Ritualized Child Abuse


H/t Kenny.

9 responses to “Ritualized Child Abuse

  1. It’ll be homeschooling for my “brats”. Only three years of homeschooling for me (middle school years) and I came out ahead of the public school systems AND learn a little bit of REAL history. Thankful for those years.

  2. ‘Murika!

    Where you’re free to do as you’re told.

  3. The fact that we homeschooled is banned from here?

  4. Everybody should read “The Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto. Read it and weep. America used to be the most literate nation in the world – until government got into the act.

  5. Patrica Henry

    This is what I’ve been telling people for years, when asked why I homeschool. Why in tarnation would I want my child influenced by people I don’t know for 6-8 hours a day? Oh, so I could be “free” to work to make extra money to spend on stupid stuff and feed into the govt tax system? So I could have more “free time” to myself? I had the kid, I will sacrifice material things and scrimp (in this day of inflation) to raise & educate him myself, not put it off on others.

  6. In absolute agreement.

  7. I am wondering when the point is that enough students have come through the education system that things like climate deniers being openly prosecuted and jailed becomes acceptable. Maybe the govt does that without public support but I can see a point where enough of the sheeple go along with whatever “groupthink” is on an issue.

  8. Public education = free day care, with a side order of statist brainwashing.

  9. Or, because the system has produced dysfunctional illiterates whom also cannot do math; they blindly follow the “con” as in “Idiocracy.” Then reality hits along with the international commercial competition, the elitists do their predictable elitist thing and the overwhelming financial and social calamity decimates the majority of the population.

    Poof! U.S.A.: population-several million. Self reliant, self resourceful, self resilient people with no interference from the elitists. Those people will occupy the telegraph office and the power stations, etc. 175 days?