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Don’t trust.

Verify rigorously.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • the “African-American community”. What libs and Chicago Boyz neo-conz call niggers. In itself an act of gas-lighting. In general, gas-lighting is simply an extreme form of chutzpah. Probably best just to call niggers niggers, and chutzpah chutzpah

  2. Gas Lighting is how they rule souls.
    But not all souls.
    If anything way less souls than in the past. And that is attributable to something unique.
    It is an amazing feat of the ingrained natural born sense for freedom and yearning for the truth people have that the Alternative Media is such a source of the truth. Is there anything like it in history?

    Think of all the wonderful people and their blogs and websites, the services and charity, the spirit and resolve they have that they will go up against what drives Gas Lighting regardless of the dangers.
    The free and liberty orientated media is a revolution of it’s own no less.
    Amazing to me, having watched it grow into a force for good it is and how influential it has become. I think too, as a reader, for the first time in history you can become a part of the new media like nothing before through commentary.
    The entire New Media is an incomparable paradigm.

    • “The entire New Media is an incomparable paradigm”

      ’till .gov inc. pulls the plug on the intardnet…

      • Man you sound like you have already given up.
        Why don’t you be honest about your perspective and say resistance is futile? Or Liberty will never happen? Or we are all doomed?

        Hey, so what if they pull the plug.
        There are more ways to win than to loose.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Have at it there little cheerleader.
          Now that you’ve been to gunfighting school, time to go find yourself a firefight.

          • LOL. Well, I took a peel on the 18ft runabout, grilled a T-bone, and finally pinched off a nice long Doug. Clicked on Drudge, but no news of any mountain williams hoisting Dixie on the WhiteHut roof.

            Amazing what a weekend or two of SUT can do for a wannbes ego ain’t it?

            ABSURD comes to mind.

            • he spent both money and time to go learn

              How was that bad again?

              Now be sure and piss all over him because you guys skilled up 20 or better years ago

              Tell me. What if Hillary and her controllers get really clever and wait five more years? Where are all of you magnificient silver foxes going to be then? Especially after effort like this runs people off?

              • I suspect those who skilled up decades ago will just sit back, pop open a cold one, and watch the show.
                After all, With Pros such as these 1 weekend wonders standing guard, why is there a need for any silver foxes? What could possibly go wrong?

      • We still got pirate shortwave radio.

      • Genies are notoriously difficult to put back in the bottle…..

  3. On a related cultural marxist note:

  4. I know for a fact that the vast majority of MAJOR crimes are committed in the city in which I live that are not reported by the media. Talking to a friend of mine who has connections with the police, I now know that about half of the calls to the police never make the crime logs. Here we have two perfect examples of both the media and the government gaslighting to cover up both their incompetence and their agenda.

  5. Gaslighting: “What are you gonna believe, your Masters’ Voices or your own lyin’ eyes?”

  6. Here’s some gas lighting for you:

  7. FrozenPatriot

    Another good explanation and lots of examples of Gaslighting:

  8. Uncle Larry

    Blacks were following elderly white folks home from the local grocery store and cracking them in the head with a pipe from behind and robbing them. The cops told one of the old guys that he was the 15th victim, so far. He said he hadn’t seen anything about it in the press. So the old victim went to Suburban Life newspapers in the suburbs of Chicago and asked why no coverage or news. The Editor informed the victim that it would be racist to report black on white crimes. The victim forgot to bring his gun with him so the Editor is still alive.