Terror In Munich: Believe Nothing


Two from GoV:

Part I

Part II

If the West’s governments are hip-deep in importing the threat, why wouldn’t they be involved in exploiting the threat?

Just sayin’…

5 responses to “Terror In Munich: Believe Nothing

  1. “And yes, I have in the meantime joined those who consider a false flag operation to be more realistic than this contradictory fairy tale which is being served up to us in this country.”

    Woohoo… score one for team reality!

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. To paraphrase an old Steve Martin skit from the ’70s titled “I Believe”.

    “I believe in my Uncle Harry waving his penis”.

  4. Grey Ghost

    Yea, welp, in the gun fights in Dallas and Baton Rouge the cops ALL said initially there was more than one gunman… but in the end the press said: “oh it was just another lone gunman with a rifle.”

    OK any cops out there willing to speak up regarding the multi-shooter reports in both these cases?

    Grey Ghost