Herschel: Semi-Automatic Versus Bolt Action For Precision Shooting


If you are good enough, the rifle will be good enough.

But the human is the weak link.

24 responses to “Herschel: Semi-Automatic Versus Bolt Action For Precision Shooting

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    yeah…a note in passing: “Beware the man with only one gun–he knows how to use it.”

  2. im resigned to be effective with the one i have in my hand. Even if it has a 14.5 bbl. yes, the operator is the weak link.

  3. Sure saves a lot of thinking, being in a fuckass livestock nation.

    Pistol for close. Bolt action rifle for far. Ironically this puts me ahead of 99% of my fellow countrymen, law enforcement included.

    In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

  4. Flatlander

    Interesting that the 6.5 Creed was used. I’ve been looking at the AR10 build in 6.5, or sticking with the bolt gun. The RPR sounds promising in this caliber (as well as the 308), does anyone have experience with the Creed? Particularly long range accuracy and terminal ballistics? I’ve also read of short reload life of 6.5 Creed brass, with the exception being Lapua. Can anyone speak to this from experience?

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. robroysimmons

    I’ll be the jerk here. All this talk of accuracy is one step a way from “Porch Sniper” talk with the ol’30-06 which is a way of saying that the person has taken to the Way of the Donut and basically waddles up to the shooting bench, hopefully hits paper and calls himself a ‘Merkan Sniper.

    Of course I always liked reading Fred’s long range ambush stories in SN, so there is that.

  7. Uncle Larry

    Study some of the Beirut fighting from back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Don’t forget the sledge hammer for knocking holes in walls. Moving through the city without going outside. Avoid that sniper.

  8. Those of us who think they’re good shooters might be wise to enroll in an Appleseed two day event in your area. It’s the best quality, lowest cost training you’ll ever receive. And you won’t do any shooting from a bench.

  9. I think a .308 or .260 Rem or 6.5CM gas gun with a moderately powered optic (say, 2.5-10x) makes a lot of sense as far as being able to shoot as close or far as you need to. Even at moderate ranges, the ability to crank up the magnification to identify stuff and enhance ability to connect is very useful.

    Seen quite a few RPRs come through class in .308 and 6.5, and every one of them was a shooter. And I’m not that easily impressed.

    6.5 and .260 have a distinct ballistic advantage. .308 advantage is that in a pinch, you can de-link machine gun ammo and still hit pretty well to 600 yards.

  10. shocktroop0351

    I tried to read the article linked, but then I got sick to my stomach. Don’t Waste Your Precious time worrying about tenths of an inch of group size unless you’re a competitive shooter. Get off the bench and out in the field and do some realistic shooting. Don’t confuse competitive sports with combat. You need to be able to group a rifle, but that’s the beginning not the end. And with the exception of high capacity magazine fed bolt actions, do your future or present team members a favor, and don’t show up to a gunfight with a bolt-action if you can help it. If bolt actions were so great the Soviets would have made the AK a bolt gun. They cared about their soldiers the least, and tried to get things done as cheaply as possible. But even they recognized the value of a big magazine and high rate of fire.

    • +1 for getting off the rest. My little band found out real quick that things are a lot different when your chest is heaving, out of breath and you’re trying to put shots out using a loophole board with your pouches and plates in the way

      • shocktroop0351

        Would it have been any easier with a precision bolt rifle?

        • No. My point was that getting off the bench is a lot different than sweating in the dirt. Or shooting through a hole (loophole board) where your muzzle might be obstructed but your sight plane isn’t.

          A semi auto carbine with optics is going to be good for most things. It’s when you have a chance to pop a knee or an elbow that’s careless that the optic will make the best difference.

          Train for the deliberate, aimed shot. Train for the quick and dirty snap shot. Just don’t neglect one for the other because it’s easier or more fun.

          Side note. My best deer shots were both offhand. Because I had to take the time to concentrate on what I was doing, instead of just letting the motion flow from memory

  11. As stated the wise man shoots what he has well, first time, everytime. Please to see this isn’t a my caliber is better then your caliber. I own one of each caliber mentioned, would not hesitate to take any to the party.

    thanks for the article.


  12. You don’t always get to choose where to fight, what distances to fight, and how many oppose you in the fight.

    There are a lot of firearms choices out there. Choose wisely.

  13. Mark Matis

    Note that bolt action rifles do not eject the casing unless you decide to do so. Semi-autos, on the other hand, dump the brass after each shot. If you’re in a fire fight, then you probably don’t need to worry about spreading brass around. On the other hand, if you are being “One Shot Paddy”, then leaving nothing identifiable is a worthwhile consideration. And Paddy don’t need to take a second shot, nor even verify if the first one connected properly. Shoot and disappear. And leave nothing behind. Unless, of course, you have an appropriate “souvenir”.

  14. Herr Morgenholz

    Most every rifle I have is better than I am.

  15. I would take my 1903 Springfield to war before I would ever carry an AR15. I prefer my Garand over my AK, and don’t own and will never willingly carry anything designed by Gene Stoner or in 5.56/223. If I picked an AR up off the ground I wouldn’t carry it one foot passed any good quality replacement. You don’t want the guys with the old bolt guns, the Garand’s , and the canvas web gear? COOL they can run with me. They won two world wars with those weapons and that gear . How many did that AR win? I’d rather have the guy in the greatcoat with straw in his boots, a steel helment and a 98 Mauser . He wants to go the distance.