Fred: White Nationalists & Practicality, If Any

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Fred asks a question.

Odds are that it is moot, sadly.

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  1. It’s not like Latinos and Hispanics have an entire continent just South of the USA that they can go to.

    He brings up Mexican infrastructure, but for some reason you still can’t drink the tap water.

  2. Final, and crucial graph:

    “We have an interesting approach to national suicide. On one hand, favoring unlimited immigration, we have the Googooing Good, the big money men, Hillary, and Obama, which will make matters worse. On the other hand, white nationalists who apparently want a bar fight. What could be smarter?”

    Is this a serious question?

    Oh! it’s rhetorical!!!!

    Existential questions/threats require serious answers.

    Yeah, bar fight!

    Definitely a bar fight over an unCivil war….

    And most definitely an unCivil war over almost any other imaginable arrangement.

    • No. I think uncivil war is on the docket to clean-up the useless bottom feeders that have infested this once great land. Get rid of those who burden the tax roles with their seemingly never-ending breathing and eating. Like you old timer.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      Yes a fight if necessary. I say lets do it now because anyone younger than 40 doesn’t have the historical knowledge, the political will, the physical ability, the worldview or the balls to get it done. If we don’t do it now This country is over.

  3. Dark Side of the Moon

    Mr. Fred doesn’t have a way to comment on his site, so here goes.

    I don’t care what happens to the illegals when they leave, I don’t care. I’d dump them into their country of origin. I don’t know how many people can fit into a C-130 military hop, but I’m almost sure you’d have plenty of ex vets who would be happy to fly them back home. Mexico, South America, etc. Their countries had NO problem dumping their people into our country, now we can easily return the favor. The cost of fuel for the C-130 and personnel would be offset from all the savings in crime, welfare benefits and the general decay they’ve leeched into our country. Go to any area where it’s heavily Latino. Look at the parking lot. Dirty diapers, entire ash trays from cars dumped into the parking lot.

    This is my home dammit. My family came here from Europe over 300 years ago. My family were the dirt people. The miners, the laborers, the cooks and the bottle washers.

    The latinos that come here illegally are not that hard of a worker. That’s a big myth. They’re used to being a slave class. The reason employers like them is that they STFU, and are not a threat to file a WC claim or UI benefits. The illegals keep their mouth shut and the employers get away with murder. I know in So Cal, many homeowners have been ripped off and given shoddy work by illegal workers. Heaven forbid they hit your car. They have NO insurance. So if you’re driving an old car like mine with liability insurance, you’re screwed and out of a car. By then Jesus has gone home to Mexico, or the cops won’t even give him a ticket!

    I’ve seen first hand how they destroyed Southern California and South FL. They are like locusts when they move in. They take up entire towns and government. Santa Ana, CA is about 80% latino. Many illegal and some naturalized citizens (many of whom were forced to to stay here). Los Angeles county, same way. In fact, if you’re a white person, you’d have a better chance of being struck by lightning or winning the power ball than to get a government job in these areas.

    Mexico is sending us this garbage, and we’ve been putting up with it for a very long time. Time for them go and what happens to them in their country of origin, I could care less.

    For all other immigrants, any person who came here post Hart-Cellar 1965 immigration act should also go home. Times are tough, it’s time to make the founding stock a first priority. The only people who have the right to be here are Whites, Blacks and Native American Indians.

    • Grenadier1

      You didnt read it very well. He was not asking what happens to the illegals, he was asking what happens to the LEGAL immigrant Latinos?
      There are a big bunch that came here by following the rules. The whole entire article was about how those folks are going to be treated by the system / white population once the doors have been secured.

    • <—This. 100% accurate. Send. Them. Home. Or rather, back to fcking Mexico where they first transited, don't waste fuel on Cent Am's send them to NarcoLand.

    • Money Quote: They’re used to being a slave class.
      I’ve worked with hundreds of them. They have no idea of what America is and they don’t care. As long as they can feed their families, send a few bucks south of the border, and have access to flush toilets they’re good to go. Not kidding about the toilets. They grew up wiping themselves and tossing it in the trash. So yeah; What a Country!

    • colddeadhandsdays

      C130? WTF? Fuck that…Try a new Trail of Tears. Open and Secure a huge hole in the border fences and literally herd them back into Mexico and put a million troops on the border so the Mexi’s can’t send them back. They’ll have no choice to let the Herd go through. Fuck Mexico, Fuck them all.

    • Unfortunately, they do file Work Comp claims. About 1/3 of the ones I’ve seen have the same SSN: 999-99-9999. Apparently the employer is paying WC insurance on them.
      Agree with”not that hard of worker”. That phrase serves 2 purposes: 1. Signal that the speaker doesn’t believe the “lazy Mexican” meme. 2. Signal that the speaker doesn’t want to do heavy/hard/dirty work in the heat of the southwest.
      Ripoffs: in my neighborhood the gardeners/workmen are also casing the area. They or their cousins come back at night to steal what isn’t nailed down. You can always spot a fresh arrival: they have a look of disbelief that there are no bars on windows. Where they come from, if it’s not locked up, out of sight the owner doesn’t really want it. Seriously, I’ve heard Mexicans/Salvadorans/Costa Ricans say “I didn’t steal it – it wasn’t locked.”
      Which, come to think of it, is how Muslims view women “Her husband/father/brother wasn’t guarding her… it’s ok to rape her. Besides, I could see her ankles – the whore wanted it. “

      • Also, illegals in so Cal use their US-born children’s SSNs to apply for unemployment an disability. Yes, it’s a thing and has been for years now.

  4. A country over populated ,has groups that refuse to assimilate into one culture, has not, can not and will not survive . Look to the animal world . If a domestic dog joins a wolf pack, that dog MUST become a wolf to survive. Nor can the pack become dogs.
    A country can not survive except as one culture, As the Poles and the Irish assimilated, others must also, or we become another Yugoslavia.
    A family farm can only support X number of people. So it is with a country. Over populate a pasture with cattle and it becomes desert. Over populate a country with people , the same happens only it happens with violence

  5. 2 big problems with your article
    1. You assume that because something is difficult it shouldn’t be done.
    2. You seem to think that races are genetically the same except for superficialities like skin color.

    (non-white = brown, black, doesn’t include asian)

    I think #1 is strongly related to #2, that you just don’t think it is worth the effort because the end result isn’t a big deal. But it is. Blacks have been in this country at least 2x as long as my ancestors, yet most have not assimilated and they vote 90% anti-American. Non-whites born into the Mclass drop out of it at far larger rates than whites due to IQ regressing to the mean. Average US black IQ is 85, average in African countries w/ less white admixture is even lower. African countries become hellholes because you can’t build a civilization when your average citizen has a lower IQ than a retarded white person.

    Indios have about the same IQ as US blacks, and few will be able to adapt their behavior to white culture, even fewer will be a benefit to us. Hispanics descended from Spain tend to be very white, which is why they tend to be in charge. This is also why they tend not to emigrate, instead sending us the dregs of their culture.

    The different races evolved to live in and create very different cultures. Non-whites evolved to live in tribes that warred on each other in warm areas with lots of resources and little need to plan for the future. Whites evolved to live in tightly knit communities that had to cooperate to survive harsh climates that required forethought. Neither way is superior in any sort of moral or absolutist sense, but clearly the white way is more conducive to building high tech civilizations. The addition of non-white DNA and culture will only harm our ability to continue advancing.

    In short, there is 0 benefit to allowing non-whites in our country. There are only negatives, and those negatives are potentially huge.

    “if (a) Latinos, already probably twenty per cent of the population, become ghettoized, isolated, hostile and dysfunctional, the United States is over”

    Completely false. The opposite, actually, if you believe that the US is defined as the belief in personal freedom and small government embodied in our Constitution. Non-whites (incl Asians) vote in large majorities for big government and decreased personal freedom. Whites are the only group where a majority supports small government and personal freedom. When whites no longer dominate elections, the beacon on a hill that our Founders envisioned will be dead.

    “Isolated and ghettoized” was how we treated blacks pre-’65, and both races seemed happier for it. As soon as we let blacks into our institutions, the first thing they push for are safe spaces for themselves. Let’s take that to its logical conclusion.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      I came to the same conclusions and not because i’m a Racist. But based on research, real world observation and fact. Life isn’t a pretty Social Justice Warrior Utopia.

  6. Gave serious thought to disassembling Fred’s post and poking holes in it… but, seriously – why bother?

    At this late date, it is a moot point.

  7. He misses the entire point. Mass immigration from all sources is destroying the culture of the US (White European Christian), lowering the standard of living for all concerned (except the big money few at the top of the financial food chain), eliminating jobs for (White European Christian) ancestral Americans in the lower and low middle class and heaping a huge financial burden on the lower and lower middle class to pay for the schooling, health care and feeding of the democrat voting immigrant class. OOPS!!! Did I just use the “D” word?

    • I’ll reply to myself for clarification: I too don’t give a whit what happens to the ‘immigrants’ when they’re driven out of the country. And sooner or later, in one way or another, they will be, along with their enabling scum sucking gutless parasitic politicians.

    • “Mass immigration from all sources is destroying culture of the US”
      Whatever is left of “white culture” resides in gated communities or have left the country altogether.

      This is the culture of whites in fusa. The truth is right outside your door.
      Yup “dirt people” is the correct terminology- valueless FILTH.

  8. Bracken has I believe an accurate portrayal of what the Hispanics want. I think the average hispanic wants to flee the failed narcostate they came from. Unfortunately the hispanics are just useful idiotos for their masters. I watched some of the DNC livestream yest and it happened to b the Hispanic moment/presentation.

    We. Are. Fully. Infiltrated.

    By Communists.

    • Bill Harzia

      I’ve mentioned an indie film called Cartel Land before. Peasants finally revolt against years of terrorism by the cartels. But in the end, they wind up just as corrupt as the cartels themselves.

      “Genetics is culture gone to seed.” – Edgar Steele

  9. Grenadier1

    Sometimes I wonder if you people are worth fighting for……

  10. Uncle Larry

    The Hispanics want what you’ve got, literally. I watched white “progressives” (commies) on c-span awhile ago. They were bragging how they changed the demographics of the US enough to prevent any effective resistance at the ballot box. As if that ever really existed. Expect Stalin-like oppression to begin in earnest real soon.

  11. I can’t get to Freds’ site and read it because of some stupid shit computer that says I can’t read what’s there. I’ve read what’s there a hundred times.

  12. Fred is right on target.

    “My answer would be: Try to make legal Latinos into productive citizens, which should not be terribly hard. Leaving them alone, and not allowing governments to turn them into a welfare class, would probably do the trick.”

    Yes it would. While you are at it, get rid of welfare altogether. Even if the ruling class prefers that the peons be dependent.

    But hey, before worrying about Hispanics, maybe we ought to get rid of those damn papist Irish instead. After all these were the original targets of the white nationalists.

  13. It’s apparent that Fred does not live in a state like California. If he did, ‘specially southern Cal, he’d realize his misguided drivel for what it is.

  14. Even if you disagree with Fred’s ideas he illustrates a long standing challenge that has yet to be addressed by white nationalists.

    Long term vision.

    Whether you are planning a commercial project, a military invasion or a national social program you must have a vision. You must be able to fully describe the desired end state and what critical conditions must be met to achieve and sustain that vision. This can go by many names, from the “vision” of a movement, the objective outcome of a military operation, or the project scope statement of a professionally run project (e.g. professional project management).
    So far no individual group has really been able to successfully achieve this goal. This activity was the critical step of the founding fathers coming together and ultimately issuing the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration was essentially the finished form of the founding fathers vision. The pamphlets a, letters, meetings, and debates leading up to that document were the drafts giving rise to the final document. That final document, the Declaration of Independence was absolutely critical for our founders. this was the commonality upon which the individual factions and various social and religious groups could come together and agree upon this goal.
    Now consider this in modern terms of project management which provides the foundation for everything from military operations to corporate operations to social programs. The Declaration of Independence was the founding fathers final form of their Project Scope Statement. This is the keystone, the critical document needed to support any movement or organization.

    The Project Scope Statement provides a baseline understanding of the scope of a project to include the project’s scope and deliverables, the work required to complete the deliverables, and ensure a common understanding of the project’s scope among all stakeholders.

    Now what does that mean in english and in the terms of the subject matter at hand? In this specific example the white nationalist movement needs the following:
    A core project statement. An example of a core project statement would be the NASA Apollo project. The project statement for the Apollo project would be “to land a man on the moon and safely return him within 10 years and within a budget of 20 million dollars”. Below this core statement is a detailed description of each of the project elements (Scope, Schedule, and Resource)

    1) Scope, Schedule, Resources

    -What is the current condition that has been determined to be unacceptable?
    -What are the physical, social, economic, etc. boundaries of this project/movement/mission?
    -What is the desired end state at the successful completion of the effort?
    -When will the actions to achieve the stated goals be initiated?
    -How long will the critical and supporting activities take?
    What critical resources are needed to achieve the stated goals scope within the stated schedule?

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you think the established power bases plan to professional level of detail? They absolutely do and in business, conflict, government etc, those who d dominate are usually those who plan best. Coming back to the white nationalists. You can have 15 people trying to move an object, but if they are not pushing in a coordinated manner then there is little net movement and everyone pushing just gets tired as no progress is made. What groups like the white nationalists need is professional management skills. If you have the tools and techniques to get all 15 people pushing in the same direction you quickly get results.
    White nationalists and similar groups have failed to collectively develop a long term vision under which they can rally their collective allies. Until a cohesive long term plan is developed that can unite the disparate groups that all consider themselves white nationalists or allied with said groups, there will be little to no progress made.
    Simultaneously we must be aware that established power bases know exactly how this game works and are very successful and sowing discord and dissention amongst groups to prevent this cohesion around a common goal (cointelpro just to name one of many).

  15. Dark Side of the Moon

    Grenadier1, yes I did read the article. Many of these so called “legal” latinos only became naturalized citizens by force. They liked living in the shadows, paying no taxes and getting free stuff.

    Many of these so called “legal” latinos hate whites. From the way they roll their r in the names (deliberately to get under whitey’s skin) to how they discriminate against whitey in the workforce, they’re passive aggressive turds. I used to hear them go on and on about their ancient Aztec ancestors as if they invented a cure for cancer. Not to mention that stupid Mariachi music that sounds like monkeys on crack.

    What happens to them when we close the doors? I don’t care. I hope they become so uncomfortable they leave. Where they go I don’t care. Maybe we can replace them with the white south africans that are being murdered on a daily basis or eastern European whites who would appreciate being here.

    • Grenadier1

      Who is this “we” you speak of?
      This “we” that can decide the population demographics for a country?
      This “we” that determines that blacks, latinos and other non-whites must leave and be “replaced” with whites from other countries?

      You have no grasp of the term “liberty”
      You have no grasp of the idea of “self determination”
      Maybe you know what those words mean but you seem to think it applies to only Whites.

      I get it, honestly I do. I love Mexican food but those fuckers have apparently never learned how to use a Bubble Level. I have no desire for the country to become Mexico. Thats what Fred is getting at. How do you reward assimilation into the culture without stamping on the individual rights?

  16. Do you suppose Fred reads WRSA?

    The reason I ask is that last week I posted a comment similar to his article on the Southern Nationalists thread. I posed the same question: how do you intend to achieve your dream of the Southern Ethnostate? In my case the question was more around the blacks, which is the South’s main demographic fault line.

    My question was addressed to Pat Hines, and I’m not sure if he saw it. The thread auto-closed up soon after I posted it. Hopefully I’m in early enough to allow Pat, or any other supporters of nationalism, time to answer, should they feel so inclined.

    I note that no one is really answering Fred’s question in this thread either. Saying “they all have to go” is aspirational, but very short on specifics. How, exactly? Pass new racial segregation laws? Require genetic testing to determine ethnic fitness to remain in America? Send squads door-to-door to arrest non-Whites? If you reflexively answer “don’t be absurd” then what exactly is the plan you have?

    It seems a very neutral and legit question that almost all of the Nationalists (of White, Black and Southern variety) just dance around.

    The Northwest Front are the only group who have been very specific about this: they propose a full on neo-Nazi takeover of the Pacific Northwest followed by a War of Racial Purification and forced removal of all non-whites from their territory (along with generous helpings of reprisal killings of Jews, liberals, homosexuals and race-mixers) . Paging Lt. Greyman. Did I get that right?

    Here it is, in full:

    Jackson | July 20, 2016 at 18:17 |
    Pat Hines:

    You use the League of the South flag for your avatar. So, surely you can answer some questions, as the proprietor has called forth this topic for discussions by freedom loving Americans. So, let’s discuss:

    What will an independent Southern Nationalist Mississippi, proudly flying the Black X flag, do with the 1 million black residents of that state? Are they free to stay, enjoy the fruits of their labors, and intermix with the white residents of the State?

    When I read the stuff on the League of the South site it doesn’t sound like that’s what y’all have in mind.

    ” It is clear, then, that God intended men to live separately with their own languages, kith and kin, and nations. Therefore, nations (i.e. peoples) have a Biblical mandate to exist and thereby to protect their interests from those who would destroy them either by war or more subtle means.”

    He goes on at length about “the sons of Noah–Shem, Ham, and Japheth–” ,which is one part of the Bible that has historically been used by segregationists, including the Mormons pre-1968 when God gave them a new message, supposedly.

    He goes on to say: “white Western Christians are threatened with extinction as a separate and identifiable people because of their own weakness and lack of Biblical understanding about the God-ordained principles of nationhood.”

    I don’t get that as the USA is still 77.1% white according to the most recent census, and has about 320 million total citizens. I’m not sure how you equate a quarter of a billion white people in the USA with “threatened with extinction”, even the World Wildlife Fund would not make that exaggerated a claim for their favorite fuzzy mammal.

    “Because Christian liberty has been the product of Western civilization, should the white stock of Europe and American disappear through racial amalgamation or outright genocide, then both liberty and civilization as we have come to know them will cease to exist. ”

    OK, well the genocide one seems pretty hard to project from current trends, doesn’t it. I mean even the Odious Obama has not threatened to set up death camps, or put every new born boy to death or other forms of genocide.

    And as for that “racial amalgamation” thing, well it’s true the Loving vs. Virginia made miscegenation legal in America. Does the League of the South intend to recreate anti-miscegenation laws in their new Sovereign States, or simple expel non-whites?

    I do agree with some statements, which are simply honest observations: “Whites have quietly deserted the very places their forefathers built rather than stay and be subjected to the crime and disorder that frequently comes with minority rule. Especially intolerable is the never-reported epidemic of black-on-white violent crime. Whites, then, do not leave because they are “racists” (whatever that means), but because they fear for their lives and property in an unfamiliar and inhospitable environment. They have become cultural outsiders.”

    But, still, you have to offer up a plan. I’d appreciate it if you could avoid as much as possible explanations of a supernatural sort, relying on interpretations of Bronze Age texts, and belief in your version of God, and simply outline the specific political, cultural and military steps that the LotS advocate.

    PS: Please remember to address the role of the 1 million negro citizens of Mississippi.

  17. If the Whites would stop paying welfare and making excuses for non-Whites, then the non-White children would grow up to act White, because they wouldn’t have any alternative. If you permit bad behavior, from LEO or non-Whites, then you will receive bad behavior. Wishing the bad behavior would go away doesn’t work, and voting is wishing.

    • Mostly correct.
      Subsidizing poverty (welfare) gets you more poverty and poverty”culture”. This in turn gives you more trash (white/black/brown color matters not -trash is trash).
      Non-white children will have the choice to act “white” or “non-white”. But acting “white” will give them the best chance of success so their parents will push them to “act white”. Oh and side benefit: their parents will stay married because Maria and Shaniqua won’t give it up to just any Jesus, Tyrone, or D’Andre. Dude will have to stick around and hold down a job if he wants poon.
      Side benefit 2: whites will not feel resentful because they are no longer being robbed to pay for non-white children who crap out more children and more children etc. People will be free to intermingle as much or little as they see fit. Holy crap racial harmony (right after Grenadier1 teaches Jesus to use a bubble level).

  18. Dark Side of the Moon

    Grenadier1 – there are no rights, just privileges. The United States was founded as a white Christian European country. Our forefathers never meant this to be a dumping ground for foreign agents from other lands. Most white folks have serious immigrant fatigue. We’re sick of looking at them and we’re sick of hearing their so called grievances.

    If you’re an invader, you have no rights. Yes WE can decide demographics for our country just look and see how Israel does it. You have to have a DNA test to prove you’re Jewish. I think the USA should follow the Israeli model. Google white city in Israel and see how nice a city is that allows no invaders.

    • Grenadier1

      “no rights only privileges”…you dont understand liberty and you are an enemy of it.
      Are you to far gone to fix it?
      Remains to be seen.
      My family came over to the colonies in 1760. I am old school.
      There are quite a few of us who are original maybe “we” should decide that sorry your stupid late comer asses have to go back to Europe?
      It all went down hill in 1815 so the rest of you fucks have to get back on the boat and head on back home.
      Present your complete ancestry records at the local city hall for processing.

      • Dark Side of the Moon

        You’re being a jerk. Rather than engaging in debate, you resort to insults. Please don’t talk to me anymore.

    • DSotM-
      In general I agree with you. I do have a few questions: How white do you have to be? Are octoroons allowable? Are Jews white? Can the Scots Irish German atheist stay? What about the hard working Black mechanic who is a devout Baptist? Are all Christian denominations allowed? What about Pentecostals? Kick out those weirdos!

      • Dark Side of the Moon

        Jews aren’t white. Use the Israel model. DNA test and let the majority decide how white we want things.

  19. “What do you recommend doing with, about, for, or to the tens of millions of legal Latinos? What specifically, and how do you propose doing it?”

    Hang on, we’ll get there.

    Einstein noted that a well stated problem suggests the solution…

    Fred states that Mexicans do well in Mexico, with all the conveniences and preferences common to first world nations.

    Then what is the draw? Why do they insist on infesting America? It is clear that actions and policies catering to any group will increase the prevalence of said group. Thus it is with Mexicans.

    Starting with:

    I’m sure others can propose additional, the point is that rather than making American culture (such as it exists) assimilate to hostile invaders (see Vicente Fox quote) make conditions less comfy for those unwilling to adopt the culture of their new “homeland”.

    Let’s look to the enlightened policies Mexico has in place for dealing with undesirables, and recognize that removing the aid & comfort system will encourage even the so-called “legals” to reconsider where they would be best served. Fred no doubt lives in Mexico on THEIR terms, not his.

    For any in need of a lesson on cultural differences, a quick tour of eastern WA farm towns with and without a sizable Mexican population will be an eye opener. Mexican infestations are filthy, crosses along the roadside attest to their driving skill, while public restrooms would best be cleaned with a flamethrower.

    • Grenadier1

      Remove the safety net,
      Do not make special concessions for other languages and other cultural oddities. You come here, you learn English and you work for a living. If you don’t then you get no hand outs.
      This is a broad based approach that will attract only those willing to live like we live and accept our culture. All the while not giving in to the most base vileness of targeted tyranny.

      • Grey Ghost

        Grenadier1 has it mostly right. Secession of any number of states into a liberty confederacy and separate from the marxist minded states, by force if necessary. The answer lies in real liberty and property ownership, the hardest sell to the modern American mind, let alone some ass clown from a permanently socialist central or south american country. So here it is, get rid of ALL the socialist welfare that has been instituted politically in this country over the last 80-100 years by the SOCIALIST DEMONCRAP party with the aiding and abetting of the Republicrap party. No welfare, no Federal Reserve, no medicare, no medicaid, no social security, no war on drugs, no war on poverty, no politician retirements, no income taxes and no property taxes. You don’t vote unless you own real property (land), too fucking bad for all the people without skin in the game. You get the idea.

        What ends up happening once secession is complete is only the people who want a shot at real liberty will stay in the liberty confederacy states and the rest of the people who believe in SOCIALIST ideas will have to immigrate to SOCIALIST state. It can be done, look at the history of India/Pakistan in the mid 20th century. Strict border enforcement by force of arms will be required. All men will be required to own guns, etc.

        That’s a start. It might not have all white people but it sure will have people who willing to work to build their own fortune through individualism and capitalism, NOT SOCIALIST ideology and crony capitalism.

        Yeah I know I didn’t answer Fred’s question, I think he’s asking the wrong question.

        Grey Ghost

  20. Alfred E. Neuman

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  21. Mr. Frosty

    Jackson solved the Native American problem. I need not fear my home being raided by Pawnee and being forced to watch my wife and children raped and scalped.

    Same issue here, just on a larger scale. If you have any hesitation about what must he done, just google “Boer Genocide” or look at the Brazilian farvelas and know that is your children’s future.