Lind: “Pussycats” – Martin van Creveld’s Important New Book


Lind’s review

Amazon ordering info

Might be worth your while if you’re planning to resist POTUS HRC.


10 responses to “Lind: “Pussycats” – Martin van Creveld’s Important New Book

  1. I see only good news there.

  2. Thanks for that. The review seems situationally accurate as well.

  3. As before, both when I trained and led soldiers in regular Infantry units, 90% of the people who showed up were unfit for either combat, or garrison duty, and they were all men.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Jimmy the Saint

    Isn’t that pretty much how it’s always been for most armies in history? The bulk of the guys – even in the combat arms – aren’t exactly hardened killers. There’s a relatively small number that do most of the heavy lifting.

  6. It’s gonna be a hell of a war. Fuckem.

  7. About half way through….simply put, it’s a clarion call to any who wish to understand why our culture has become pusillanimous in contrast to others, and provides, through his writing, the requirements for what we. individually, in groups, and as a culture, must do for our young boys and young men to ensure they survive and thrive. It’s quite the indictment of our feminized ‘helicopter parent’ focused child rearing patterns.

    Excellent reading!.

  8. most inspiriting. Since the prime target of the ZOGlobalist military will be the (White) Home Front. Still, a drone w Hellfires is a drone w Hellfires, whether its an xy or an xx at the joystick

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