NH: Former Police Chief Indicted On 7 Counts Of Sexual Assault Upon A Minor From 1994-2000


Chiefs’ lives matter.

Money quote?

The sub-headline:

“…Robert Chambers was suspected in 1978 homicide of Russell Bean”.

Live free or die.

Utterly unrelated:

Md. Officer Took Upskirt Photos of Women, Off-Duty Police Officer, Police Say


10 responses to “NH: Former Police Chief Indicted On 7 Counts Of Sexual Assault Upon A Minor From 1994-2000

  1. Black Woodies Matter.

  2. HHH Old Vet.

    Pretty damning evidence, those two cops must be related somehow to the CLINTONS as they got away with so much for so long. Karma they say IS a Bitch.
    GAWwd I hope so and I pray.

  3. I’m shocked!

    • They’re all SCUMBAGS.

      Only a demented soulless ghoul would aspire to enforce unjust and immoral Regime diktat with the murderous enthusiasm of a psychopathic monster. It should come as no surprise that they are trained in ((((IsraHELLs)))) evil corrupt policies at taxpayer expense. The truly rotten fuckers are ex-military types who possess a perverted deep-seated need for violence, torture, and death as it’s now the only way they can achieve an erection before they rape their helpless children and women victims. I bet these thugs all have one thing in common, they all masturbate to pictures of their childhood Idol….

  4. Nubbin-Finger Jake Rodell

    What the Hell! Didn’the that darkie understand that the reputation of his entire race lay in his hands?

  5. This bumfuck sherriff and his tweaker son are nothing compared to what goes on way above their pay grade, but by all means villify every cop you can with a broad brush. Hey I know, maybe we need federales like our southern neighbor/house guest?

    A quarter million souls per year perish in hospital and doctor driven mistakes. No one gives a fuck.

    • You have had federales on a growing scale since the War on Crime started by Nixon in 1971 or so.

      And increasing visibility on coppers who choose to be crooks is simply myth-busting.

  6. Yeh and the five LEO’s and two state troopers who spent A YEAR taking turns gang raping a 13 year old girl and didn’t get so much as a reprimand. This happens every day in Amerika because the SYSTEM ITSELF is broken beyond repair. If you won’t punish; Or even arrest “law enforcers” for child molestation , murder , rape, armed robbery or just being drunken , drug addicted perverts . Things that happen on a regular basis in every “department” in this country. How can we be expected to see them as anything other than another violent criminal gang?

  7. Mebbe some comment by our lurking cops?