Suarez: When You Can’t Shoot Them In The Face, Shoot Them In The Back Of The Head



That person, by the lethal combination of their ideology joined with their actions, has made themselves a target.

Destroy the target.

Harden your hearts.

Toughen your bodies.

Get right in spirit and mind.

Time is indeed fleeting.

22 responses to “Suarez: When You Can’t Shoot Them In The Face, Shoot Them In The Back Of The Head

  1. Be sure.

  2. outlawpatriot

    I intuitively knew this but a good article none the less. I’ll spread it around. I’m sure there will be some really good comments. 🙂

  3. Hmmmm…..I find this posting odd in the sense it advocates an offensive engagement as opposed to a defensive, 21-foot, Castle Doctrine engagement. And just when/where/under-what-circumstances is the common M&P/1911/Glock-Toting/DA Fearing common man supposed to initiate what TPTB would call murder ?

    I’m enduring a cramp here….a brain cramp. Please advise the scenario per the Suarez essay.

    • Shopping mall.

      Hajii McMuffin ain’t watching his six, and is reloading his AK behind the water feature in the central atrium.

      You’ve got the drop on him.

      By the way (and you know this, I think), everyone is going to be on the offensive and the DA will be dead or in hiding.


      • Steve Kristmann


        The moment that Dindu Jeehawdi appears in your AO
        and shows signs of violently dining at the ‘Aloha Snackbar’,
        treat him surreptitiously to your fav mix of Montana lead
        and Arizona copper. Treat him (or her) to some down home
        Arizona ‘air conditioning’ and remember to scan for any
        fellow islamodurtbags he/she may have as accomplices.

        Yours In Liberty – Furthermore islam must be destroyed!
        NorthGunner III

      • CA,

        “….everyone is going to be on the offensive and the DA will be dead or in hiding.”

        That’s the scenario I thought the posting was making reference to. Thanks for the clarification.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    The NKVD were experts at it.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Jimmy the Saint

    Ain’t nothin’ prettier than the back of a man’s head.
    – Mad Dog Coll in “Mobsters”

  7. Josey Wales

    Word to the wise, you take whatever shot you are offered and follow-up as required.

  8. as rule of law now officially no longer exists the DA and his cronnies will most likely be helping you or fighting you … btw in the book on killing you find that the majority of major battles throughout history were won this way ……when a man has his face away from you ‘you dont see his humannity

  9. Seems to be a lack of humanity going around. Rule of law still exist for some individuals.

  10. Steve Kristmann

    What ‘humanity’ are you speaking of?….×499

    (yes, those are teenagers about to murder the men in
    front of them).

    These are jackals and worse..the fact that they’re standing
    on their hind legs makes no difference to me in the slightest.

    Here’s my answer to islamoturds and their ‘enablers’:

    Yours In Liberty – Furthermore islam MUST be destroyed!!
    NorthGunner III

  11. HHH Old Vet.

    Umm, somebody forgot The “CUT HERE” Line for the Blade guys, that is just under the ear lobes down to C5.

  12. Otherwise known as the convenience store tactic.

  13. Oh yes, the crusades, truly marvelous, led by the Roman beast.
    Following women? Something else to be aware of?
    Judgment against Judah and Jerusalem
    …11Woe to the wicked! It will go badly with him, For what he deserves will be done to him. 12O My people! Their oppressors are children, And women rule over them. O My people! Those who guide you lead you astray And confuse the direction of your paths. 13The LORD arises to contend, And stands to judge the people.…Isaiah 3:12

  14. Do Not Harden Your Hearts
    7Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says: “Today if you hear His voice, 8do not harden your hearts, as you did in the rebellion, in the time of testing in the wilderness, 9where your fathers tried Me by testing Me, and for forty years saw My works.…
    Matthew Henry Commentary
    Hebrews 3:7-13 Days of temptation are often days of provocation. But to provoke God, when he is letting us see that we entirely depend and live upon him, is a provocation indeed. The hardening of the heart is the spring of all other sins. The sins of others, especially of our relations, should be warnings to us. All sin, especially sin committed by God’s professing, privileged people, not only provokes God, but it grieves him. God is loth to destroy any in, or for their sin; he waits long to be gracious to them. But sin, long persisted in, will make God’s wrath discover itself in destroying the impenitent; there is no resting under the wrath of God. Take heed: all who would get safe to heaven must look about them; if once we allow ourselves to distrust God, we may soon desert him. Let those that think they stand, take heed lest they fall. Since to-morrow is not ours, we must make the best improvement of this day. And there are none, even the strongest of the flock, who do not need help of other Christians. Neither are there any so low and despised, but the care of their standing in the faith, and of their safety, belongs to all. Sin has so many ways and colours, that we need more eyes than ours own. Sin appears fair, but is vile; it appears pleasant, but is destructive; it promises much, but performs nothing. The deceitfulness of sin hardens the soul; one sin allowed makes way for another; and every act of sin confirms the habit. Let every one beware of sin.
    There is a Mark of Yahuah, and there is a mark of the beast. Both effect the heart , mind, and hands.

  15. Had both differences & agreements with Gabe before but the distinction that he makes (typical SD scenario as taught by most vs. topic under discussion) is an important one – although the case can easily be made that once the fight is joined the same rules apply. Don’t waste time shooting up the electrical panel if you have access to the master breaker.

  16. I’m hoping no one reading this has to use this information, but this shit is getting too close to home in a hurry: