Calling Things By Their True Names



And deserved offense.

A double-winner.

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  1. Later, during the Festivities, you’ll see people missing tongues, noses,eyes, teeth and even jaws. That’s what speaking with clarity got you in the Middle Ages, and that’s what you’ll get during the coming Unpleasantness. A return to clarity, of which I am all for, would necessitate a lot of collateral damage to both the populace and landscape. It’s also how you know you really have freedom of speech. You speak your mind, and nobody knocks the snot out of you for doing it. The best way to do that, is to speak your mind, and be able to back it up by defending yourself if attacked. Tyrants hate nothing more than peasants shooting their mouths off, except maybe for peasants shooting.

  2. Amen….And remember this, egalitarianism in any form is Marxism, no matter what the claimed politics of the speaker are…

    • Difference between ‘then’ and ‘now’ is that the peasants here (or who I refer to as the ‘dirt people’ of which I am one) are armed to the teeth and hopefully willing to shoot the kings men. Don’t give up your arms, Don’t register your arms. And if ‘they’ come for your arms, well – we all are going to die sometimes – better in my opinion to go out with a bang (pun intended) but what do I know? Just turned 70 so the end for me is coming soon – I really want to stick around long enough to see what happens and if I (that would be the collective ‘we’) are lucky enough to witness a resent, so be it …

      • I’m in your demographic and feel the same. Maybe it’s egocentric but I’d really like my death to benefit my fellow man.

      • Worker we probably don’t have long to wait. The banksters are trying like hell to skim the last 3% of value remaining of the greenback. Not rocket science what happens then.
        Looks like the political elites lately have all they can to manage to survive their illegitimacy.
        It is apparrent the dirt people are warming up to total resistance.
        There is a mutiny among traditional and alternative political right against both factions of cultural marxists.

        Many things are becoming a runaway train, in the sense it isn’t controlled order out of chaos but there are indications certain aspects of that are out of control.

        What are the chances all that meets in a confluence of events and the mother of unintended consequences?

        173 days.


    • Speaking of the truth, you and your pals must be a little butt hurt being questioned about that oath you took, (and choked on?), from reading the love notes you all left me in an previous post.
      Interesting, because you didn’t give a straight answer, but you sure did dissimulate. Honest people with nothing to hide don’t dissimulate. If you are who you claim it would be easy answering that question about honoring your oath you took.
      Care to elaborate further?

      • What normal 17 year old wouldn’t want to challenge himself, play with rifles, machine guns, grenades, and ride around on choppers and airplanes? I couldn’t wait to enlist for Direct Fire Infantry training as soon as I graduated HS.
        It had nothing to do with any patriotism or any oath, IMO that’s a fools errand. I can’t even stand the sight of that G’Damnd flag- it doesn’t represent me or my views, i don’t own one, and I threw that u.s. uniform out years ago.
        As far as this country is concerned, my new home is on an extreme northern Island in the Great lakes. Canada is 2 miles closer to me than the U.S mainland. I’m headed back there this week. CONUS is toast.

  4. We’ll get clarity and freedom of speech just as soon as we remove diversity from our lands.

    In the south, that means virtually all negroes will have to be patriated with their motherland, Africa. Like when I was in school, from the first through the 12th grade, using the word nigger was routine. There were no negroes in my schools at all.

  5. Re: “Thank you for killing people and breaking things.”

    Thank you for taking your freedom for granted…

    • NightWatcher

      Pete (no not that Pete), given the multitude of “military actions” in my lifetime (say since 1960), I can’t find a single one where my freedom was actually endangered. Reasonable people could argue whether they were rational or justified, but that isn’t the question.

      Although it isn’t proof of causality, it is pretty clear that my freedom has been reduced with each military intervention.

      • Steve Kristmann

        It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

        Here’s a video that sums it up:

        Supporting The Troops – Josie The Outlaw

        Yours In Liberty w/o any help from collectivists or their thugs!
        NorthGunner III

        • NightWatcher

          Please remember (re: military action protecting/diminishing freedom), correlation doesn’t mean causality, but it also doesn’t preclude it.

  6. I feel it is about the character of a man/woman.
    That there are more or less is a diligent vetting process:

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Land of the free my ass. For at least 20 years I have known I live in the land of criminals that have given themselves kinder names such as politician, cop, gov’t employee, etc.

    Yes, criminals and potential criminals are all around. What is a potential criminal? Someone that will notify the criminals if they suspect you might be doing something the criminals do not like. The potential criminals are more numerous than the criminals, in fact, they may be living with you in your house.

    Potential criminals can be produced instantly by criminals by way of coercion. Your wife will turn on you in a NY minute if the criminals threaten to take her kids. The lazy fuck across the road will rat your ass out if he is promised a $1000 debit card full of stolen money, even if he has to make shit up.

    Pay the fuck attention. Criminals and their potentials are everywhere.

    Tribe? Please.
    I don’t trust anyone.

  9. Lot of people are afraid of the truth.
    Scares them so much they do their masters bidding for them in order to hide from it.

  10. Off topic with an apology, Pete, but saw this over at, bikers for killery are headed to deecee.


  11. Jimmy the Saint

    “You have to be like a lion and a fox. The fox is smart enough to recognize traps, and the lion is strong enough to scare away the wolves. Be like a lion and a fox, and no one will ever beat you”

    ― Carlo Gambino