Just Keep Voting


From Jim Sinclair above and Bill Buppert below:


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  1. A system that allows (((((Judge Friedman)))))) the power to release the man who shot Reagan, at this time, four months before an election, knowing that (((they))) have threatened Trump’s life, is not sustainable.


    Make no mistake: ((((((they))))) are hoping to embolden a would-be Trump assassin.

    Had enough?

  2. ((( They))) welcome any and all assassins. (((They))) spin it too (((their))) advantage.

  3. The top part’s right on target, the bottom meh.

    If you think the problem out there is white cops shooting blaks you’re delusional. Blacks shooting blacks is a problem. Bangers are a problem (not the delicious Irish ones of course). For the record our police forces are WAY over militarized and need to be dialed back and cleaned out, but it’s NOT our biggest problem by far.

    A criminal justice system that is for sale to the highest bidder? Yeah that’s a problem. A military system that’s for sale, ya that’s a problem. Communist infiltration of our nation? Problem.

    • The problem is cops shooting anybody or anything they please and getting away with it. When will you stop defending these pustules of humanity?

      Answer: When they shoot you or someone you love.

    • “Blacks shooting blacks is a problem.”

      I’m not seeing the problem there.

      “Some people need killin’.”
      gs, 2099

  4. tom,

    “Communist infiltration of our nation? Problem.”

    Joe McCarthy was right.


    • Dan,

      So was the John Birch Society.

      I remember vividly the thrashing they, like McCarthy, took from the “comm-symps” of the day… the tongue clucking, haughty looks of severe disapproval, heads bobbing in lockstep agreement, derision and scoffing from “comedians,” dismissive backhand waving from pols, media and academia, all of which accurately presaged the strident leftist screeching today.

      This all began long ago and far away, in another country, in another century……..

      • Sure hope everybody here has read “American Betrayal” by Diana West.

        Commies have been infiltrating the U.S. since before that snake FDR.

      • outlawpatriot

        I remember when I was a Bircher. Ah, the memories. 🙂


        oughtsix: Spot on. I saw it as a kid in the 1950’s and as a college student in the 1960’s. Haxo’s (((Eskimos))) led the charge. It was a fact of life back then, just as it is today. The useful idiots of today are currently having their circle-jerk in Philadelphia.

        • DW, a few years ago at the local gun show, there was a table of literature manned by two or three guys who looked to be in their late 80’s, with a banner announcing the John Birch Society. I walked over and shook each of their hands and thanked them for their courage and persistence, telling them that I now knew that they’d been right all along.

          Physically frail, but mentally and morally tougher than the 97%.

  5. Uncle Larry

    The Dems even mentioned at the convention that they were the ones who defeated McCarthy. Silly commies. Someone might have heard them.

  6. Grenadier1

    (((WE)))) (((KnoW)))((( wHo)))(((YoU))) (((ARe)))(((T0O)))

  7. Marlo Stanfield

    Were There Really No Black People in Mayberry?

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    | | | | Were There Really No Black People in Mayberry? | |



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  8. Grey Ghost


    So now Ammoland is reporting today during the exultations of “Hitlery’s day at the convention”, NEW gun control “policies” by the current dictator such that now upgrading your gun is considered MANUFACTURING and you have to pay $2,250/yr to get yer manufacturing license… and you thought this 80% non registered build crap was going to fly with the second tyrant from ILLINOIS! Anybody still think he is leaving office?

    Not sure just how they will enforce it but there it is. If there are any upgrades you want for your guns best to buy NOW.

    Funny the NRA has not filed suit yet… I guess I didn’t expect them too… hell, they are the originators of the background check.

    Grey Ghost