Ham Sandwiches, Prosecutors, And Grand Juries: The Tamir Rice Case


A senior New York State judge once quipped that “a grand jury would ‘indict a ham sandwich,’ if that’s what you wanted.”

Ha. Ha.

Read this account of the behind-the-scenes action in the police shooting of Tamir Rice, and you will understand how your patriotic activity will be presented to the citizens who supposedly offset prosecutorial power.

Know the District Attorney in your area.

Know the assistant DAs in your area.

Know every damned thing you can learn about them.

You are going to need that information.

23 responses to “Ham Sandwiches, Prosecutors, And Grand Juries: The Tamir Rice Case

  1. Yes, absofreakinlutely know who the DA and assistant DA’s are! I just google searched for my home county DA and got the entire staff list, on the public web site as the second hit. Well, that was easy.

  2. “Prosecutorial perjury is not sufficient to demonstrate prosecutorial misconduct.”
    California Attorney General and future United States Senator Kamala Harris

  3. durk the jerk and his blue bellies will hunt you down vacuuming up all the resources the taxpayer can muster to protect these criminal bastards, then, show up here at WRSA and preach how they are so patriotic and III%..

    • you are a fucking piece of work, tfA-t. You truly amuse me.

      I’ve been sharing some of your rants with my local home boys. ” mostly blue and brown bellies” It’s like smoking crack, we’re all addicted to your observations. Your the new ” Ann Landers” for Oregon law enforcement. Solid sound advice and timely as well.

      Uncle jerk, errrrr Dirk.

  4. When i voted i always looked at which candidates has the “endorsements ” of all the local pds and pd unions…. And then voted against them. This was in a city where a diabetic was beaten to a pulp by the pd for “resisting arrest” but was actually in diabetic shock.

    The victim also has stockholm syndrome and harbored no hard feelings for them afterwards


    So, given the facts of this sordid, tragic, and unnecessary shooting, where are the good people of Cleveland? Where are the watchdog newsies? And, since this is obviously a case for an investigation under Title 18, Section 242, U.S.C,, where is AG Lynch?

    • Grey Ghost

      This is a perfect case where the cop should have been prosecuted and sent up. A 12 yr old boy with a toy gun playing in the park being shot within SECONDS of the cops rolling in hot. Somewhat similar to the case in Baton Rouge except the guy in Baton Rouge MAY have had a real weapon. Yet another call by someone in the hood scared of guns but no shots fired.

      The Attorneys/Lawyers in Cleveland covered up and made excuses for “the force”. And justice for all… in a pigs eye.

      Grey Ghost

    • Mr. Weasel,

      “Where is AG Lynch?”

      On her knees with Comey, taking turns on soetoro-obama Hillary.

  6. I have the full list of all DAs and ADAs and judges for my area. I even know where some live. I personally know a few of their spouses just by chance. I have a vague idea of why I’d need that information, but I’m curious: What is the reason being suggested for why I need that information.

  7. Grenadier1

    Honestly had to stop reading that, pissed me off to no end.

    The Grand Jury system is so fucked up beyond all repair that when we fix this shit, it will need to be addressed and set up with the most sever penalties for fucking it up in the future.

    • outlawpatriot

      Gotta win a war first my friend. And I assure you, the men who survive and win that war are gonna be one bunch of bad mamma jammas. It will be fixed. That, and a shitload of other stuff. 😉

  8. How many scumbag politicians got shot this week? How many scumbag thieves who use lawfare to steal assets? How many dirty drug dealing scumbags?

    A quarter million people a year die in our hospitals from medical mistakes. This “war on cops” bullshit serves the empire’s need to create federales just like the Narco State to our south. If you are an honest LEO please realize that you have been sold out. Those of you who are scum and simply want to steal and murder your way to a new boat or vacation keep on keeping on. Those of you who are starting to see the writing on the wall, welcome to the party. Tempus Fugit.

  9. The chief persecutor where I live suddenly found a bunch of KUDZU planted at his house. Another JERK found concrete dumped into his sewer cleanout plug which “constipated” his sewer line. Lot of nice ideas available for those who let their power go to their head.

  10. …and with that, is anyone here safe from personal injury and the slander and defamation of the District Attorney’s office?

    Bad cops and people who couldn’t be cops go to Cleveland and the GOP Convention was just there. Coincidence or a subtle statement?

  11. Do your searches after booting up TAILS:

    Prosecutors are the lowest of the low. We have 2.3 million Americans, including many political prisoners, in jail because of them.

    • Paul, does this TAILS really work? And will it screw up other things on my computer if I download it?

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Steady Steve

    Yep. We are going to need that info, and a whole lot of rope.

  14. ALCON,

    I have met the DA for my county. Personal meeting with him after I filed a criminal complaint against the 7 members and their solicitor of a small municipality, for flagrant violation of the state’s preemption law. They created an ordnance to ban firearms on township dirt.

    The scum DA, a Republican, said he would not prosecute because they were trying to do a good thing.

    Fuck him.

    There are no good DAs.

    There are no good cops.