Buppert: Ten Questions For The Armorer


Got armorer?

You should, organic to your team.

Both for your gear and that which is “donated” to you.

6 responses to “Buppert: Ten Questions For The Armorer

  1. Nicely done. On point. Like most here realize you are the solution to any problem encountered Engage, don’t engage is a choice in most applications.

    It’s not your responsibility to protect everybody present, it IS, your responsibility to protect your party. Unassing the area, is a noble option. Engaging a well armed shitbag with a pistol and a couple spare mags, won’t end well.

    Thank you for the timely article.


  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Good Lord, look at that table of Sturmgewehr 44s ! Just LOOK at them ! Wonderful pieces of firearms history that if in fUSA today on a Form 1 or 4 are worth many tens of thousands of dollars. Makes me wonder how many are still sitting in Kamerad’s cellar or loft ?

    I’d be happy to have just one. They’re beautiful !

  4. CA/Pete,

    BTW….what a great link. Hell, I was at ZeroGov the other day. An older essay was up. Haven’t been there since or at least since you posted this story.

    How do you stay on top of all this content you provide ? Do you have a staff ?

    Anyhow….thank you for the work you do with WRSA. You’re amazing !

  5. Those are not Stug.44’s Those are Stug. 45’s. The blowback operated ancestor of the G3. The whole thing lost me when he started waxing poetic about the church of the holy AR and its prophet the holy Glock (Armalite SNACKBAR y’all). You guys wake me when the real weapons come out.