La Diversité Est Notre Force

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UK Daily Mail: Elderly priest, 86, is ‘beheaded’ by two ISIS knifemen shouting ‘Daesh’ after they took nuns and worshippers hostage at French church: Police shoot both attackers dead then search for bombs


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  1. ambiguousfrog

    Money quote:

    “The motive of the attack is not yet known and there is no official confirmation that the attack was an act of Islamist terror.”

    The reporter should be fired.

    • Frog,

      “The reporter should be fired.”

      My guess is he was only mimicking policy of the French government. He was reporting that there was “no official confirmation….” it was ragheads, AGAIN.

    • The propagandist should be shot. There fixed it for you. Read your Bracken closely kids. Then think about it. Again.

      Tet 2.0 Euro edition is on like donkey kong.

      • colddeadhandsdays

        I agree. Until the Rifles and scopes start coming out I will shed ZERO Tears. I’ll say this right in public and I MEAN IT with DEADLY Seriousness. If they come here and start this shit I will go to open WAR on our streets with these savages. Why? Because I’m a man. Fuck the Govt. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT. Fuck the French if they can’t defend themselves then they deserve to be slaughtered. It’s becoming Darwinian. Act Accordingly.

        • It’s not the Govt. you have to worry about.

          These guys can’t wait to “Protect and Serve” the living shit out of you.

    • SameNoKami

      Any honest moron would know that it’s the same motive it’s been for the last 1400yrs.
      By minimizing the comments about islam, they hope to be in the last group beheaded.

  2. Tet Take 2 of sorts.

  3. Virgil Kane

    At least is calling it Muslims. I’m surprised.

    When they start hitting churches and schools in the US, things will get exciting. Of course the media will call it mental illness and Obama will call for gun bans to stop the beheadings.

    • “…Of course the media will call it mental illness and Obama will call for gun bans to stop the beheadings.”.
      You forgot all of the sensitivity training that will be required and “workplace violence,” branding-type horseshit.

    • Was this not an appalling act?

      So what is the lesson to be learned from this?

      It is simple. This is how angry God currently is at Western Civilization.
      Why? There is only one biblical reason for his anger ever:: Western Civilization has rejected God and his gracious gospel promise of salvation for all the ruined race of mankind.

      As a result the Almighty is not waiting for Judgment Day, he is beginning to punish right now. In fact, he is using one group of despicable thugs to punish another group of despicable thugs.

      Would you ever resent being called a despicable thug? Read the truth about how wicked and despicable your heart is by nature according to the description given by Jesus, your God! (Mark 7:21-23.) If you still would want to deny it, your argument is with God, not with me. Call him the liar, if you would dare!

      For instance, once on this earth the Lord Jesus cursed the tri-cities of Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum. (See Matthew 11:20-24.) This means that he promised to destroy them. In time he did. Whom did the Almighty send to destroy them? Look it up in secular history! It was the Muslims. That is right. God sent the Muslims.

      Again, 40,000 Christian congregations once spread across North Africa. After they became what Western Civilization and its worldly churches are today, what happened to them? They too were destroyed. Whom did God send to do it? Look it up! Six hundred years after Christ God sent the Muslims.

      Will people wake up to this fact, and make use of God’s solution? The verdict of past history is “No,” the vast majority will not.

      Nevertheless, be different!

      • Dennis Garoutte

        It doesn’t get any planer than that Gene, and I think they were Assyrian muslims.

  4. just plain todd

    hahahahahahahahah! good thing our grandfathers fought and died there! if they didn’t, sand niggers wouldn’t be able to run amok, and we wouldn’t have trans-whatever-the-fuck-bathrooms! thanks for making my day! enjoy the declne! can’t make myself sick over this anymore.

  5. They’ll just shuffle another into his slot and continue with the graft, perversion, and destruction of the Church..

    “Nothing new under the Sun”.

  6. I now offer any liberal supporting the “refugees” one thousand dollars and will go up to 5K to help with expenses if they will move to a france or germany muslim community and send me proof of residence. So far, no takers.

  7. Jeffery in Alabama

    I heard this story on FOX News radio this morning while driving to work. I kid you not when I say the BBC reported that French officials were seeking a motive in this case. Don’t they know by now that it was just two “Lone Wolves Mohamed”? In the minds of their fellow cultists the two frog sharpshooters sent these boys to get laid, but I think these two “johnny jihadists” will spend the “by and by” in a very different place.

  8. Interesting choice of execution from the cameljockeys perspective. Attack them right in their religious house. Attack the priest( leader). I bet the cavedwellers are celebrating the symbolism of this attack.

  9. Jeffery in Alabama

    I heard this story on FOX News radio this morning while driving to work. I kid you not when I say the BBC reported that French officials were seeking a motive in this case. Don’t they know by now that it was just two “Lone
    Wolves Mohamed”? In the minds of their fellow cultists the two frog sharpshooters sent these boys to get laid, but I think these two “johnny jihadists” will spend the “by and by” in a very different place.

    • heh heh, religion… believe or die. catholics/muslims… hardly any difference at the core. One says god likes me better than you because of something I do or don’t do; and the other says the exact same. As if any good could come from such nonsense. None will. And none will learn.

      Rom 3:23… “For ALL have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.”

      • Virgil Kane

        “hardly any difference at the core.” Really? If you’re talking about Catholic priests and Imams and little boys, then I can see your point, but that’s about it.

        I’m sure you would say that the Bible is God’s word. Do you think the Koran is God’s word?

        No matter what evil ways have been used to spread Christianity, I don’t remember the Bible commanding it. The New Testament has a theme of love and forgiveness. The Koran was written by a psychotic pedophile and it teaches hatred and murder.

        I’m not seeing it, padre.

        • Please sir, I’m not a padre and place myself above no other as the padre’s do. I don’t believe in a Levitical priest class, men as “reverends” or a laity for that matter.

          How many people have both religions killed for lack of compliance? Honest question. While I don’t have a number handy I’m sure we can both agree on “lots”. Each one. How many so called “christians” want to kill muslims and vise versa? Ann Barnhardt, much admired here, dreams of making mecca a “glass factory” using nuclear weaponry. Christian? Really? She extols the virtue of the church militant. How many death threats have others received by the mouths of muslims?

          My question: What good comes from either side wanting to destroy the other? Is this not exactly what satan would choose for man? Strife, viciousness, deceit…? How does either side ever win? Better question: SHOULD either side “win” if both are equally unjust in Gods sight? I think not. Both require “works” to be “justified”. Both are looking to be justified by the wrong god (2 Cor 4:3-4). The grace of God today commands us NOT to work, as Christ has done the work for us. Work implies debt; as if God “owed” mankind anything (but destruction).

          Rom 4:4-5… “Now to him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of grace, but of debt. But to him that worketh NOT, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.”

          Ungodly man is justified (counted righteous) by belief and trust in the cross-work of Christ. If he so chooses to trust in that and not his own “good” works (as if) for salvation.

          Not “working” IS religious non-compliance. Non-compliance must be met with punishment of some kind. Rules are being broken after all if religion says work and you ain’t workin’. Both religions fit that bill. Both have killed (punished) and will kill again to force compliance. Google the “church militant”. If that is not a perfect example of mutual exclusivity I don’t know what is, as the church the body of Christ is not called to be militant in any way. Our battle is not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers in high spiritual places (Eph 6). We are called to stand fast and unmovable in the gospel of grace. We today are not bringing in earthly Kingdoms to Jerusalem as much of “christendom” believes. God will do that when His time is right.

          Catholicism is actually false new testament Judaism with pagan influences. They worship (pray to) a female co-redemptrix. Same one the Ephesians prayed to (Acts 19:27-28)… she goes by different names throughout history. They claim Peter as the first pope. Well, Peter was a Jew. A Jew who believed in the Jewish Messiah, the King of (Jewish) Israel come. He never stopped being a Jew simply because his Jewish Messiah came and went. Read his Spirit inspired words. He will sit on one of twelve Jewish thrones judging one of the twelve Jewish tribes (Mat 19:27-28). That’s 100% Jewish, and not Christian in the least. Catholics are some of the most difficult people on earth to reach with the gospel of grace. I wish it were not so.

          People combine things in the Bible that were never meant to be combined. Been doing it for centuries. popes are real pros.

          I do not think the koran is holy, nor do I believe the NIV, Douay Rheims or other so called “bible” versions are holy. I believe they are scripture altered with malicious intent. I don’t believe the pope is holy. I believe his office is that of the false prophet; 1/3’rd of the unholy trinity. I believe the KJB is Gods Word and is therefore Holy, as in set apart as sanctified… separate from the rest.

          “No matter what evil ways have been used to spread Christianity, I don’t remember the Bible commanding it.”

          I couldn’t agree with you more strongly. Ends do not justify means. Evil cannot be used to “spread good” as good ceases to be good when evil is used to justify it. Isn’t that what politicians are so good at? It’s “for the children” doncha know…

          Paul, the first Christian (1 Tim 1:15-16) never ever encourages the use of violence to advance the gospel of grace that the risen and glorified Lord Christ gave to him (Gal 1:11-12). A completely different ministry than that given to Peter (Gal 2:7). God did, in time past, advance His nation Israel through the use of violence however. In ages to come things will unfortunately once again become violent. But now, as you and I agree, reconciliation (love and ultimate forgiveness) is Gods desire for man (2 Cor 5:17-21). If only man would reconcile himself back to God…

          God is punishing no one at all right now (and does not need human thugs to do so, He is quite capable Himself – 2 Thes 1:7-8) as the above verses in 2 Cor 5 attest. Grace and peace are diametrically opposed to judgement and wrath and can not occur simultaneously. If they did, God would then be a respecter of persons and He is not (Rom 2:11). The latter will come soon enough. Work within the former while available. It is mankind’s only real hope.

          “The New Testament has a theme of love and forgiveness.”

          Well… not entirely (but I do hear ya) and I’ll be happy to speak with you on that elsewhere. My email can be found on my own website. Quickly, the New Testament was promised to the nation Israel as replacement for the old (mans own effort to keep the Law) and not to believers today (Heb 8:7-11). Paul has nothing to do with the new testament save for that is the “Bible section” where his epistles appear. The NT does not begin in Mat 1:1 (that is a publishers thing), it begins for Israel with Christ’s death (Heb 9:16-17).

          Christians saved by grace through faith without works have no such covenant agreements with God. Salvation today is a free gift from God to sinful man. No strings attached. Perfect “non-religion” as there is nothing for man to do. We can only believe Christ did it all for us and then try to live according to the matchless love and forgiveness He demonstrated to us! Not easy… Covenants have many strings and we should thank Him endlessly that there are none attached to us.

          Hope this helps.

          grace and peace… while we make a rebel stand 😉

          • Seems like you have read up on your bible.

            Ever read a koo-ran?

            Here’s a trick. Go into a church and say some of the things you have said about Christianity there. Then go out into your local mosque and do the equivalent thing there speaking of Islam. Let us know your results.

    • “What do you say Sargent?”
      “I say we nuke em’ from orbit… just to be sure”

  10. There is a worldwide shortage of priests for the Catholic Church, and if you know anything about the Catholic Church, you know why. In the times of Charles Martel (Charles the Hammer) the commission of such a stupid and heinous act would have resulted in the whole sale slaughter of moslems, both the responsible, and any others who could be found. But France does not value her priests (there were TWO parishioners there at Mass, and that speaks volumes itself) nor its nuns, nor its parishioners either. France allows her children to be mown down like so much garbage in the streets of Nice, its young adults to be tortured to death in a concert hall, and other innocent citizens to be gunned down, or blown up in the streets of Paris. France has no backbone, no conscience, no guts, and certainly no glory. If G*d is there in France, its because of His Will alone, and not because He was invited, or begged to come. People there will just hide, and scurry around, and tend to their lives, and hope the jihadists get them last, or barring that, the jihadists get the surrender of the govt. to their tender mercies, and the butchery stops. At least for a while. Once the burqa, the minaret, prayer to the pig allah five times a day, the honor killings, the halal diet, sharia law 24/7, public stonings and executions (funny how France outlaws capital punishment, yet looks on mass murder differently) FGM, hands being lopped off, and thousands of children dying early for lack of vaccinations, all that and more becomes the norm, the French may start to see dimly that it might have been better to show some guts, and stop this crap. But being so comfortable, and sophisticated, and worldly, and technologically superior, they’ll be led to the slaughter pens instead. Virtue, is it’s own reward, and Comfort Kills. France is no longer a country. It is a slaughter house.

    • “there were TWO parishioners there at Mass, and that speaks volumes itself”

      Yes, it does. The “secular humanists” have rotted the soul of the West, they have denied the spiritual component of Man, and left in its place nothing. They have tried to fill that void with hedonism and self-worship, resulting in an ersatz religion centered around the State. Their nihilism has manifested itself in numerous social pathologies.

      Ultimately, something always beats nothing. Secularism, with its attendant notions of relativism and moral equivalency, does not inspire or animate men. In contrast, the Muslim invaders, barbaric as they are, have no such enfeeblement. They have a spiritual virility that presently has no counteracting force in the native Westerner. In the past this was not so, and that is why the West was able to repulse their frequent aggression.

      The West has collectively said it does not need God, because the West has collectively said He does not even exist. The West is wrong, and it had best collectively fall upon its knees and repent.

  11. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Importing third-world mentally deficient barbarians into your country is pretty much about as stupid of a game as you can play. Viva le prix infidels!

  12. The run up to Tet Take 2 Bill.
    Make certain support systems fear doing what they do (clergy, doctors and police). Kind of like turning off power, water and information when a group is under siege and surrounded.


    I still think the response is to turn loose a bunch of swine into their mosques and enclaves. Could you imaginable the look of terror on their faces when a farmer shows up with a load of pigs at one of those “no-go” neighborhoods in Paris and releases them down the street?

    Use their fears against them. Oh, and stop pussy footing around their sacred mosques, the attach on the church holding mass and killing the priest was a test to us to see if we would take the battle to them or not.

    Rip the bandage off, clean the wound of the infection and then put a new bandage on to heal the body.

    • Bill Harzia

      “…Rip the bandage off, clean the wound of the infection and then put a new bandage on to heal the body.”

      Perhaps radiation therapy is called for.

  13. Time for priests to start packing a pistol…

  14. just plain todd

    fuck france. fuck europe. the only good things that came out of 2 world wars was we saved joe stalin, and we created the MIC. bwaaaaaa!!!!!see you peeps on the D&RG RR!

  15. Dammit!! I really hate it when Matt Braken is right time after time after time.

    But I gotta admit that back in 1979 I told everybody not to be worried about Iran getting the bomb….I said France will be muslime in one more generation and those fucks have H Bombs.

    BTW—I pray that President TRUMP gathers up all our Atomic Weapons in NATO, Turkey and other places and brings them all back here….to give them to the new nation state of Texas….just to make sure they have adequate protection.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      That’s a Good point. We May actually have to go over there to secure the Nukes.

      • You think that they (B61) are still there?
        I would hope that they are already back Stateside.
        The mushroom clouds will be the clue.

    • Been thinking about that a lot the past 2 days. Yeah bring them all home.

  16. Folks,

    You’re all getting wound up over events in a venue you have no control over….France. Suggest you get more concerned with the hordes of Muslims being dumped here in fUSA, courtesy of the scum in the West Wing and the weasels on Capitol Hill.

    If you aren’t already aware, there is a war in this country against the Caucasian middle class. It has been initiated and controlled by the Taqiyya practicing Muslim, soetoro-obama.

    And may I offer a suggestion posed me by long-time commenter, Oughtsix….

    UNITY !

    Prepare to defend yourselves.

  17. I see horror off the scale in Europe. They have imported millions of muslim weapons of mass destruction into every neighborhood in Europe. They can’t deport them now. And I’ll say it. The Europeon men are weak pussies and the muslims are merciless mass murderers. Christians don’t stand a chance. Prepare to avert your eyes from the carnage. We can’t help them now, and shouldn’t.
    I have neighbors who are muslims, the ‘good ones’. I high 5 them every day. But they do or say nothing against these monsters who run over crowds of kids with trucks in their name. Am I being set up too? Am I just like those EU men I just called pussies?

  18. Grey Ghost

    Unity. Overrated if you are hoping that we will all be thinking alike or agree on everything. Not sayin’ we shouldn’t defend ourselves, just that I doubt we can unite on much. Unity MIGHT come from a singular purpose or idea. Hell, even the founders weren’t united in everything… but they were united in the single purpose of self determination and liberty by seceding from England/George III. They subsequently fought with each other on just how that Liberty should be set up in the form of a govt. Now all the CONservatives will start squealing but the CONstitution did not hold up very long. Just my opinion.

    So just what is the singularity of purpose or idea that will drive Unity that we can all get behind and pledge our fortunes and sacred honor?

    Grey Ghost

  19. jeffronimo

    A video by David Wood:

    Little T tolerance, good. Cult of Big T Tolerance, not so much.