Marion Maréchal-Le Pen: “Either We Kill Islamism, Or It Will Kill Us”


Comme elle le dit.

Related UK Telegraph article.


A la mode Francaise.

UPDATE 2230EDT 27JUL2016: More on Mademoiselle — “Marion Le Pen: Christians Must Stand Up To Islam; Young Patriots Should Join The Military Like Me”

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22 responses to “Marion Maréchal-Le Pen: “Either We Kill Islamism, Or It Will Kill Us”

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. I heard of a guy who lost his twitter account for saying that once

  3. Herr Morgenholz

    Is it inappropriate to note that she is smoking hot?
    Cuz I sure as hell hope not.

    • As you say, and big hands too. But really good to see a Frenchwoman with a set.

  4. Steve Kristmann

    They say a pic is worth a thousand words….
    Here’s two!

    And that goes double for islam’s “enablers”!!

    Yours In Liberty w/o any fucking 7th Century death cult!!
    NorthGunner III

  5. France played with vipers to topple Assad.
    France betrayed vipers when Russia stomped in.
    Vipers followed French home , which strenghtens the ‘law and order’ crowd in France and Europe as a whole. Is that bad? I hope she means it and more. Martel or Bust.

    • They’ve had a Muzzie problem since Algeria, oui?

      • I know. Just thinking this lastest spurt of slaughter is Syria blowback in particular but for sure the ‘independence’ of the colonies led to the first wave of invaders setting up hives in Europe that is blossoming into Bracken’s Tet 2.0.

  6. Islam is a political ideology disguised as a religion, ruled by murder and fear with only one goal, world domination!

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    She’s right-all the “refugees” in all of Europe need to go back to Syria,Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan,Algeria,Yemen and whatever other shithole they came from-or be forcibly removed from Europe-and FUSA

  8. Breitbart said that she believes europe is at war with islam. Well, her belief doesn’t matter. They declared war, they are prosecuting the war, and they will kill you and destroy your stuff. None of our beliefs are relevant to the facts. War is with those who make it.

  9. Please let me know where the line is to marry her, I would like to get in it; even if she just takes one look at me and says no thanks; would be telling everyone I know that I got rejected by her

    • Hmmmm….seems to me the Frogs have been bombing the ragheads for as long as we’ve been telling them to. At least since 2003. No declaration of war mind you. Same as we have been doing….no declaration of war but we’re killing foreigners in the Middle East for WHAT ?

      What the ragheads are doing in France, Germany and elsewhere is prosecuting war via 4GW. They don’t have standing armies, navies or air forces. So this how they are fighting back. Muslim 4GW has started here. It will get worse. We have brought this on ourselves.

      Ask yourselves….what is the threat to fUSA national security that requires us to bomb, kill and maim, without declaration of war ? Ask yourselves why we are fighting and warring in the Middle East but our borders are under attack ? We are at war as we are being invaded via our borders, air and sea. It is soetoro-obama, the enemy ensconsed as an illegitimate POTUS. HE IS THE LEADER OF THE ONGOING ATTACK AND INVASION OF THIS COUNTRY BY OUR ENEMIES.

      The war is right here folks….not in Iran, Iraq, Israel, etc. Right here. The war is here and you .milsuckers have no better understanding of that than the copsuckers do.

      What would YOU do if armed, uniformed, bearded foreign scum were marching down YOUR neighborhood kicking down your door, damaging your property and invading your privacy….without warrant….right here in fUSA ?How long before you would decide to oppose the foreign door kickers with IEDs and ARmalites ?

      Fuck the French. They’ve brought this on themselves. No different in fUSA….the increasing, impending attacks on fUSA soil by Muslims, have been invited here by our foreign policy via military power.

      Secure our borders. Get out of 100+ countries. Tariff heavily, every goddamn nut, bolt, widget, paperclip, brake rotor, tampon, automobile, firearm, to include your fucking iPHONE. EVERYTHING ! Everything that comes here via PNTR, GATT and NAFTA. Build it HERE as we once did.

      Secure the borders.

      Start manufacturing again.

      Terminate Amerikan imperialism.

      Arrest and prosecute Hillary Clinton for crimes against the Amerikan people.

      Arrest soetoro-obama for high crimes and misdemeanors.

      Make AMERICA great again.

    • Mark Matis

      You have to be screened by Ms. Barnhardt first.

  10. Jimmy the Saint

    Wyatt’s my friend, but I think I’m beginning to love her.
    -Zombie Doc Holliday

  11. I think her call on French men to join the military is silly as the enemy is right there. No need to go off to some shithole to find jibril & the boys. They’re right in front of you. Have at it.

  12. keith park

    She hasn’t been jailed yet for hate speech?

  13. SameNoKami

    Hope she’s got bodyguards. The muslims will be out for her head. Literally.

  14. Ha! La Pen got its ass kicked in the December local elections a month after the Paris attack.

    Screw France, they are finnished.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course, the facts on the ground haven’t changed at all since December. It’s been all quiet throughout Europe in general and France in particular.

  15. Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc By Mark Twain:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  16. payettehenry

    The resistance is beginning. A decade too late and in a relative backwater. But it’s taking shape.