enemy, has been a 2016 presidential candidate with military veteran support. Why ? What happened to his veteran supporter’s “Oath” ?

              Hillary Clinton has brazenly come out to destroy 2A and our firearms freedom. That unscrupulous bitch has taken an oath herself to “support and defend”. She has wiped her big ass with the Constitution. Today, she may very well be our next POTUS. God help us. Which takes me to my next Constitutional peeve.

              Article II, Section 1, Clause 5: Presidential Eligibility. The scum in the West Wing, Barry Hussein Barack soetoro-obama usurped the Constitution of the United States. He is NOT a natural born citizen. As such, and why the founders insisted on POTUS being natural born, is to guard against a POTUS having loyalties to other than the United States. soetoro-obama has proven the Founders correct with his many actions to destroy this country….take open borders for one. His orders for the Border Patrol to stand down along the border allowing thousands of illegals to cross, along with the import of more than 1,000,000 Muslims, unvetted, into this country since 2008. Can I assume you support the illegitimate presidency of soetoro-obama ? Oughtsix does.

              While I have railed time and time again, to remind readers here of this scoundrel’s usurption of the Constitution, one reader here….Oughtsix has chastised me for bringing up the soetoro-obama usurption. He challenged me to “do something about it” while he himself, a former US Army officer refused to join me in identifying soetoro-obama’s encroachment upon, and usurption of, the United States Constitution. So folks like Oughtsix attack folks like myself for identifying the criminality of those who have attacked and wounded, if not killed the Constitution. Oughtsix, who declares he took the Oath. But then attacks one such as myself, for identifying soetoro-obama’s brazen attack, along with the collusion of the US Congress and the SCOTUS, in accepting soetoro-obama’s illegitimacy. So much for Oughtsix’ “Oath”.

              Doug, you haven’t picked “up the slack regarding that oath” whatsoever. You have done nothing “to support and defend” the Constitution except to attend a tactical training class in West Virginia and bloviate here at WRSA, that you are more a “patriot” for having done so. Congratulations. Your heart is in the right place. Please correct me if I am wrong.

              What I believe is we who frequent sites such as WRSA, would need to create a “government” such as the Founders had in the colonies prior to 19 April 1775. A shadow government if you will. Look at history….the United States of America was created after a decade of festering hatred against the mother country….expressed via the colonial Congress. It just didn’t “happen”. Another example….Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. Again, a decade of planning and organizing and dedication to a cause. Adolf Hitler, from the Munchen Putsch to his appointment as Chancellor….again, more than 10 years of effort, blood, sweat and tears to bring a belief to fruition.

              It ain’t easy. Can’t defend the Oath all by one’s self. Raising one’s right hand is only a beginning. But, only a beginning if one truly believes in the Oath.

              So Doug, you can cry “Oath” as much as you want. But, the Oath we took was just something we had to do. None of us have done very much to defend against enemies “foreign and domestic”. Until, we decide, as a group, as a large number of Nationalists and Patriots, to take up arms against “enemies….domestic”, we can raise our right hands all day long and “swear”. The only thing thing that will change is life here in fUSA will get worse….increasing tyranny is closer than ever.

              We are not “free”. Don’t pay your income taxes. Free men own property. We cannot outright own property any longer. Don’t pay your property taxes. We are not Free. Freedom….spare me the facade.

              What are you, Oughtsix, myself and others willing to do, need to do, if Clinton is annointed as POTUS ? How willing would any of us be to abandon our homes, our lives, our families to defend againgst a potentially impending descent into totalitarian hell, orchestrated and implemented under a Hillary Clinton regime ? Will we just roll over ?

              Thank you for enduring this tirade (thanks Pete for this venue).


              NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS !

              • “What are you, Oughtsix, myself and others willing to do, need to do, if Clinton is annointed as POTUS ?”

                You know the answer, Dan.

                The question is, “Who will answer the call?”

                • ’06,

                  “You know the answer Dan.”

                  No sir. I do not know the answer. That is why I asked the question.

                  The question was not rhetorical. You dodged the question. That’s fine. You gave your answer that was no more than answering a question with a question, which is no answer at all.

                  • Dan, I can’t answer for you.

                    Only you can, and I insist that you DO know the answer’

                    There can be only one.

                    If you don’t like the answer, don’t ask the question ablsme me,.

          • “Lavoy put himself out there…. “

            And he died for his faith. That’s why, however shortsighted/tactically impaired his actions might be… hero in the cause of Liberty.

            What. It. Takes.

            See, that’s it. You aren’t willing or have nothing but boats, money and pussy. Guess those ain’t worth dying for.

            No kids either. Their Liberty might give you cause. It does for the rest of us!

          • dude, your a peach. A classy man, flush with cash, who was a 11b in the army, for a 100 years, which I’m certain left you with some sweet skills sets.

            thank you for your service in the army. What years?


      • You must be off your meds. If you think the guy next to you is going to cover your ass or pay your bills, then fine, you go on believing. Partners never work out, my ambition, my skill, my labor, my risk, and my decisions got me where I am today -which BTW is a very comfortable place to be. Most people settled for some BS job and a set-amount of weekly income. I have very little in common with 99% of you (how many here have worked multiple skilled-trades, are flush with cash, investments, and hard assets? or retired when they were 40? -anyone wash their new 36ft Coach, new SUV, and 2 of their 3 boats today?) again, CRICKETS…

        The only real unity we will all ever share is most of us own ARs, AKs, some of us have military service, and we all suffer from the same corrupt gubmint boot and its even more corrupt badged Orcs.

        I do find it ironic that out of the *blue*, guys like dirk and the rest of the lifelong tax parasites showed up here, being it has been their boot ruining lives, shooting family pets, and enforcing the kings tryanny their entire lives.- and now they claim to be patriots? LOL. How can they even look at themselves in the mirror, I will never understand.

    • tfa-t,
      I’m with 0-6, he couldn’t say it any clearer or better:

      “Go ahead and scoff. It’s what you do while demeaning all and sundry who aren’t you. Then you have the gall to complain about the lack of unity… while blaming everyone else”.

      Hearts and minds.
      It all begins with each of us.
      You got to be willing to fight and if needs be die for liberty if it is going to be liberty. Anything less is BS.
      I for one and I know I’m not alone, am not afraid. What’s to fear but an out of control morally and criminally corrupt government anyways?
      They are nothing compared to our legitimacy and our power of our consent. Besides, we have guns also.
      They can kiss my ass.

      As Max, God bless him for all his work and virtue, CA too, helping so many of us become fighting citizens and helping us learn how to defend ourselves.
      As Max say:

      “Because Fuck You That’s Why”

      • PS,
        My mug is pictured on Max’s Blog. It was the proudest day of my life to be standing there with those other brave men. We have nothing to fear except our failure to make a stand.
        And Max, that guy exemplifies what it is to have courage and conviction. He puts it on the line every minute every day. To do what Max has accomplished takes a special kind of bravery. The risks he runs is far far greater than those of us who take his courses. A guy who puts his money where his mouth is.
        Do you understand what your comment is to guys like us?

        0-6 is right. Stop letting the tool of fear rule your sole, and stand up for what is right and truly legitimate.
        Cut the resistance is futile crap and become a part of the honorable resistance.

        • Doug.
          Good for you and props to Max.

          No disrespect Sir, but the fact that I earned a Blue Cord, Wings, Jump Boots, and held several SQI’s including an “H” in the U.S Army makes it a bit difficult for me to be in awe of your accomplishment. Please quote me saying resistance is futile. You fell for 06’s bile.

          • You think that’s “bile?”

            Pot. Kettle. Black.

            Check out about 87% of everything you post here… bilious exemplar redundus.

            Nothing I wrote to you is inaccurate, or even particularly inflammatory except to your tender vanity.

            Why don’t you lend all that talent and training to those who need it, instead of blaming them for not having it?

            Or just shut the bragging defeatist Hell up, already.

            Another name for the present festivities might be “The Bonfire of the Vanities…..”

            • You miserable old man.

              “Smile for the camera… and facial recognition…:)”

              Seriously? You found something to bitch about in that?

              Go lay down.

              • Come lay me down, junior.

                Just try.

                “Steers try, Boy.”

              • tfA-t,

                “You miserable old man.”

                Aging makes one miserable. Arthritis, broken bones, failing teeth, gun shot wounds, life’s disappointments and experiences, adds to being miserable AND old.

                I would venture to state, few, very few readers here are under the age of 50. Many in their 60’s. Aging should not be attacked. What you call “miserable”, I call awake, aware, concerned. Opinionated ? Perhaps. Miserable….few if any of the “geezers” here are miserable.

                What has happened to having respect for one’s elders ?

                • “What has happened to having respect for one’s elders ?”

                  Thanks, Dan.

                  Experience often = misery, but also joy, accomplishment, fulfillment. It’s called paying the price for wisdom.

                  Old Amish aphorism: “Too soon old, too late shmart!”

                  Actually, that is the very crux of the repetition of the mistakes in history. The young despise/resent/fear/hate the elderly because they show them their ignorance, arrogance and future… old age and death… and the past of the elderly, replete with all the ageless error of humanity.

                  And so, history rhymes and rhythms: “Too soon old, too late shmart!”

                • That goes down the shitter as soon as they start being disrespectful.

                  They need to take a vacation, run their boats, wax the Corvette, buy a new gun, or count $100 bills until they fall asleep..

                  Isn’t that what everybody does? 🙂

                  • Hey, don’t any of you “geezers” sleep ? I’ve got to get ready for work in three hours and here I am debating with you characters when I should be snoozing. ⏰

                    You assholes 😊 are a bad influence on me.

                  • tfA-t,

                    I often concur with you railing against the badged thugs. I agree with you there are no good cops. But, your constant bragging about the ALLEGED material goods and wealth you possess makes you just an unsubstantiated braggart. If you actually do possess the worldly goods you claim you do, you should get down on your knees and thank G-d for blessing you. Not attempt to rub other’s folks’ noses in the dirt that you, ALLEGEDLY, are most blessed than they.

                    If you are so wealthy, why not invite many of the folks here to visit you for a weekend of fun and conversation ? You could fund their travel and the weekend. Or why not brag about how you gave a large, generous sum of your ALLEGED wealth to your local Shriners Hospital for Children ? But you don’t. You just name call those you do not know and attempt to denigrate these folks here. Laughing at them for not having material wealth.

                    Many here I disagree with vehemently. Oughtsix is one I disagree with on SOME remarks he makes. Overall I recognize he is quite knowledgeable, well-written, and has vast amounts of life experiences I do not possess. Another person of similar qualities is Outlaw Patriot. Although I consider him a hypocritical collectivist I do recognize his qualities. Point being with this….consider terminating your provocations against these folks and others. You’ll get your points across more effectively. Besides, what do you or anyone here, myself included, gain from being a flaming asshole ?

                    Consider my opinions. Remember, opinions are like assholes. In the meantime, consider a nice monetary donation or even some time to Shriners. Those unfortunate children will thank you, giving you more satisfaction than you’ll ever get bragging about yourself at WRSA.

                    Be safe.

          • Your saying it now.
            Read what you just commented to us to yourself.
            Your comments speak volumes.
            You began this comment thread with a scornful comment all those guys in the pic are dead meat. That is some real solidarity there. I bet your such a military whiz you can tell just from those photo’s who is an operator that fits your high standards. If that isn’t resistance is futile please tell us what it was?
            You are claiming due to we don’t have your supposed credentials, we are not worthy of preparing, training and fighting to defend ourselves. You just told us we are cops, and cops are trough feeders unworthy, and incapable of doing the same.
            How more resistance is futile can you put it?
            Hell, if your such a sheet metal chewing high speed Spec Ops Commando, why aren’t you out honoring your oath, and showing us neophytes how a real warrior does it?
            In fact, if you storm the White House, single handed of course, because after all, your such a shit hot operator, and nobody can be trusted to fight beside you, you can show us all how a real red blooded oath honoring combat veteran defends this Republic from domestic enemies.

            And you know what, Ol’ O-6, that guy is a real kind and concerned Brother, O-6 has been on this thread for as long as CA has been running WRSA, that is a lot of years. And never once has he ever been the hateful stuck up nasty prick you are to anyone. If anything, the guy has honor and the courage of his convictions. And he always does what you fail, O-6 contributes and strives to create brotherhood and mutual respect and solidarity.
            Resistance as futile is something O-6 has never even alluded to. If anything, he has ten times the balls you got.
            That is the kind of guy I’d trust with my life in combat any day.

            • You talk so much shit, I have to put my waders on just to finish reading your 1000 words of nothing. 06 is a loser nobody living on gubmint assistance, much like yourself I suspect. I’ll be on the lake cruising my boat, and then I’ll grill up a steak. Your heroic actions should make the MSM news by the time I’m ready to take a dump ja?

              • Well, crusin’ and grillin’ are my idea of Sooper Tacticool Libtardy Enhancement Evolooshuns!!! Blue Braid!!! Hooo-yaafuckit!

                You go, grrrrrriil!

                Me? I’m still a practicing gunsmith, five days a week, 73 years of age. Get in a couple hours gardening every day before going to work and after, and more on the weekends. 20 acres of independence, hard work and satisfaction. Social security? Sure- I paid in. It’s mine, what’s left of it. Pricks like you who demand politico/philosophical “purity” seldom measure up themselves… how’s your pension workin’ fer ye? Or didn’t you last twenty?

                I have a wife of 26 years, retired, disabled, who cooks, cans, cleans, cares and keeps things organized, and obtw, who loves me… and everyone else she cares for. Think mere pussy = that? Pussy is for now… this is a lifetime. (Not that I don’t miss young pussy, I do. Any man who says otherwise is deluded or a liar. But it’s not worth trading a lifetime of loving, sharing sacrifice for. But what would you know about that?)

                C’mon back with some more left handed deflection and obfuscation, why don’tcha? You’ve been exposed here, terminally, by those who seek Liberty… even yours. Why can’t you accept it?

                Or come say it to my face, Mr. Perfect Form Pushups. This ain’t the locker room showers….

                Mebbe ye kin buy me off with yer Big Buxx, me been’ a igorant hibilly’n all…

                F.O.A.D.E.S.A.D. Or in reverse order, actually.

            • Doug,

              “O-6 has been….And never once has he been the hateful stuck up nasty prick you are.”

              You are wrong Doug. ’06 has spewed a sufficient amount of hate toward many of my past remarks. In particular my remarks concerning the usurper soetoro-obama.

              As you haven’t been here since the inception of WRSA how can you remark that ’06, or anyone else for that matter, has “never once” ?

              Sorry pal, but I call your rhetoric bullshit !

              • Only thing I ever picked on you for, Dan, was your constant harping on the “Soetoro Obama” meme, and attacking other commenters for what I considered baseless reasons. Almost no one commenting here is unaware of the criminal nature, the sheer treason, of Obamandingo’s pResidency in the Black House, or the intentions of same.

                We know. We can’t do a thing about it. Neither can you.


                We’re on the same side.

                Seek unity… or else.

                • ’06,

                  “Seek unity”.

                  My harping as you call it, regarding soetoro-obama’s usurption of the USC, was an exercise in futility. It was done, and still done, to draw an awareness of the facade of the USC. As I wrote, not you or any other “aware” individual supported my remarks attacking soetoro-obama’s legitimacy. Instead ’06, you attacked MY effort to identify the scum and the surrounding treasons.

                  So ’06….what came to fruition after my years of “harping” on the illegal Kenyan ? The Powers That Be allowed the Canadian-Cuban Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz to be on the ballot for POTUS. Cruz, who was born on foreign soil, of a Cuban national father, having dual citizenship as a Canadian citizen (which he renounced < 3 years ago) was allowed to compromise the Natural Born clause of the USC. Again, few people gave a Fiddler's Fuck that Cruz was a lying scoundrel in the same vein as Barry soetoro. Lyin' Ted….Trump is correct.

                  My harping on soetoro-obama's criminality did nothing to influence the thoughts here and elsewhere. Another violator of the USC, Ted Cruz,was embraced by the morons known as Amerikans. And all this discussion and bandwidth I'm wasting is the result of "Doug" telling tfA-t about that fucking worthless Oath we took to "support and defend". That Oath is meaningless, worthless. And people like "Doug" have not seen the light.

          • Ya, talk about trough feeders.
            If it wasn’t for the millions of hard working American’s who paid your way with hundreds of billions of dollars of their tax money, paid for all the toys and your precious special blue braid, so you can pretend your General Douglas MacCarther you wouldn’t have an Army to belong to you fucking hypocrite. You ungrateful spoilt prick.
            Your worse than a cultural marxist with that cherry of a piece of demented cognitive dissonance.

      • Thanks, Doug.

        As Ol’ Ben said, “We must all hang together or assuredly we shall all hang separately!”

        Because fuck them all, that’s why!

        • Your most very and warmly welcome.
          Your absolutely right. We all got to stick together.

          And that right there puts lie to everything tfA-t says.
          Gives me pause to suspect he is a fed shit stirring troll. They usually have a certain tell.

          • Yup. I’m a fed. You really are a special level of stupid aren’t you?

            Fucking hillbillies.

            • “Fucking hillbillies.”

              I hear the sound of banjos… thankyouverymuch, you mental midget.

              A fine compliment!

    • A quick test is the SnapChat Face swap tool.
      If it cannot recognize your face, it will not do the swap.
      My wife and stepdaughter were doing the dog ears and tongue trick with it. Stepdaughter wanted to show me but I had on my UniBomber shades and it would not do the tessellation of my face and then overlay the graphics.

      Interesting little toy if you can see how it works.

      • Do you think mebbe the FBI, CIA, and Mossad use a different program than snapchat?…

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Mossad, probably.

          FBI and CIA? Given their track record, I’d vote for “Etch-A-Sketch”.

        • You oughta know…….

        • Of course they do.
          Probably even gait analysis.
          What is easily accessible to the average person?
          I made the comment to get folks to at least take a look at a facial recognition toy to see the possibilities.
          That was a good article you linked to.
          Plenty of information out there that people can study.

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  4. Bucephalus

    Great looking group of guys!

    Experiencing the honorable sense of pride by associating yourself with men like these; is like no other.

    Been there, done that, got the “t” shirt

  5. Anyone actually click the links and read the blog posts?

    Sorry, driving to a remote class, been a long day……squirrel….;-)

    • Yes.

      And thank you, Max, for all that you do.

      British by birth, American by choice. Just like my great (x4) grandfather.

      No higher honor.

  6. This is better then the Giants/ RedSocks game. aft-a you’ve indeed, outdone yourself. You are clearly a knucklehead. Pounding the Keys On your computer, while at the ” compound”

    Measuring penis’s on an Internet, what a Tard.

    I’m amused at the infantry reference. 2 tours in the Navy and 4 years Guard as a 12b, combat engineer. Have to say the army was a fucking joke, hopefully the guards representation, is not the way the Big Army is.

    Thank all of you for your service. Off to the VA in the am, for some new parts.


    • Maybe they’ll do you a favor and put you to sleep…

      • Just inhale deeply, it won’t hurt even a little bit, since you have so little for which to live….

    • Dirk,

      You are making some truly ignorant remarks concerning troops in the Army National Guard. During a field training exercise I had an E8 active Army advisor from now defunct 24 ID, tell me he wished his “Big Army” (as you put it) troops were as proficient and dedicated as the Army Guard troops he was observing during the training exercise. He exclaimed to me that all he ever heard was ” Hey Sarge, I’m just in it for the college money.”, from his illustrious Big Army troops.

      Hmmmm….”the army was a fucking joke”, eh ? You mean like those whining, sniveling, Navy “heroes” who gave up their boats, their weapons and their code books without firing a shot, to Iranian borders ?

      “Dont Give Up The Ship”. That doesn’t apply to the fat, cowardly, feminized members of today’s US Navy now, does it Dirk ?

      Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry is rolling over in his grave.

      • Honest to God, Dan, accept general and common agreement as good enough!!

        The perfect is the enemy of the… better than nothing!!!!!!!

  7. Evening guys, what did I miss?