Brushbeater: SIGINT & The Guerrilla Radio



Two rules, at least in my mind:

1) Listening is much more important than talking, especially when “higher” stops completely one echelon above your patrol.

2) Radios can and do get you waxed if used unintelligently.

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  1. Listening, AND THINKING, is indeed more important than talking. FWIW….my radio at the moment is a Yaesu FT 60. In ‘listening’ mode, it can go for days between charges.
    What is the preferred scanner these days?

  2. From the article.

    …One particular point to note here is that the Taliban had very little radio discipline. They broke squelch everytime they saw anything and everything, and explained exactly what they saw (or thought they saw) over the net. We heard it all…

    And yet u.s. forces with trillion$ in infrastructure were beaten and routed-at least in the eyes of millions of their fellow countrymen, the enemy stole their lunch money, books, and shoes, and uses it to this day on a global scale. Say what you will about the goat fuckers, but they are unrelenting tenacious fighters, who don’t drink, use dope, or spend what little money they have on bullshit tattoos.. The murkins -on the other hand, well, are gluttons for punishment, humiliation, and defeat. There’s nothing worse than being used like a condom and thrown out afterwards – is there?. Those large numbers of un or under-employed, and homeless vets and the 20+ suicides daily tell the real story. What a disgrace.

  3. Bucephalus

    The Tucson PL600 is a great listening silence radio; TV, HF, SW, AM, FM.
    The out of the box GMRS capability of the Baofengs is a nice perk.
    Yessu VX7R is a great military grade handheld.
    The Kenwood D700 provides a method to send email via the nation’s digipeaters.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Grey Ghost

    For AM/FM/SW portable rcvr I prefer the CountyComm GP5/SSB

    I agree with CA the Bearcat/Uniden 436 is the best PORTABLE scanner.

    For xmtr I like the new KX-2 if 10watts will do or the KX3 if you want 15watts in a VERY small and lightweight form factor.

    For 2m handheld I like any of the Kenwoods but if you need to go cheaper then the Alinco DJ-500T.

    Grey Ghost

  6. High powered LED flashlights are hack able to be used as transmitters for line of sight.

    We did this in high school in the 80’s